How to quickly finish a man during sex?

Despite the fact that most men suffer from premature ejaculation, the question of how to cum faster is no less relevant among the male half of society. Delayed ejaculation is the same sexual disorder that requires examination by a medical specialist, finding the causes and choosing a method of therapy.

Delayed ejaculation can be temporary or permanent, and if it causes discomfort to a man, therapy is imperative. In addition to medications and practices, experts offer a number of techniques and tricks that allow a man to speed up the process of orgasm. All that remains is to learn more about them and practice.

Why don’t men finish for a long time?

The medical certificate says that intercourse on average can last from 5 to 20-30 minutes, anything that stretches for a longer period of time can be considered a deviation from the norm. To find ways to solve a problem, you need to know its etiology, that is, the nature and causes of its occurrence.

A man cannot cum for a long time during intercourse for several reasons:

  1. Physiology — a delay in orgasm against the background of such reasons is more often observed in men of mature and old age. These could be the following factors:
  • congenital and acquired pathologies of the genitourinary system;
  • inflammation of the prostate;
  • taking certain medications;
  • aortic denectomy or proctocolectomy (operations);
  • disrupted work of nerve endings;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diseases of the brain and spinal cord;
  • systemic and chronic diseases;
  • hormonal disorders.
  1. Psychology — the psycho-emotional background directly takes part in the male sexual sphere. Problems against the background of psychogenic factors are inherent for the most part in young men. The reasons for the delayed orgasm can be:
  • improper sex education or lack of it;
  • frequent intercourse or self-satisfaction;
  • self-doubt and complexes;
  • unfavorable climate in relations with a partner;
  • fears, panic attacks, bad sexual experiences in the past;
  • stress, overexertion, fatigue, depression.
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Also, an improper lifestyle (bad habits, low mobility), harmful environmental conditions and harmful working conditions can also have an extremely negative effect on the health and sexual sphere of a man.

How to bring ejaculation closer?

Only by identifying and eliminating the factors of negative influence, you can look for optimal ways to quickly finish a man during intercourse. Experts offer several scenarios for the development of events:

  • Sexual training in order to eliminate prejudices and wrong judgments, patterns and complexes. A man will need to learn all types of sexual stimulation, to learn the features and starting points of ejaculation.
  • Masturbation without ejaculation, so that a man tunes in to the fact, then he can orgasm only upon contact with a woman.
  • Prostate massage and anal stimulation that enhance the sensation of intercourse and the degree of orgasm.
  • Electrostimulation if a man has a delay in orgasm due to neurological pathologies.
  • Psychoanalysis and work with a sexologist if the problem lies in psychogenic factors.

During intercourse, it is necessary to focus the man exclusively on genital stimulation, with a subsequent increase. It is these techniques that most easily solve the problem of long intercourse and delayed ejaculation without the use of drugs and radical measures.

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How can a woman help her partner to cum faster?

A woman also needs to think about how to make intercourse so that a man ends his orgasm faster. Sexologists advise you to do the following:

  • pull on the foreskin to expose the head;
  • maximum attention to the frenum of the penis;
  • during oral sex and masturbation, you need to do presses and turning actions;
  • visual sexual stimulation, which involves sexy underwear and woman posing;
  • touching your erogenous and intimate places, which greatly arouses any man;
  • stimulation of the prostate through the anus;
  • stimulation of the nipples with the tongue and fingertips.

Ejaculation stimulants

If the guy is not helped by any of the above options, you should contact a specialist. The doctor will prescribe medication to stimulate ejaculation without delay. Commonly used drugs are of the following types:

  1. With a physiological delay in ejaculation, drugs can be used that eliminate the root causes of the violation. Further, the following drugs may be prescribed:
  • Amantadine;
  • Cyproheptadine;
  • Buspirone;
  • Yohimbine.
  1. In the psychogenic form of pathology, sedative drugs can be prescribed in order to relax and stimulate sexual functions. And to consolidate the results, doctors carry out physiotherapy — electrosleep, electroacupuncture, bathroom with needles, treatment with color radiation and acupuncture. Stimulation of sexual function is achieved through procedures such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, galvanization or laser puncture.

For the treatment to be effective, experts advise adjusting the lifestyle and diet, eliminate bad habits and food addictions, and lead an active lifestyle.


Delayed ejaculation is not a pathology, but a deviation from the norm, which can cause serious feelings, complexes and even fears in a man. This means that problems of this kind can negatively affect any area in the body, including potency. To accelerate the onset of orgasm, you can use different techniques and techniques, some of which can be taken on by a partner.

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