Durex condoms: which are better and safer?

Durex is a popular brand of innovator in male contraception and all kinds of means for improving the quality of intimate life, owned by the British company SSL International. Throughout the XX century, this manufacturer held a leading position in the speed of innovation, as well as in demand and supply in the market.

Today, the types of Durex condoms are presented in more than 20 versions, according to the size, purpose, production characteristics and prices. The main indicators of their quality are reliability from 2 to 15 Perlus units. You can find out in more detail what Durex condoms are, as well as by what criteria they should be chosen, from the article further.

Durex Condom Preference Groups

Today, Durex factories are located in different countries of the world, and the leading experts of the brand are constantly conducting research in sexual relations to create new and even better products. In general, the products are divided into latex and polyurethane condoms; they can be distinguished by size, thickness, and the presence of additional stimulants.

The official website offers the following classification:

  • classics and comfort;
  • adventure and entertainment;
  • sensitivity and closeness;
  • for intensity and extension.

Another important factor is the practical use of products, for example, classic condoms, sensitive, for anal and oral sex, with anesthetic, relief, hypoallergenic and assorted.


The highest demand indicator is used by the Classic line, which is electronically tested before going on sale. Innovative developments have made it possible to create the most reliable means to protect against unplanned pregnancy and infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

The line includes two types of contraceptives:

Durex Classic — the species leading in demand and popularity. Characteristics of such condoms:

  • standard width and length 56 mm for a penis 10-12 cm wide and 14-18 cm long;
  • made from latex;
  • silicone oil as a lubricant;
  • transparent base;
  • size range 195/56 / 0,07mm;
  • the presence of a pocket for sperm;
  • suitable for vaginal sex;

XXL — an individual product for men with impressive genitals. If the girth of the phallus exceeds 13 cm, and the length is 19 cm, only XXL should be used with a high degree of elongation and reliability from tears. Main characteristics:

  • width 56 mm, length 180 mm;
  • made from natural latex;
  • additional silicone gel lubricant;
  • size range 205/57 / 0,07mm;
  • transparent base;
  • suitable for classic sex.

In general, the varieties of classic condoms assume the following parameters — standard density, width and thickness, an acceptable degree of reliability and non-allergenic materials of production, the presence of soft lubricant, compliance with international standards.


For men who seek an unforgettable experience during sexual intercourse, the manufacturer offers a whole line of ultra-thin-walled condoms with anatomical shape and other features. This allows you not to feel the presence of a condom, while receiving high protection against infection and pregnancy.

The line offers the following options:

Durex elite — a special product for people who have in the first place the depth and brightness of tactile sensations in their intimate life. The characteristics of these condoms are as follows:

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  • ultra-thin wall thickness;
  • ideal shape, repeating the anatomy of the structure of the phallus;
  • environmentally friendly production materials;
  • size range 195/56 / 0,065mm;
  • suitable for all types of sex;

They can be used by men with a phallus up to 20 cm in length and even more due to the flexibility and reliability of the materials. In addition, the products do not irritate even the most sensitive and delicate skin of the genitals.

invisible — ultra-thin condoms that are imperceptible during intercourse. Thanks to its 52mm width, latex fits tightly to the penis for an enhanced sensation. If a man has a penis diameter of 5,5-6 cm, condoms may not always be convenient. The characteristics of Invisible are as follows:

  • production from natural latex;
  • the presence of gel lubricant;
  • width 52 mm;
  • size range 180/52 / 0,04mm;
  • innovative anatomical shape «Easy-on»;
  • form with a drive;
  • transparent base;
  • suitable for classic and oral sex.

Real feel — a real breakthrough in the manufacture of supersensitive condoms, as this product guarantees a man full realism of sensations. Real Feel Features:

  • Made from advanced synthetic latex;
  • sperm accumulator;
  • transparent texture;
  • sliding gel lubricant;
  • anatomical «Easy On» shape for easy donning of the condom;
  • suitable for oral and vaginal sex.

The contraceptive does not slip, does not curl during passionate intercourse, passes heat, tightly, but without pressure, fits the penis without blocking nerve receptors. All this creates the effect of a «second skin».

For oral sex

Oral sex does not contradict the use of barrier contraception by men, therefore Durex offers a special line of condoms Fruity Mix with fruity aromas.

Their characteristics are as follows:

  • width 53 mm;
  • made from natural colored latex;
  • gel lubricant for supersensitive sensations;
  • form with a drive;
  • different fruity aromas of strawberry, banana, orange or apple;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • suitable for oral and classic sex.

Due to the different scents, foreplay will be comfortable and pleasant for both partners, and the condom will not have an unpleasant odor of rubber. Electronic testing has confirmed the reliability of barrier contraception.

For anal sex

Anal sex requires super protection and reliability, as well as maximum slip and no discomfort. Taking into account all the features of this type of sex and consumer preferences, the company offers a special type of condom — Extra Safe… A special production technology determines the following parameters:

  • made from natural latex without unpleasant odor;
  • transparent texture;
  • the presence of a silicone gel lubricant in double size for maximum sliding;
  • wall thickness 0,04 mm;
  • compliance with international standards;
  • size range 195/56 / 0,08mm;
  • suitable for anal and traditional sex.

Before going on sale, Extra Safe has passed all electronic tests and studies, confirming its reliability and durability. The dense walls do not squeeze the phallus, but also do not allow the condom to curl or slide.


For those who prefer special sensations, adventures in bed, the company offers a line of condoms with embossed texture. Thanks to different pimples, spikes, points and ribs, a man can easily bring a girl to orgasm. The line includes the following types:

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PleasureMax — as in the previous versions, the product is made of natural and durable latex, but on its surface it has specific irregularities (points and edges). They maximally affect the nerve receptors of the genital organs, not only of a woman, but also of her partner. The main parameters of PleasureMax include:

  • transparent color;
  • seed accumulator;
  • anatomical shape «Easy-on»;
  • lubricant for better sliding;
  • lack of a specific smell;
  • edges and points on the texture;
  • size range 195/56 / 0,07mm;
  • suitable for classic sex.

Dermatologically tested and electronically tested. The relief is provided at the very base to stimulate the woman’s clitoris (the most sensitive area) during sex.

Sensation — to enhance the sensations during sex with difficulties in achieving orgasm, manufacturers offer Durex Sensitive. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of bulging pimples on both sides of the latex. The parameters of such a contraceptive are as follows:

  • size range 180/53 / 0,07mm;
  • 500 bumps outside and inside;
  • anatomical shape «Easy-on» for a perfect fit to the penis;
  • transparent color and lack of a specific odor;
  • reinforced lubrication for sliding;
  • sperm accumulator;
  • suitable for vaginal sex.


Some men have experienced discomfort due to allergic reactions to synthetic materials produced by barrier contraception. It is for this segment of consumers that Durex offers several absolutely safe condoms. For instance:

NEXT — since synthetic and natural latex often cause allergies in people prone to it, Durex offers an innovative development of Avanti from polyurethane. Now, even with severe allergies, contraceptives will not irritate the skin. Avanti features:

  • polyurethane base;
  • 100% hypoallergenic;
  • size 200 / 56mm for phalluses of different sizes;
  • heat conductivity;
  • strength and thickness for reliability from infections and pregnancy;
  • suitable for all types of sex.

Disadvantages — high price, insufficient prevalence. And the consumer audience is not yet accustomed to the sensations of using polyurethane protective equipment.

Real feel — this species has already been considered earlier, but due to several advantages it belongs to the classification of hypoallergenic condoms. Namely:

  • suitable for men with increased skin sensitivity;
  • does not have a rubbery smell;
  • durable and reliable;
  • does not cause allergies.

With anesthetic

If a man suffers from a premature ejaculation problem, the brand in question has several options for anesthetic contraceptives.

Long play — the standard version of the condom, but instead of the usual lubricant gel, the anesthetic benzocaine is attached to it. Thanks to this drug, the reaction of the nerve endings decreases, in simple terms, the sensitivity of the head of the penis dulls in a man. This leads to the fact that the man can withstand frictions longer without ejaculation.

Long Play Features:

  • suitable for a member of 15 cm and longer;
  • size range 195/56/0 / 07mm;
  • anatomical shape «Easy on»;
  • natural latex;
  • suitable for classic intercourse.
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Dual extase — a unique development with a double effect, since in addition to the anesthetic in the lubricant, the condom has a relief texture. Parameters:

  • width 56 mm, length 195 mm;
  • 5% benzocaine in a lubricant to prolong sexual intercourse;
  • form with accumulator for semen;
  • anatomical shape «Easy on»;
  • ribs for additional stimulation of the female genitals;
  • suitable for classic sex.


A special offer from the brand is a ready-made Magic Box set of different condoms, thanks to which partners can diversify their sex life. Magic Box is presented in two varieties:

Magic Box «proximity and sensitivity» — a set for a man who appreciates tactility, closeness and believability of sensations in sex. Inside the box is:

  • Classic — 6 pieces;
  • Fruity Mix — 4 pieces;
  • Sensation — 4 pieces;
  • Pleasuremax — 4 pieces.

Magic Box «Adventure and entertainment» — a standard set that will delight any man. The box contains:

  • Classic — 6 pieces;
  • Elite — 6
  • Durex Ultra Thin — 6 pieces (20% thinner than classic).

For first sex, the manufacturer offers extremely thin and delicate Durex Extra Sensitive with silky lubrication and anatomical shape. Another novelty deserves attention — Durex Her Sensation with a widened head and ribbed texture. And Durex Love condoms is a six-time leader in world competitions due to its ultra-thinness and super-strength.

Instructions for use

Having figured out which condoms are better for men to choose, taking into account their individual characteristics and preferences, now you need to discuss the rules for their use. Today, any packaging on its back has a short instruction, it says this:

  • put on a condom only on an erect penis;
  • use only 1 time;
  • after ejaculation, remove by holding with your fingers.

The condom should be rolled outward for easy donning. Before putting on, the nipple is squeezed to protect it from air ingress, it is placed on the head of the penis, and is turned by hand along the trunk. You can take it off when the state of erection begins to subside.

Possible negative consequences of use

You need to pay attention first of all to the composition of the product, its duration. If there was an expired or low-quality marriage in use, the following consequences are possible:

  • insufficient lubrication;
  • dry genitals and friction;
  • unpleasant odor;
  • irritation of the genital skin;
  • latex breaks, catching infections, or unwanted pregnancy.

When buying, pay attention to the condition and integrity of the package. Further, such a thing should be stored at an air temperature of 0 to 30 degrees Celsius, away from cutting objects.

The Durex brand annually takes leading positions in competitions in terms of quality indicators, innovative innovations and unique developments. A huge number of types of contraceptives allows every man to find his best option. Each species has accumulated numerous positive reviews, which can be read on the official website. There are also all the above condoms for oral, vaginal and anal sex, as well as new items that regularly replenish the assortment.

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