Which men’s haircuts are suitable for a round face

Men in the process of choosing a haircut are often at a loss as to which one to choose. The hairstyle requirements are as follows: it must be neat and comfortable, and adorn the representative of the stronger sex. Due to the abundance of varieties, guys do not always manage to make the right choice. Most frequently, they focus on fashion and trends, only a few know that a haircut needs to be matched to the oval of the face, because each shape has its own characteristic features.

Round face tips

People with a rounded type seem outwardly affectionate and good-natured, this is due to the fact that the type softens the features and hides the true character of a person. This trait is not bad for lovely ladies, but not for guys. They want to emphasize natural masculinity and brutality. To achieve this goal, it is worth giving preference to haircuts that visually stretch the face, making it the usual oval shape. Also, the hairstyle is lifted, and for the best effect it is advised to grow a downward beard and mustache. In addition, you can adjust the proportions with square glasses.

The specifics of the selection of haircuts for men with a round face:

  • The sporty classic version, with lengthening on the parietal zone, balances roundness well;
  • The cascading cut eliminates the accent on the cheeks;
  • A uniform volume over the entire head area visually adds weight, therefore it should be exclusively in the back of the head and crown;
  • The shortened, straight strands at the cheekbones make the face flat and expressionless;
  • Long hair hides roundness, thereby making the face thinner;
  • Extreme species, which are characterized by a perm;
  • The braids of the bangs visually stretch the shape, lower the chin and narrow the proportions;
  • Hairstyles with a parted part emphasize the flaws of this type of appearance;
  • If men have bald patches, then they need to be disguised: comb them on the side, and raise the curls at the back of the head.
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Haircuts for chubby

Chubby people are not recommended being guided by fashion trends. An attractive image can only be created with a perfectly matched cut. And thanks to the ingenuity of hairdressers and stylists, there are many variations of men’s haircuts for a round face.


Men's haircut bob

This man’s round face hairstyle suits guys with thick and straight hair. It is characterized by pomp at the crown and back of the head and elongated temporal locks, which allows you to visually create an elongated and oval shape. It is customary to combine a bob with oblique bangs and in no case should you make a direct variation, which will round your face even more. Furthermore, it is not recommended wearing it with short hair, therefore it is necessary to grow medium-length hair.


Men's haircut Bob

The square is suitable for all representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of hair type. This haircut can be long or short, with or without bangs, and is suitable for both straight and curly strands. The best way to style the square is with raised and fixed curls that reveal the frontal lobe. Care for such a hairstyle is advised with close attention: always clean hair and the use of conditioner and styling products.


Men's haircut Cascade

A multi-layered hairstyle will hide the cheeks and distract the eye from the soft jawline if the front strands are below the cheekbones. This type is suitable for guys who have long hair and bangs. With proper care, your haircut will have a neat appearance, otherwise it can look chaotic and untidy. It is better to lay the tips in the opposite direction from the face. The cascade is ideal for people with curly hair. But this haircut also looks good on those with straight hair.

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Men's haircut Canadian

With this haircut, the image becomes stylish and modern in appearance, it will retain the charm of any man. Characteristic differences are the volume in the temporal and frontal zones, short strands on the occipital side, and does not have sharp lines and edges. The hairstyle suits people with full, thick hair. Side swept strands add volume to the cheeks and chin. This option does not tolerate negligence and is suitable for summer.


Men's haircut Boxing

Boxing is the classic hairstyle for chubby men. Its versatility lies in the fact that the hair is cut as short as possible, and the back of the head, along with the temples, is completely cut — this will allow you to fully open your face. Some people prefer to leave the curls at the cheeks and lay them up, further lengthening the oval. Boxing is a comfortable and simple variation, but it doesn’t suit guys with an uneven skull.

Half box

Men's haircut Half box

The semi-box provides a less strict look, in contrast to the classics. This haircut has soft, even strand transitions. It features a low edging line and hair length at the top of the head. It is recommended to experiment with a semi-box, taking into account the individual distinctive features of the appearance. Furthermore, it can be styled in absolutely different ways, and a little mess on the head will add charm. But we should not forget that unkempt long curls will not be able to look attractive and neat.


Men's haircut Asymmetry

Asymmetrical details help correct imperfections in a round face by leveling them out. This type of haircut perfectly hides the roundness and softness of the features, and thanks to the multi-stage, visual volume is created. The shaved back of the head and the elongated strands on the temples emphasize the sharpness of the cheekbones, which is great for those with a chubby type. The downside of asymmetrical hairstyles is that they require close grooming and daily styling. The optimally selected length of the upper and front strands will allow not only young guys to wear this type of haircut, but also respectable aged men.

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Side bangs

Men's haircut with oblique bangs

Men’s haircuts with side bangs for short hair look original, expressive and stylish, this option also evens out the oval of the face. Due to the fact that straight and cropped bangs do not go chubby at all, the choice should be made in favor of an elongated type with a side parting and laying on one side, and to create a unique image, it can be laid back. People with thick hair are allowed to profile the strands on their cheeks, adding «raggedness» to them.

For wavy hair

Men's haircut Pompadour

Pompadour is a model men’s haircut for a round face in a classic style. Her distinctive features: hair set high and combed to the back of the head, a «hurricane» of thick and voluminous bangs, a shortly cropped temporal part. The hairstyle is very comfortable and flexible, so it suits people with rounded proportions.

For straight hair

Men's haircut Quiff

Quiff — characterized by a combination of such types of haircuts as «pompadour» and «aircraft carrier». In the process of creating this hairstyle, the hairs in the back are cut short, and the middle length remains in the front, the transition from curl to curl is smooth. Sometimes the cut resembles a Mohawk, which further lengthens the proportions of the face.

Choosing a hairstyle for a man with a round face is a time-consuming and responsible process, because it is much more difficult for people with this type to choose a suitable option that will hide flaws and emphasize the individual features of appearance.

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