Vichy hair loss for men

Each person constantly loses hair, and new ones appear in their place, which is considered a natural and normal process. If the rate of loss significantly exceeds the growth of new hair, it is worth talking about the problem. Among men, the problem of baldness is three times more common, so experts offer special products to care for them, such as Vichy for hair loss for men.

Today, the name of Vichy cosmetics is a loud and recognizable brand all over the world. The manufacturer offers separate lines of products for men, thanks to which you can solve the problem of increased hair loss. At the same time, doctors insist that in addition to the local treatment of baldness, it is important to comprehensively solve the problem from the inside. To understand why it is better to choose products from Vichy, experts call the pros and cons, the features of this brand.

Principle of operation

Problems with the health of the hair and scalp occur in almost all people at different stages of life. Statistics show that baldness is more of a male problem, since in men the hair is sensitive to fluctuations in sex hormones, and in women, the hair follicles are located much deeper in the scalp. If you do not act in a timely manner, this can result in complete hair loss.

The line of Vichy hair loss products for men can help in solving the problem, the shampoo of this brand with this purpose contains the necessary substances to stimulate hair growth. If you use the shampoo according to the instructions for a long time, the product guarantees the following effects:

  • improvement of the basal system of the scalp;
  • accelerated blood supply and nutrition of hair follicles with the necessary resources;
  • accelerating hair growth;
  • slowing down the process of hair loss;
  • acceleration of metabolism and regeneration process.

Also, the valuable composition of the products guarantees the strengthening of the roots and structure of the hair, thereby prolonging the life of each hair. And if most cosmetic care products contain aggressive chemical components that exacerbate the problem of baldness, Vichy products do not contain allergens and toxic additives.

Composition and benefits

Vichy from baldness in men is not just a cosmetic product, it contains many medicinal components, vitamins and minerals, thanks to which the problem is solved in a complex way. The following components guarantee high efficiency in the treatment of hair loss:

  • aminexil 1.5% — the component accelerates blood flow, improves blood supply to the hair follicles, does not allow the connective tissues of the walls of the hair follicles to harden and die against this background;
  • Vichy SPA — highly mineralized water, which helps to retain moisture in the scalp, saturate the hair roots with the necessary minerals, increasing the protective functions.

To the significant advantages of Vichy products, experts attribute the fact that they do not contain parabens and preservatives that dry the skin, thin the hair, and can also cause allergic reactions. The composition is enriched with a complex of important vitamins, these are vitamins B5, B6, as well as vitamin PP, which give the hair vitality and strength. If you use shampoo with ampules, masks from Vichy, you can achieve the effect after 3-4 weeks of therapy.

When applied

At the first manifestations of male pattern baldness, it is important to visit a doctor and undergo an examination in the clinic. This is done to clarify the diagnosis, as well as to establish. After neutralizing any provoking factors, the doctor may prescribe a course of local therapy with Vichy anti-baldness agents. The following manifestations are considered indications for the use of shampoos, masks and Vichy ampules:

  • accelerated hair loss;
  • slow growth of new hair;
  • a sharp decrease in the density of hair;
  • the formation of bald spots on the head;
  • doctor’s diagnosis of alopecia of the first or second stage.
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If you use the products in a complex line, as well as follows all the doctor’s prescriptions, in this case, Vichy pharmacy cosmetics will help solve the problems of baldness. At the same time, the course of therapy should include measures to eliminate provoking factors inside or outside, whether it be bad habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, internal pathologies, hormonal disorders or beriberi.

Today, the Vichy brand is recognized as pharmacy cosmetics with natural and harmless composition, as well as the content of medicinal components. Therefore, you can purchase all lines and series of products in pharmacies.

Contraindications to use

If we consider the line of products to stimulate hair growth and prevent baldness, Vichy shampoos, masks and ampules will contain medicinal components, for example, aminexil. In this case, some contraindications are provided for the funds, namely:

  • age less than 18 years;
  • breast-feeding;
  • individual intolerance to aminexil or other components in the composition of the product;
  • tendency to allergies;
  • dermatological diseases of the scalp;
  • irritation of the scalp;
  • wounds, cuts, scratches, burns of the scalp.

Advice! Before buying any product from this brand, be sure to familiarize yourself with its composition, as some components can provoke an allergic reaction.

Mode of application

Most often, Vichy hair loss products are used in combination to achieve maximum results. Trichologists recommend choosing a shampoo against hair loss and to activate their growth, as well as undergo a course of treatment with ampules. Shampoo should be applied to wet hair, lather, hold for 2-3 minutes on the hair and scalp. After that, the product is washed off with barely warm water, as necessary, you can repeat the application.

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Next, a mask or balm from Vichy from the same series is distributed on wet hair to provide additional support to the hair. The product is kept on the hair for a couple of minutes, after which it is washed off with warm running water. Ampules can be used on both dry and wet hair. To achieve this, one ampule is opened, applied with massage rubbing movements on the scalp, without washing off. Shampoo, balm and ampules should be used daily for 6 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages

To understand the feasibility of using Vichy anti-baldness products, a man needs to familiarize himself with the main secrets of the effectiveness of this brand. The manufacturer names two factors that determine the effectiveness of funds, namely:

  1. Rejuvenating and regenerating effect of Vichy Spa mineralizing water. It is extracted from thermal natural springs of volcanic origin.
  2. An organic composition that guarantees high penetrating power, saturating the scalp, hair follicles and their structure with amino acids, vitamins, lipids, polysaccharides.

The advantages of Vichy include the absence of parabens and preservatives, hypoallergenic and numerous recommendations from trichologists. The disadvantages are the high cost of funds due to the valuable multicomponent composition, the need for a long course of use (at least a month and a half), the presence of some contraindications. After cancellation, high results may worsen somewhat over time, so periodic repetitions of therapy will be needed.


Vichy is the only cosmetic and pharmacy brand that has won the trust of almost all dermatologists and trichologists. The manufacturer offers a separate series of products for all types of hair, considering the characteristics of the scalp. There is also a line of products against hair loss and to enhance their growth. These are shampoos for men, and special balms, as well as ampules for the complex effective treatment of alopecia.

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