How to improve erectile function: age is not a hindrance!

Erectile dysfunction is a purely male problem associated with the quality of the penis. Any misfires in bed are perceived extremely hard by a man, although at the initial stage it is quite possible to correct the situation. And in order to find effective ways to improve, it is necessary to find the causes of dysfunction.

Genital disorders in men arise, as a rule, on the basis of the action of psychogenic and physiological disorders in the body. Statistics say that almost every man after 20 years old may experience embarrassment, such as a weak and unstable erection. And only constantly observed erectile disorders require diagnosis and complex treatment.

Reasons for a weakened erection

Only a urologist or andrologist can monitor erectile function and make a diagnosis. He also conducts diagnostics in order to determine the causes that led to erectile disorders. Based on the established factors of negative influence, the course of treatment will be selected in the future.

The causes of erectile dysfunction can be of several groups:

  1. Endocrine disorders… Due to hormonal imbalance and diseases of the endocrine system, there is a lack of testosterone, which affects reproductive health and sexual activity.
  2. Medication causes… Taking some drugs can impact the potency and erection of a man, these are antispasmodics, and diuretics, and sedatives, tranquilizers.
  3. Neurological disorders… All diseases related to the brain and spinal cord, peripheral nerves, autoimmune diseases, etc., all impact the male genital area.
  4. Cardiovascular diseases… If ailments violate the circulatory system and the state of blood vessels, this will sooner or later lead to erectile dysfunction.
  5. Psychogenic factors… Any stress, neurosis, insomnia, depression and fears of a man directly impact the quality of sexual life. Dysfunctions of the penis can also occur against the background of an unfavorable relationship with a partner.

Various injuries of the genital organ, diseases of the spine, inflammatory and infectious diseases lead to erectile dysfunction. Common reasons include male bad habits, poor lifestyle choices, as well as low immunity and systemic diseases.

How to improve erectile function at home?

A man will be able to improve potency and erectile function at home with the help of the complex application of several conservative methods at once. This can be the use of folk remedies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, adhering to a diet, as well as performing various exercises.


Nutrition is the main guarantee of a person’s health, and it is extremely important for men to know products that improve erection. Urologists and andrologists name a number of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for sexual health. Based on this information, the following foods should be included in the diet of every man:

  1. Cocoa and dark chocolate — such products reduce systolic blood pressure, and antioxidants and flavonoids increase the tone of the vascular wall.
  2. Garlic — the components of this vegetable help to increase testosterone, lower blood pressure and accelerate blood flow.
  3. Pomegranate juice — strengthens the functions of the heart and blood vessels, favors the synthesis of testosterone, and also removes free radicals from the body.
  4. Spinach — a natural steroid, which contains all the vitamins and nutrients for the male body.
  5. Nutmeg — this spice acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, enhancing men.
  6. Oysters — this product contains those substances that increase the quality of a man’s sperm, and also quickly increase his libido.
  7. Low-fat meat — a source of protein, as well as a substance that triggers the synthesis of the hormone thyroxine, which is necessary to increase libido.

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You need to exclude fast food, canned food, carbonated drinks, baked goods, sweets, flour products and everything that leads to excess weight from the diet. Tea with ginger, koumiss and pumpkin and celery juice will be useful.

Medical preparations

Pills and other forms of medications to strengthen an erection can only be prescribed by a doctor. Overuse can be counterproductive and addictive. There are several forms of drugs for erection:

  • Pills — most often, doctors prescribe temporary erection stimulants as an adjuvant. It can be:
  • Viagra — sildenafil in the composition acts for about 4 hours after application;
  • Cialis — tadalafil in the composition guarantees the effect up to 24 hours after administration;
  • Levitra — a German drug based on vardenafil, the effect of which lasts about 8 hours;
  • Impaza — Russian drug of natural composition, which is better used in a course manner.
  • Ointment — drugs of this kind are less toxic, but the effect of them lasts much less. They need to be applied shortly before intercourse, applying to the skin of the penis. The following erection ointments are commonly used:
  • Maxoderm — a natural remedy with herbal ingredients, vitamins and microelements;
  • Med 2002 — ointment stimulating, antibacterial and analgesic action, which also acts as a lubricant;
  • Himcolin — an effective drug for stimulating male sexual functions, increasing sensitivity and libido.
  • Supplements and drops — funds of a mild and cumulative effect due to the content of exclusively natural substances. You can use the following drugs in a course way:
  • Thor’s Hammer — drops containing vitamins and minerals for the reproductive system;
  • Tornado drops — the rich composition promises a tonic, tonic and stimulating effect.
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Preparations of the synthetic composition should be taken exclusively before intercourse and strictly in the indicated dosage. Natural preparations, on the other hand, imply long-term use according to the instructions for cumulative complex effects.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine practices many recipes and remedies, thanks to which it is possible to restore the normal work of potency and erection. But the following remedies are recognized as the most effective:

  • honey-nut mixture, which must be taken on an empty stomach in a tablespoon;
  • a decoction of St. John’s wort, which you need to take 4 times a day, 30 ml;
  • propolis tincture of alcohol, which is diluted in milk in 35 drops and taken before meals;
  • decoction of aspen bark, which should be taken 3 times a day, 100 ml.

Also, traditional medicine suggests taking a tincture of ginseng root, which stimulates all sexual functions and increases the body’s stamina. A good effect is promised by the essential oils of sandalwood, patchouli, ylang-ylang and juniper; it will be enough to apply a couple of drops on the wrist.


Muscles play a direct role in any processes associated with the genitals. Therefore, the quality of an erection directly depends on the tone and strength of muscle tissue.

For the prevention and treatment of erectile dysfunction, the following exercises are practiced:

  • in the morning, with the help of muscles, you need to raise and lower the penis;
  • several times a day to strain and relax the muscles of the perineum;
  • raise your knees high on inhalation, lower on exhalation;
  • do squats to prevent impotence and hemorrhoids;
  • in a half-squat position, rotate the pelvis, straining the muscles of the buttocks;
  • do exercise bike regularly;
  • it will be useful to do the exercise bridge.
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For physical exercise to be effective, it must be combined with other methods of therapy, and most importantly, it must be performed regularly for a month or longer.

Restoration of potency in old age

Old age is accompanied by different age-related changes in the body, a natural decrease in testosterone levels, as well as changes in metabolism. The risks of developing erectile dysfunction are increasing, so doctors strongly advise you to follow these recommendations:

  • monitor weight, avoiding obesity and obesity;
  • monitor the state of blood vessels and heart, take vitamins and supportive drugs;
  • give the body stable but moderate physical activity;
  • periodically visit the sauna and bathhouse to cleanse the body;
  • take a contrast shower to increase immunity;
  • have sex regularly to prevent stagnant processes in the prostate;
  • sleep at least 8 hours a day, spend more time outdoors;
  • avoid stress, eat healthy foods;
  • eradicate bad habits.

At the first alarming symptoms, it is important to see a doctor in a timely manner, to treat any diseases under the supervision of a specialist. The main enemy of sexual activity and erection is a sedentary lifestyle and excess weight.


An erection is a function that enables a man to have sexual intercourse and conceive a child. In order not to face erectile dysfunction, it is significant to know the factors of negative influence, and at the first violations, show the doctor. The doctor will determine the etiology of the problem, after which he will select the optimal course of therapy — diet, exercise, drugs, folk remedies.

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