Why does a man not finish for a long time and what can be done about it?

It would seem that the most common problem of modern men is premature ejaculation, but there are a lot of cases when, on the contrary, it is impossible to cum, in medical practice. And only knowing why a man does not finish for a long time, one can understand we are talking about a pathology or a temporary violation.

Doctors separately consider problems such as premature and its delay. In the second case, the man will experience sexual attraction, but it is not possible to achieve orgasm during prolonged stimulation. After finding out the causes of the issue, you can find ways to finish the man faster.

Causes of delayed ejaculation

At least once, every man faced such embarrassment in bed as a rapid or belated orgasm, perhaps even had sex, which never led to a logical conclusion. A pathology can be considered a long-term repetitive situation when a man does not finish for a long time, even with high-quality intercourse.

Delayed ejaculation can be caused by two groups of factors:

  1. Psychogenic factors — in this case, there is usually a temporary violation of sexual functions, accompanied by delayed or completely absent ejaculation. The following reasons can lead to this:
  • taking drugs, alcoholic beverages;
  • unfavorable climate in relations with a partner;
  • stress, neurosis, depression;
  • lack of sympathy and sexual desire for a partner;
  • emotional overwork;
  • fears, complexes, self-doubt.

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  1. Physiological factors — if the delay in ejaculation is observed for a long time, most likely, it can be caused by internal disorders in the body. Namely:
  • damage to nerve endings;
  • spinal cord or brain injuries, spine;
  • defects of the genitourinary system of a congenital nature;
  • vascular and heart diseases;
  • sexually transmitted infections;
  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system;
  • diabetes;
  • hormonal disorders.

Statistics say that about 5% of men suffer from delayed ejaculation, but almost all men attribute the problem to dignity and the ability to have prolonged intercourse.

What might be the consequences?

If a guy does not finish for a long time during sexual intercourse, it is extremely stupid to write off this on his own dignity and peculiarity of the body. Such situations are an alarming signal about the presence of disorders and pathologies in the body, indicated above. A problem that is not promptly diagnosed and cured will sooner or later lead to the following complications:

  • dissatisfaction with sex life and lack of full sexual release;
  • neuroses and increased irritability;
  • disagreements in relations with a partner;
  • the development of fears of subsequent sexual intercourse.
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The most important complication and consequence of delayed ejaculation is male infertility and the inability to conceive a child. In addition, they can also suffer, which negatively affects the work of the genitourinary system and the psycho emotional background.

How to help a man cum faster?

There are many medical and alternative methods for getting a man to cum quickly. Knowing what causes this sexual disorder, you can choose the best and most effective therapy options.

General recommendations

There are generally accepted medical recommendations, thanks to which a man can get rid of any sexual disorders, including delayed ejaculation. It is necessary to adhere to several points at once, namely:

  • Active and mobile lifestyle… A man needs to go in for sports, but without fanaticism, since physical overwork is one of the causes of sexual dysfunctions. An active lifestyle improves blood circulation in the pelvic area, eliminates stagnant processes, and increases testosterone levels.
  • High-grade food… Eating a variety of healthy foods supports metabolic processes, in addition, doctors advise eating foods that increase testosterone.
  • Work and rest mode… A man needs to maintain a balance between work and rest, sleep at least 8 hours a day, since it is in the stage of deep sleep that testosterone is produced.
  • Positive emotions… The psycho-emotional background also affects the sexual functions of a man, therefore, stress, neurosis and depression should be avoided, saturating life with positive emotions.
  • Preventive visit to the urologist… Once every six months, you need to see this specialist in order to prevent any diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Regular sex life… Sex should be moderate, but systematic, so that the genitals work like a clock. To speed up orgasm, it is important to choose a comfortable environment, position, focus on your partner.
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Also, experts advise establishing a background in relations with a woman and confidential communication. After discussing the problems, the woman will be able to offer her help.

What is a woman to do?

Much depends on the partner in the quality of intercourse. A woman can speed up the onset of orgasm and increase the degree of pleasure from intercourse with the following tricks:

  • during foreplay and sex, you need to pull back the foreskin, exposing the head;
  • stimulation of the bridle brings tremendous pleasure to the man;
  • oral caresses, various presses and massage movements of the penis will increase the flow of blood, increasing the sensitivity of the organ;
  • a man needs to be stimulated visually, wearing beautiful erotic lingerie or outfits for role-playing games, taking the most seductive poses;
  • you can play with yourself, which very much arouses a man;
  • orgasm can be accelerated by stimulating the prostate (between the anus and testicles);
  • also, the woman needs to stimulate the man’s nipples.

Particular attention should be paid to words that can also warm up a man and speed up the ejaculation process. These can be pleasant words or vulgarities, much depends on the temperament and preferences of the couple.

Use of special drugs

If a medical specialist has identified a physiological disorder that provoked a delay in ejaculation, narrow-profile drugs may be prescribed. It can be antibiotics against infections, hormonal drugs for endocrine pathologies, or psychotropic drugs for diseases of the central nervous system.

Also, pharmacology has many preparations of sexual stimulants of natural or synthetic composition. The former have a beneficial effect on the nervous system and sexual functions, increase potency and libido. Synthetic stimulants increase the arousal and sensitivity of the penis.

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Important! Any medication for delayed ejaculation can be prescribed only by a urologist or andrologist, and only after the patient has been diagnosed. Self-medication often has the opposite effect.

Effective Kegel Exercises

Few men know that orgasm directly depends on the state of muscle tissue. In particular, the pubic-coccygeal muscle is responsible for the release of semen, it also controls the movement of the penis and urination. With the help of Kegel exercises, you can train muscles that will help you finish correctly and on time.

You need to perform the exercises in the following way:

  • a prolonged compression of the PC of the muscle is performed 3 times for 15 seconds, between which an interval of 3 seconds is made;
  • performing muscle contractions with an interval of 5 seconds;
  • performing express compressions for 2-3 seconds and with a break of 15 seconds;
  • performing fast compressions 40 times and continuous compressions 15 times.

To start, the exercises need to be repeated about 40 times in several approaches, devoting time to gymnastics as typically as possible. Over time, workouts can be increased to 200 repetitions. The main thing is that Kegel exercises are performed regularly in parallel with other recommendations of doctors, otherwise gymnastics alone will not be effective enough.


Delayed ejaculation never occurs from scratch for no reason, unless it is a «one-time action». Doctors separately consider physiological and psychogenic sexual disorder, depending on the etiology, and the method of treatment is selected. The situation can be corrected through the efforts of both the man and his partner.

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