Why does an erection disappear during sex: what are the reasons?

Any problems in bed have an extremely negative impact on the psycho-emotional state of a man. Doctors note that temporary difficulties are inherent in many men due to banal fatigue and vitamin deficiency. But if, for example, a member falls during sex for a long time, you should contact the clinic.

Erection problems are observed in more than half of the male population, but more often these are one-time «actions» rather than a pathological decrease in potency. And if a man loses an erection right in the process of sexual intercourse, there are certain explanations for this. Depending on the causes of the violation, the method of correction is also selected.

What is an erection?

It’s no secret that for a full-fledged sexual intercourse, a man needs. This term should be understood as an increase and hardening of the penis due to a rush of blood to the cavernous bodies and a slow outflow. Sexual stimulation of various types can promote erection — visual, auditory, tactile, etc.

Several groups of factors can affect erection:

  • physiological;
  • psychological;
  • emotional processes.

During arousal, certain muscles work in the penis, as well as nerve endings that send signals to the brain and spinal cord. During excitation, blood actively flows to the cavernous bodies, and due to certain muscles, venous outflow is blocked for some time. This is the erect state necessary for sexual intercourse.

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Causes of penis falling during sex

Only a medical specialist can reliably determine why a penis falls during sex and erection problems are observed. In general, medicine calls two groups of factors of negative influence — psychological and physiological causes. The former are more characteristic of young men, the latter — to representatives of mature and advanced age.


If during intercourse the penis becomes soft, and such embarrassment occurs for a long time, it is worth visiting a doctor for a comprehensive diagnosis. The root of the problem may lie in the following physiological causes:

  • insufficient muscle tone;
  • injuries of the spine and genital organs;
  • alcohol intoxication, the use of drugs and smoking;
  • taking medications such as diuretics, antidepressants, tranquilizers, etc.;
  • systemic and chronic diseases;
  • pathologies of the cardiovascular, endocrine and genitourinary systems;
  • diabetes;
  • operations performed on the prostate;
  • overeating and obesity;
  • hormonal imbalance;
  • physical fatigue;
  • lack of sleep and weakness, low immunity.


If an erection disappears in a young man during intercourse, and there are no internal diseases and pathologies, psychological disorders can lead to this.

These are:

  • bad experiences in the past and fears that such embarrassments might happen again;
  • sexual intercourse with a new girl, excitement against this background;
  • unfavorable environment for sexual intercourse indoors;
  • bad relationship with a partner;
  • complexes and self-doubt;
  • childhood trauma;
  • fears of unwanted pregnancy or infection;
  • abuse of watching porn films, which causes difficulties with arousal;
  • the desire of a man to prolong sexual intercourse, preventing ejaculation;
  • apathy, depression, stress and conflicts.

Men often in the process of sexual intercourse are too dependent on its final result, forcing events. Some have complexes and prejudices about the size of the penis, which also negatively affects sexual functions. Erectile dysfunction can be temporary on the background of insomnia and emotional upheaval.

How to resolve the problem

If the penis periodically falls right in the middle of intercourse, a man needs to first decide what to do with the problem. First you need to identify the causes, eliminate them, and then take several actions at home. Namely:

  1. Exercises. There are many techniques that help increase the tone of the muscles responsible for erection. To achieve this, you can start by training the pubococcygeal muscle, which is responsible for the excretion of urine. It is necessary to compress and relax the muscle 30-40 times alternately with fast and long contractions. The number of repetitions from 40 is gradually adjusted to 200.
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  2. Pose selection. Many positions in every possible way prevent a normal erection during intercourse, so a man needs to choose the right position in sex. To improve blood flow to the penis, you should practice the following postures:
  • the woman lies on her back, the man kneels before her, throwing her legs over his shoulders;
  • the woman is on all fours, and the man is kneeling behind her;
  • both partners are in a prone position, but the man is on top.
  1. Erection rings. Such a device is attached at the very base of the penis, this allows you to hold blood longer in the cavernous bodies. You can make such a ring from the fingers of the hand when the penis becomes flaccid, squeezing the penis.
  2. Impact on erogenous points. You can strengthen an erection by stimulating certain points on the body. A partner can help with this if she massages above and below the testicles, on top of the base of the penis, on the left and right of the base of the penis within 1-2 cm.
  3. Getting rid of fears, emancipation. You can relax and tune in to sexual intercourse if you mentally imagine yourself as a wild animal (tiger, bear, lion, etc.), repeating some movements of the totem animal. You need to overcome fears in the following way:
  • do not control sexual intercourse and its consequences;
  • choose a partner that you like and feel comfortable with;
  • do not delve into yourself, as emotions can affect the body and processes;
  • sexual intercourse should be identified with rest and something pleasant.
  1. External factors of influence. Extraneous reasons can affect sexual intercourse and erection, so a man must first do the following:
  • the room should be at the optimum temperature;
  • it is worth removing any sources of bright light, providing semi-darkness;
  • there should not be loud and sharp sounds in the room;
  • a man should be well-fed and rested;
  • the place for intercourse should be comfortable.
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In fact, a large list of external and internal influence factors that are important to remember is responsible for a full erection and sexual intercourse. Not all men take them into account, which is why embarrassment in bed periodically occurs.

When is a doctor’s visit required?

When the above methods do not help to improve the quality of erection during intercourse, a man should see a medical specialist.

The most important reason for contacting the clinic is absence. Consultation on such issues is provided by a urologist or andrologist, and supervision of a sexologist, psychotherapist and other narrow specialists may also be required, depending on the causes of the problem.


If a guy loses an erection during intercourse with a partner, this may be the result of the negative impact of external and internal, psychological and physiological factors. The problem must be considered, its sources found and eliminated, and then resorted to various conservative methods of solving it. If a man does not have a morning erection, it is important to consult a doctor in a timely manner.

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