Top knot — haircut for charismatic men who dictate fashion trends

Top knot is a stylish men’s haircut that has been popular for several years. A variety of variations, practicality in styling, care are the main advantages of a model hairstyle. Top knot distinguishes from the crowd, emphasizes the individuality of style. Allows you to look creative, elegant, embodying original ideas.

Top knot literally means a knot at the top, the loop is fixed at the crown. You can create stylish styling on medium and long strands, taking classic models as a basis.

Top knot — haircuts for confident, charismatic men who dictate fashion trends. She is chosen by representatives of creative professions, as well as hipsters, athletes, bikers. Top knot conquers with a combination of masculinity and elegance. Unsurprisingly, the collected bundles were worn in ancient Japan by representatives of the samurai clan.

Today top knot — the best option for men with long strands, experimenting with the image will help you choose the best option.

What does a haircut look like?

top knot optionsThe top knot haircut is easily recognizable by the combed back strands of the parietal region and crown, gathered in a ponytail or knot. The temples are cut short, often shaved, as is the back of the head. There may be a smooth transition connecting the short temples and the elongated crown. The haircut looks original without a transition, emphasizes the contrast of lengths.

Performed on straight and curly hair, men’s haircut gives a neat well-groomed look to any head of hair. Allows you to experiment with styling, long strands can be collected not only in bunches and tails, but also braided. Emphasizing strength and masculinity, the top knot haircut is a modern echo of the hairstyles of the Vikings and samurai — strong, courageous warriors-conquerors.

Top knot hairstyle has a number of features:

  • is a variation of the hairstyle man bun — male bun on the back of the head or crown without shaved areas and transitions;
  • it is distinguished by the accuracy of laying, the clarity of the lines, the entire shock is combed back, individual strands are not knocked out, emphasizing the elegance of the form;
  • top knot optionsit is created at a length of at least 15 cm, the shape of the base of the haircut does not matter, it can be performed on the basis of double, graduated bob or hair cut at the same level;
  • the top knot hairstyle does not necessarily imply the creation of a loop, you can make a tail or a bun twisted around its axis, the recognizable elements are the contrast of the laid strands of the central region and the short-cropped or shaved temporal, occipital zone;
  • if man bun — the prerogative of mature, brutal men who prefer to wear a mustache or beard, top knot hairstyle does not have such stringent requirements. She is chosen by schoolchildren, young boys and men after 40, clean-shaven, with an elegant mustache, textured beard;
  • the hairstyle belongs to the model, on its basis you can create an original version by supplementing with drawings, shaved elements that emphasize the individuality of the style, and perform the functions of correcting the proportions of the face.
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Top knot options

Chasen gami

top knot Chasen gamiFor this haircut variation, the length of the hair is important, allowing you to collect a voluminous bun. The main idea is to give a casual casualness created by textured strands. It is necessary to achieve the effect of collected hair after sleep, without the use of styling, comb, devices. The length of the temples remains short, the shock of the main part should be sufficiently thick and voluminous. Performed on straight hair, ideal for curly, unruly hair. Contraindicated for thin, sparse curls, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect.

Mitsu ori

top knot Mitsu oriMen’s hairstyle is simple and practical. Long strands are combed back, at the crown they are fixed with an elastic band or leather cord. A loop is formed on the basis of the free tail, which is tied with a cut directed towards the forehead. The hair should be slicked back and kept in shape. Unlike Chasen gami the hairstyle should look neat, requires the use of styling products. It does not look good on thin, sparse strands, the haircut looks great with a beard.

Fitatsu yori

top knot Fitatsu yoriThe hair of the parietal region and crown is collected, fixed with an elastic band in a knot or ponytail. The back of the head is shaved or cut as short as possible. With the help of a razor or trimmer, the border of long and short strands is worked out. You can create curly whiskey, giving masculinity, brutality to the image with sharp lines. Rounded shapes will suit the owners of expressive cheekbones, massive chin.


top knot on the basis of a squareThe assembled top knot can be performed on the basis of a square. It is not necessary to shave the strands to the temporal hollows, it is enough to make a neat edging of the temples, the back of the head. Tie the tail arbitrarily — choosing the optimal configuration depending on the type of oval.

On curly hair

top knot on curly hairA curly knot top looks bright and creative. The hairstyle allows you to give a neat look to the mop. It is possible to create not only a careless styling, but also to create an elegant option by first straightening the strands.

With shaved temples

top knot with shaved templesThe haircut can be done with a smooth or abrupt transition. The first option is chosen by fans of the classics. Hairstyle allows you to hide imperfections in appearance. The absence of a transition highlights the contrast, visually lengthens the oval, guys with the correct oval choose.

For children

top knot for kids

An excellent model for boys, active and spontaneous. A comfortable haircut allows you to always look neat, tidy — in a music lesson or basketball. Unusual drawings on the shaved areas in the form of a lightning bolt, a spider or a smiley, will make the boy a real hero among his peers.

To whom does

Top knot is a haircut for self-confident men who choose individual style. It may look sloppy, the option does not require frequent correction, it looks better as it grows. Model hairstyles with shaved elements need regular updates. It is not recommended for men with an elongated, thin face and sharp facial features. Difficult to create on thinning, thin strands.

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Who is suitable for:

  • an oval face allows you to use various haircut variations, you can experiment with the temporal region, use drawings, highlight the boundaries of transitions;
  • for a round shape, it is important to create a careless volume in the central region, capturing the temporal cavities, the beard will also balance a wide face, it is better to abandon ultra-short temples;
  • for a square oval, with pronounced cheekbones and chin, choose a haircut with a smooth transition, it is advisable to combine a haircut with a mustache or beard;
  • owners of a triangular shape are recommended haircuts with short temples, a smooth crown area;
  • the hairstyle has no age restrictions, is suitable for young, athletic guys and elegant gray-haired gentlemen, regardless of profession and occupation;
  • top knot combined with a business, sporty, casual style, is a favorite hipster model;
  • the main requirement for implementation is long hair, thick, straight or curly, looks great on light and dark strands, creative coloring options are possible.

Self-haircut technology

Men with short hair will have to wait. The master can recommend how to grow hair, while maintaining a neat look. It is optimal to choose as a basis man bun, mohawk or undercut until the strands of the parietal region reach a length of 15 cm.

How to make a top knot:

  1. Wash your hair, wring out excess moisture with a towel. Brush hair.
  2. With the help of a comb, separate the crown area with a parting, grasping the crown. Fix the bundle at the back with a clamp.
  3. Cut or shave off the hair of the back of the head and temples. Several attachments are used during the transition. The direction of movement is from bottom to top.
  4. Run the edging of the temples, the back of the head.
  5. Comb the main part of the hair, trim the ends. Slices can be profiled as needed.

For men with a round, square, triangular oval, it is better to consult a professional. How to cut a top knot — the master will tell you, select the optimal model for harmonizing the face.

Styling and care options

Men’s haircut requires careful maintenance. Have to visit the master regularly to maintain a neat look. Otherwise through 2-3 week the hairstyle will lose its shape. You can also independently correct the regrown areas, provided that there are no transitions and patterns on the shaved areas. Long strands also require cleansing, hydration, and nutrition.

Features of care

  • top knot optionsмwash your hair at least once every 3 days, otherwise the hair will look untidy;
  • periodically necessary peeling the scalp to maintain normal hair condition, prevent hair loss, dandruff, remove the remains of styling products;
  • for relax уuse an air conditioner, to put on the main length and tips, so that the cuts do not split, once a weekю it is recommended to apply a nourishing mask;
  • a haircut involves a daily уlaying, providing pressure on the root system — to restore microcirculation, to improve the nutrition of the vessels, regular massage of the scalp will help, it can be carried out before the cleansing procedure;
  • the tips need to be renewed every 1-2 months, also influencing seemingly hairstyles;
  • top knot optionscolored, oily, curly hair require the selection of special tools developed with view their features;
  • for combing, you need an antistatic brush, as well as a comb to create smooth styling;
  • тop knot made on dreadlocks requires minimal maintenance, you can correct the regrown root area only from a professional;
  • it is not necessary to purchase many styling products, the master will help you choose wax, clay or powder with view hair structure;
  • Elastic bands should be soft and elastic so as not to injure the hair trunks, while maintaining a well-groomed look throughout the day.
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Top knot styling options

types of styling haircutsNo haircut required mandatory the use of thermal devices, an iron, a hair dryer for hair straightening. Top knot — oha great option to look like stylishlywhile maintaining healthy, strong hair.

Классический top knot — Collect hair in front, comb back and fix with an elastic band. Depending on the length, you can create a tail or a loop.

Variants with braids imply a voluminous spikelet in the center or 2 weaves parallel to the temples. Before creating, it is advisable to treat the strands with wax or spray with the effect of a conditioner. The hair will not get tangled, it is easy to give the hair the desired shape. Performed on straight and curly hair, styling does not require perfect smoothness.

On long strands top knot best combined with a neat mustache or beard. The hairstyle, gathered in a voluminous bun, emphasizes the inner freedom. She is often chosen by representatives of creative professions.

styling with dreadlocksA casual option is easier to perform on curly strands, it is recommended to treat straight hair with mousse and massage with your hands. Then, without combing, collect a shock in the tail at the back of the head.

For special occasions, as well as business representatives, you should pay attention to the elegant styling option. After washing, an indelible conditioner is applied to the hair, the hair is dried with a hairdryer. With the help of smoothing milk, the body and cuts are smoothed, allowing you to maintain volume and achieve a flawless shape.

Disbanded top knot will look neat when worn on dreadlocks or afrocos. It is possible to create original bunches-towers, creative haircuts are combined with popular dyes.

Top knot is a popular hairstyle characterized by its practicality and the ability to create various styles. This haircut is chosen by strong, confident menready to experimentam with an image. You can do it yourself, but createе the model version is better trusted by a professional. An elegant, stylish haircut has corrective properties, depending on the structure of the hair, it is possible to find your own version of the popular top knot.

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