Top 5 men’s haircuts for a full face

The image of a business person is determined not only by the condition of the hair, but also by the hairstyle. Choosing a man’s haircut for a full face will help get rid of the insecurity experienced by people with large features and shapes.

How to choose a hairstyle for a round face

Some representatives of the stronger sex consider a full or round face a flaw that can spoil a business image. Hairdressing experts state that the most correct face shape is slightly elongated, with pronounced cheekbones. The owner of such a face will suit almost any fashionable haircut. But choosing the perfect hairstyle suitable for a fat man is not an easy task.

Men's haircut for a full faceOverweight men tend to have round and even slightly puffy faces. And the main task of the hairdresser is to visually lengthen, bringing it closer to the oval, to refine the shape of the fat face. The smooth and soft lines of a round face do not fit well with the image of a strong and assertive man. And the proportions of such a face, when the distance between the cheekbones almost corresponds to the distance from the chin to the forehead, do not support modern ideas about the beauty and harmony of a man’s face.

You can create a tough and masculine image:

  • combing thick bangs on one side when choosing a medium-length hairstyle;
  • leaving long bangs and long hair at the crown, at the same time shortening at the temples;
  • dividing the bangs into two parts when choosing a short haircut;
  • having masked the bald patches with the help of combed and laid on one side of the hair, while lifting them at the back of the head.

    Men’s hairstyles with a voluminous top for full faces are combined with a goatee and mustache (sideburns). A wide beard and mustache will visually weigh the lower half of the face, smoothing out rounded shapes. Hairstyles with clearly highlighted tinted (colored, colored) strands are suitable for such men. Massive square-frame glasses help to make rounded facial features more prominent.

What to avoid when choosing a hairstyle

Only a round face can be formed, acquired. More often than not, it becomes a reflection of a lifestyle or character. Many stylists are adept at working with men with full or round faces. It is this form that opens up room for creativity, allows you to choose something new, combine different elements to create the most attractive image. However, there are moments that spoil the image of a man.

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Common Mistakes Visual effect
Smooth hairstyles or using a lot of gels for fixing Flattened and unattractive face
Haircuts that fully reveal the face Accentuating the rounded shape and highlighting large facial features
Shaved neck and whiskey too high Too short and small hairstyle, like a shaved head, makes the face look more massive and rounder.
Round or short straight bangs The face becomes flat and expressionless
No loose strands (for medium length hairstyles) An open face appears wider and rounder
Loose strands that are too short Round the face
Symmetrical hairstyles with clear lines, parting Face enlargement
Combing your hair back Opens up and rounds up the face

Top 5 haircuts for a full face

Now in fashion, men’s haircuts in a sports or business style. Among men’s haircuts for a full face, in addition, hairstyles with shaved temples and the back of the head (boxing, semi-boxing) remain popular. They visually lengthen the neck and face. And for overweight men with curly or curly hair, a medium-length hairstyle is suitable.


Men's haircut Canadian

This man’s haircut has become popular and popular thanks to Canadian hockey players. Long strands of hair remain at the back of the head, temples and crown. A cropped forelock and a trimmed head of hair contrast with them. Hair of different lengths visually lengthen the face, making it tougher and more expressive. The haircut is suitable for both guys and middle-aged men.


Men's haircut Boxing

The haircut was brought into fashion by athletes. On the back of the head and temples, short hair is left (shaved), and in the upper part of the head — 1-2 cm longer. Easy to care for, looks good and lasts regardless of the weather and circumstances. The haircut is not difficult to perform — with the help of a special machine, it can be done even at home. Boxing will look good on men of any age.

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Half box

Men's haircut Half box

There are several options for this man’s haircut, depending on the features of the performance and the shape of the upper part of the hairstyle. It combines conservatism — a classic short haircut — and a sporty style. However, it is considered more solid and elegant in comparison with «boxing». The length of the hair on the temples and the back of the head is 3-4 cm, and the length of the strands in the upper part of the hairstyle is at least 8 cm. The “half box” is practical both in the office and in production, combined with strict business suits.


Men's haircut Cascade

Thanks to the multi-layering and complex styling, the hairstyle creates additional volume, which is ideal for chubby men with thin hair. However, keeping it in the required shape requires daily effort. The haircut is suitable for both young guys and mature men.

Asymmetrical haircut

Men's haircut Asymmetry

This haircut combines hair of different lengths (top and bangs). Here, torn lines and side partings are permissible; only one of the temples may be shaved. Emphasized careless, as if unfinished, asymmetrical haircuts will suit young men, students, representatives of creative professions.

In order not to be mistaken in choosing a haircut suitable for a man’s face and to resolve the question «Will it suit me?» you should seek the advice of a professional hairdresser or stylist.

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