What vitamins for hair loss in men to prefer — choose the best

Hair loss is a natural process that affects men especially. Usually this is an age-related disorder, when new hair follicles do not give hair. Also, alopecia, and this is how pathological hair loss is called, can be triggered by a lack of vitamins and trace elements in the body. Then, to correct the situation, vitamins will be required to help with hair loss in men.

What vitamins are missing

The problem of severe hair loss in men often leads to baldness. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • an unbalanced diet that does not provide the body with a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals;
  • regular stressful situations;
  • disruptions in the hormonal system;
  • improper work of the sebaceous glands, provoking the occurrence of dandruff;
  • predisposition to baldness at the genetic level.

Most frequently, it is the lack of active substances in the body that is the cause of hair defects. Hair becomes thinner, dull and begins to fall out. Hair follicles do not receive enough nutrients from food, which are delivered through the bloodstream from the stomach.

If the diet is not varied, nutrient deficiencies will inevitably arise. The body simply will not receive the required set, which includes:unbalanced diet, the cause of hair loss

  • vitamins of groups B, E, C, A;
  • zinc, which activates the production of keratin;
  • taurine, which accelerates the restoration of connective tissue around the hair follicles;
  • catechins, which help to improve the process of transporting trace elements to the hair follicles.

With a lack of these substances in the body, the amount of hair on the head will begin to decrease. To prevent this, you should start taking nutrients. For this, vitamin complexes or injections are used, which include all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for baldness.

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Vitamin Complexes

Special vitamin complexes that not only improve the quality of hair and growth processes, but also affect other processes in the body, can be purchased at any pharmacy. When buying, you need to check that all of the above vitamins and substances that improve hair growth and their quality are declared in the composition.

vitamin complexes for hair loss in men

Also, among the means popular among balding men are dietary supplements (bioactive additives). They can be both effective and not lead to any result. In the most difficult cases, dietary supplements can harm the body. To choose the best drug, you should consult a trichologist who will prescribe the necessary complex.

Doctors prescribe the following vitamins for hair loss in men:


vitamins for hair loss in menA drug of Russian production, produced according to the formulas «Day» and «Night». The daily composition includes thiamine, folic acid, vitamin C, magnesium, iron. The overnight formula is composed of riboflavin, vitamins B6 and B12, zinc and silicon. Regular intake of the drug in the morning and evening gradually improves blood flow and increases the concentration of nutrients.




vitamins for hair loss in menA French complex designed specifically for men with alopecia. The composition includes taurine, zinc, catechins, which provoke the production of collagen and deliver antioxidants to the body. The drug can be used as a prophylactic agent, especially in the spring and autumn periods, when the body is deficient in vitamins.





vitamins for hair loss in menBritish preparation containing active substances of categories D, B, E, C, biotin, zinc, magnesium, manganese, chromium, echinacea and burdock extracts. The components accelerate blood flow, stimulate the process of cell renewal.

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Elevit Pronatal
vitamins for hair loss in men

A complex of vitamins designed for pregnant and lactating women, which is also suitable for men. It contains vitamins of group A, B1, B6, C, D, E, PP. Reception is carried out on a tablet per day, even this dosage strengthens the hair structure, promotes the production of collagen and elastin.




vitamins for hair loss in menWorks due to the presence of biologically active substances of groups B, E and D. Effective for hair loss due to chemical burns, exposure to harmful substances and ultraviolet radiation in large quantities.

To avoid side effects and overdose, taking vitamin complexes should be agreed with your doctor. He can also suggest analogs of drugs, as well as other measures for the treatment of baldness.


If vitamins against hair loss have not given the desired effect, or baldness is too advanced, doctors recommend mesotherapy. These are injections into the scalp with special preparations that act point wise on problem areas. Their advantage is a quick effect, which is observed after a dozen treatment sessions.

injections for male pattern baldness

For the correct use of drugs and the absence of side effects, a man will need the help of a doctor. Usually this is done by cosmetologists and trichologists. The most popular drugs for this procedure are:

A nicotinic acid

Delivers B vitamins to the issue area, regulating metabolism, triggering the processes of tissue and cell regeneration.

injections for male pattern baldness

Improves the nutrition of scalp tissues and hair follicles with oxygen.






System 4

injections for male pattern baldnessIt stimulates hair growth and is also used as a remedy for seborrhea.

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injections for male pattern baldness

A complex containing B vitamins, aminexil and arginine.





Dermaheal HL

injections for male pattern baldnessContains cytosine, folic acid, vitamin C, thymine and other useful substances necessary for follicles. The tool not only stops hair loss, but also starts the regeneration of the bulbs.

Mesotherapy is practically harmless and effective, and its effect on hair growth lasts about a year after stopping treatment. The correct administration of injections requires the participation of a professional, as the wrong procedure can worsen the condition.

Nutrition with essential vitamins

Trichologists who study hair problems, in addition to treating baldness, recommend adjusting the diet. It should contain nutrients and vitamins for hair. Eating variedly, you should not expect a quick effect — it will appear in about six months.

The following vitamins can be obtained from food for hair loss in men:

  • Vitamin E
    foods rich in vitamin EAffects the blood supply to various parts of the body, including the scalp. It can be obtained from nuts, chicken eggs, vegetable oils, dairy products;




  • Vitamin B
    foods rich in vitamin BContained in buckwheat, liver, egg yolk, cheese, seaweed, meat, potatoes, bananas;
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