Why is one testicle larger than the other: is it normal?

Every part in the body is important for a full life and human health. Anybody assumes its individual characteristics, functions and purposes. For example, in the male body, special attention should be paid to the testicles, or as they are also called testicles. Not everyone knows why one testicle can be larger than the other and whether this is considered a deviation from the norm.

Although in the body of any person all paired organs and departments have an imperceptible asymmetry, different ones often lead men into a stupor and a state of excitement. Doctors say that slight differences in size are a physiological feature and an absolutely normal phenomenon, but if the indicators exceed the norm, one can assume the presence of a pathology.

Why in men one testicle bigger than the other?

To understand why a man may have one testicle larger than the other, it is enough to look into the anatomy of the structure of the body and the testicles in particular. The testicles are an important organ for the male body, since the reproductive function directly depends on it, the testicles produce sex hormones, predetermining the potency and libido of a man. In addition, it is here that spermatozoa are produced for further offspring.

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Innately, it is laid down in such a way that both testicles have a slightly asymmetrical arrangement in relation to each other, and also differ somewhat in size. This allows paired organs to avoid rubbing, collisions, twisting during active movements by a man, that is, they reduce the risk of traumatizing the testicles. If you look closely, one testicle is located slightly lower.

For reference! Normally, the size of the testicles should be about 2,5 cm wide and 4-6 cm long. But much in determining the normal size of the testicles also depends on the physique and proportions of the man’s body. The taller and larger a man is, the larger his testicles will be.

Causes of large deviations in size

The reasons why the size of the testicles can vary have been said earlier — this is a natural protective function that prevents mechanical injury to the testicles. In addition, all paired organs differ somewhat in size. Slight asymmetry is a normal phenomenon that is inherent in all people, but if the difference in the size of the testicles is pronounced, it is worth assuming a pathology that entails such a symptom.

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As the medical certificate and statistics show, men who abuse drugs, especially marijuana, face pathological changes in the genital organs. Even though the disproportion of organs rarely entails risks and dangers, psychological discomfort makes itself felt. This also affects the potency, loss of libido and sexual activity of a man, including.

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A number of potent drugs that hide side effects can negatively affect the size and condition of the testicles. It is not uncommon for certain drugs to cause testicular disproportion, especially if they are hormonal drugs, anabolic steroids, and other substances containing synthetic testosterone. This analogue of the hormone leads over time to atrophy of the testicles.

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Varicocele is a dropsy that tends to form in ​​​​the male testes. The disease is characterized by a pronounced increase in the size of one of the testicles, which cannot go unnoticed. Doctors strongly recommend seeking help from the clinic in a timely manner, since varicocele causes serious circulatory disorders that adversely affect the condition and functions of the genital organs.

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Any mechanical impact on the genital area can adversely affect local blood circulation and the supply of tissues and cells. All this is accompanied by hematomas, tumors and, accordingly, disproportion of the testes of a man. It is important to visit a doctor immediately so as not to face complications after injuries to the groin area.

The inflammatory process of the epididymis is accompanied by disproportion of the testicles. In turn, ailments such as meningitis, pneumonia and influenza can provoke epididymitis. Due to the inflammatory process, a seal in the appendages is first observed, after which one or both testicles swell in size. Epididymitis requires timely treatment, as it involves serious complications.

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Torsion of the testicular cord is a rare but possible disorder in men, which entails disturbed local blood circulation, oxygen supply and the necessary substances of the genital organs. All this translates into the development of testicular disproportion, as well as a number of other complications that require corrective therapy.


The most serious reason that can cause an increase in the size of one or two testicles at once is the formation of a tumor.

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Regardless of whether the neoplasm is benign or malignant, it will in any case affect the proportions of the testicles.

If one testicle begins to grow pathologically, creating a noticeable disproportion, it is important for a man to immediately see a urologist or andrologist, since the causes of such changes can be grave, requiring immediate treatment.

When should you see a doctor?

If the size of the testicles varies markedly in men, it would be reasonable to ask which doctor you should consult. Questions regarding the genitourinary system are dealt with by such narrow specialists as a urologist or andrologist. But before that, you need to independently conduct an examination, making sure that there are reasons for visiting the clinic. You need to examine the condition of the testicles according to the following principles:

  • examination is carried out in a calm and relaxed state;
  • using a mirror, you need to assess the proportionality of the testicles;
  • both testicles should have the same color, this is important to consider when examining;
  • then you have to lift each testicle to make sure that there is no feeling of discomfort and pain;
  • now each testicle has to be squeezed a little with the palm of your hand to again make sure that there is no pain;
  • a man needs to imitate the attempts that he makes during urination to make sure that there is no pain.
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This is a primary examination of the condition of the testicles, which any man can handle on his own. The reasons for visiting a doctor can be considered the following examination results — different color of the testicles, pain, difference in the size of the testicles above the norm (0.7 cm), high temperature of one testicle compared to the second, as well as a palpable heterogeneous skin structure.

Treatment of deviations

As soon as a man visits the clinic, after diagnosing and establishing the causes of testicular disproportion, the doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It is only important to consult a doctor in a timely manner so as not to encounter severe complications that cannot be corrected. In parallel with this, a man needs to adjust his diet, lead an active lifestyle, give up excessive physical exertion.

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Treatment will depend entirely on the established causes of the imbalance. It can be anti-inflammatory, hormonal, antibacterial therapy, or it can be surgery if neoplasms were found. It is important for a man to protect his genitals from overheating and hypothermia, from infections and sexually transmitted diseases.


A slight difference in the size of the testicles of about 0.7 cm is an absolutely normal phenomenon, since all paired organs in humans suggest a slight asymmetry. If the size of the testicles is much more different from each other, it is worth visiting a doctor. The fact is that one testicle can be larger than the other due to a number of serious diseases and pathologies that require medical intervention.

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