Why the penis does not grow: reasons and can something be fixed?

The male sexual organ has long been a source of pride. The longer its length, the better, but there are also cases when young men have to ask doctors why the penis is not growing and what to do about it. So, this problem is really quite common, and it must be treated.

If the penis does not grow or grows very slowly, a man should definitely contact a medical specialist and find out what is the essence of the problem. Only with the participation of a medical specialist, an unpleasant male problem can be solved positively.

Main causes of slow growth

Small, is considered the male genital organ, the length of which is less than 9 centimeters in an excited state. If a man has such a problem, then naturally he will want to know why his sexual organ does not grow or did not grow in due time. So, the following factors may well become the reasons for the slow growth of the male genital organ:

  • the man has a physique that is more in line with the female type than the male (the hips are slightly wider than the shoulders, but it should be vice versa);
  • under the armpits, in the groin or on the face, very sparse hair grows or does not grow at all;
  • the representative of the stronger sex has an excessively large weight;
  • a man constantly experiences oppression, which directly affects the size of his penis;
  • a representative of the stronger sex has such a physiological pathology as an insufficient diameter of the testicles;
  • there is a significant lag in terms of mental development;
  • there are defects and anomalies in the structure of any organs, which affects the development of the human reproductive system;
  • the presence of diabetes in a man or the presence of various types of tumors;
  • the presence of congenital syndrome of Del Castillo, Noonan, Klinefelter.
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Pathology can be the result of an unsuccessful intake of medications, past inflammatory diseases. A slowdown in the growth of the penis can be a consequence of physical injuries in the piquant zone, as well as if there are pathologies in the hypothalamus zone.

It is important! The reason for the slow growth of the penis can be psychological factors. If the doctor says that there are no physiological pathologies that would slow down the growth of the penis, then it is worth looking for the cause of the problem in the psychological sphere.

Anatomy of development: how much and how long does a penis grow?

The penis should grow in guys as early as adolescence. Already in the third month of intrauterine development, the boy’s sexual organ begins to form actively. At birth, in a boy, the size of the penis is no more than 3 cm, and this parameter begins to change from about 10 years old. The earliest period when the male sexual organ is actively growing begins at 11 years old, but for some boys it can begin at 14, which is also considered the norm.

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When the penis begins to actively grow, hair appears on the face, under the arms and in the intimate area. It is impossible to name the exact age at which the penis will stop growing because for each representative of the stronger sex this period is individual. But it is worth saying that the complete formation of the sexual organ should end at the age of 25 because it is at this age that a person, regardless of his gender, ceases to grow physiologically.

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What penis sizes are considered normal?

If the penis stops growing, you should not immediately sound the alarm because its size can already reach its norm. And so, before talking about size, it is worth considering that the penis in an excited state is much larger than usual. Doctors say that an erect man reaches 12-15 cm, and in volume 12 cm. But if the penis is 10 cm long, this does not mean that it is too small. In addition, it is worth noting that there are advantages and more, which is also normal.

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What to do to grow a member?

If the penis does not grow, this process needs to be stimulated somehow. To stimulate the growth of the penis, you can use different methods, each of which has its own characteristics.

Products for growth

In order for the male sexual organ to grow to a normal size, the guy needs to eat walnuts, eat many vegetables and fruits, and include fermented milk products in his diet. You have to eat dried fruits and food that contains enough protein. Also, it is useful for guys and men to drink different herbal teas so that their main dignity grows to the required size.

Healthy lifestyle

In order for a penis to grow to normal size, a man needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. This means that the guy should actively go in for sports, eat right, do not abuse smoking, alcohol and other harmful things. If the body of a young man is in order, then his sexual organ will grow to the desired size.

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Tools to speed up processes

Not always, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle help the penis grow. That is why doctors can prescribe pharmaceutical products that will stimulate the growth of the penis. Such potions cannot be bought on their own, they should be purchased only on the recommendation of a doctor.

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If a guy’s penis does not grow, then perhaps this is due to the individual characteristics of his body or is a problem. To understand what it is, you should consult a doctor. Sometimes, just changing your lifestyle is enough for manhood to grow to normal sizes. But if the cause of slow growth is pathological, then you should consult a doctor and look for a way to treat the problem. It often happens that psychological problems can affect the physical development of a man, and this should be considered when trying to avoid stressful situations.

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