Why a man cums quickly during sex: finding the root of the problem

The sexual act is an important component of a harmonious relationship between partners. And if a man cares about the size of his genital organ and the ability to satisfy a woman, the dexterity and duration of intercourse are much more significant to the ladies. In this regard, many have the question of why a man ends up quickly.

In fact, the question is absolutely justified, since only knowing the true reasons for the premature can find effective ways to solve such a problem. And experts offer many ways to prolong sexual intercourse, it can be drugs, folk remedies, tricks in bed and special exercises to teach self-control.

What is considered the norm?

How long a man will last during sex in order to delay the moment of ejaculation is significant both for him and for his partner. Experts say that the exact definition of the norm regarding the duration of one sexual intercourse, in fact, does not exist. Much depends on the genetics, temperament, age and health of a man.

To determine the average indicators of the duration of intercourse, scientists have conducted many surveys and studies. As a result, it was found that sexual intercourse, which begins with the introduction of the penis into the vagina and until the moment of ejaculation, lasts an average of 3.5 minutes. Thereafter, sexual intercourse within 3-20 minutes began to be considered the norm.

Causes of rapid ejaculation in men

Any medical specialist does not begin treatment of a disease or deviation from the norm until it has studied its etiology and causes. The same applies to erectile disorders, problems with ejaculation in men. Urologists and andrologists distinguish two groups of provoking factors — psychogenic and physiological causes of premature ejaculation.


If we consider patients with premature ejaculation of mature and old age, in this case, a deviation from the norm is more often a physiological feature. That is, pathologies and diseases of internal organs could provoke sexual problems, namely:

  • vesiculitis, when there is an inflammatory process in the seminal vesicles;
  • prostatitis, when there is inflammation and infection of the prostate gland;
  • increased sensitivity of the head of a congenital or acquired character;
  • trauma, damage or disease to the skin of the penis;
  • endocrine pathologies accompanied by hormonal imbalance;
  • diseases of the lumbar spine, trauma and pathology of the spinal cord and brain;
  • short frenulum of the penis;
  • taking antidepressants or diuretics.

Also, indirectly, the quality of sexual life can be affected by diseases of the cardiovascular system, since it directly depends on blood circulation and the state of blood vessels. Systemic and chronic diseases, low immunity and a deficiency of important substances in the body can adversely impact sexual activity.


Psychogenic impotence is a diagnosis that is more typically observed in young men, as well as premature ejaculation in the background of psycho emotional disorders. When there are no physiological disorders, experts associate rapid ejaculation with psychological causes, namely:

  • A man’s lack of experience of sexual life with a girl, which can negatively impact the first attempts.
  • Early embarrassing situations in bed, when the man had a rapid ejaculation, and the man became afraid of repetition.
  • Frequent masturbation, as a result of which the man’s brain and psyche are tuned in to quickly receive pleasure from sexual stimulation.
  • Unfavorable relationships with a partner, lack of sympathy for her, or conflict situations.
  • Stress, depressive and depressed states, irritability and quick excitability, which sooner or later will negatively affect the state of health.
  • Prolonged sexual abstinence, after which the man is too quickly and strongly aroused, and sexual intercourse lasts very little.
  • The unfavorable conditions in which intercourse takes place can make a man want a quick end to the whole process.
  • Complexes and self-doubt, fears and panic attacks.
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It is extremely important for a man to cope with any psycho emotional disorders before intercourse. If this is overwork, stress, irritability, you must first rest and distract your thoughts, and then start having sex.

Tips for eliminating early ejaculation

To determine how to fix the problem, you need to accurately determine the causes of premature ejaculation, and then eliminate them with corrective actions. Experts offer several ways to restore sexual performance, namely:

  • sexual intercourse should be regular, and if you engage in it more often than usual, this will help to delay the ejaculation process;
  • before intercourse, you can masturbate so that the man ends, and the second time, as you know, it is more difficult to achieve orgasm;
  • practice the technique of «1000 blows», when a man sets a goal to make 1000 penetrations into a woman before orgasm;
  • to delay orgasm, you need to change the pace of frictions and posture, which means the range of sensations;
  • you can prevent a quick orgasm if you alternate sexual intercourse with oral sex on time;
  • with deep and even breathing, you can avoid a quick orgasm;
  • in the pharmacy you can buy various gels, sprays, lubricants and prolonged to prolong sexual intercourse.

A man should pay special attention to his diet and lifestyle. The diet should be dominated by vegetables and fruits, protein-rich seafood, lean meat, greens. For the genitourinary system to function fully, it is significant to be mobile and active. And any diseases and alarming symptoms must be treated in a timely manner under the supervision of a doctor.

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Premature ejaculation is practically the scourge of the modern male population, and the issue is observed in both young guys and mature men. To prevent such violations in the body, you need to know all the possible provoking factors and causes of erectile dysfunction. Recurring embarrassment in bed does not need to be hushed up, but it is important to examine in time at the clinic.

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