Top 20 men’s hairstyles for medium hair

Haircuts for men are as varied as for women. A person who pays special attention to his appearance will always keep an eye on him. In order to facilitate the process of choosing a hairstyle, knowledge of various men’s haircuts for medium hair is necessary. This length is the most optimal for creating your own style, it will allow you to experiment with the appearance, achieving the desired result.

Features of the choice of men’s haircuts for medium hair length

The hairstyle for the stronger sex should be combined with the individual characteristics of the appearance and the shape of the face, to emphasize the image. Don’t forget about the structure, thickness and type of hair.
For a medium-length head of hair, the structure of the hair is important, since different haircuts look different, depending on the type of hair:

  • For even and smooth strands, haircuts such as a square, a ladder, a graduation, a hat are recommended;
  • Owners of thick and long hair do not have to worry, because any hairstyle is available for them;
  • The most difficult thing for owners of curly hair: haircut is performed taking into account the direction of hair growth;
  • Hairstyles for curly and wavy hair can be done in a creative mess style.

Depending on the shape and proportions of the face, you can choose different men’s haircuts for medium hair length.


It’s almost perfect for any haircut. The only limitation can be the length and shape of the nose, the position of the eyes. Otherwise, everything will depend only on the preferences of the man, since in an oval face, the width of the cheekbones and the height of the forehead have the correct ratio.

Round face haircuts


In this case, the face shapes are uniform among themselves. The main thing for a haircut for medium hair is to make the face close to an oval. To do this, you can use methods such as oblique and elongated bangs, short hair on the sides and a high crown.


A man should choose haircuts that visually help smooth out the angularity of facial features, make the lines softer and smoother. A small beard can help with this.

Haircuts for a square type of face


Distinctive features of the appearance: elongation in length, angular features of the face, especially the chin. When choosing a haircut, the master should avoid shortened temples combined with long hair at the top of the head.


With this type, the face is as if narrowed at the bottom, and the area of ​​the forehead and cheekbones looks wider. Therefore, hairstyles that can balance the appearance are more appropriate. The bangs are of great importance. It can be worn in any style: both free-flowing and spectacularly brushed to the side.

Haircuts for a triangular face type


A characteristic feature of this type is the protruding cheekbones, giving an expression of disproportion. To hide them, it is advisable to use long and medium haircuts, but not short. The bangs will only emphasize the brightness of the male image.

20 popular hairstyles for medium hair

Artificial hawk
Men Haircut Artificial Hawk

This hairstyle contains several different styles. In the lower part of the head and on the sides, the strands are almost completely sheared, and the top to the crown fits into a stylish crest, which resembles a hawk’s head. For better fixation of the haircut, especially at the beginning, a gel or varnish is used.

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Men's haircut Quiff

It is ideal for young boys, college students and schoolchildren. The youthful look is emphasized by the combination of mohawk and pompadour bangs. The curls are cut short to the temples, only the bangs remain long. The owner of this hairstyle can afford any look: neat and well-groomed or disheveled and loose.

Quiff with shaved sides
Quiff haircut with shaved sides

Such a haircut is most suitable for people with a round face, as it visually lengthens it. Characteristic features are completely shaved whiskey and long strands on top. For styling, the hair is dried with a hairdryer, but not completely, and a gel is applied in order to fix it.

Undercut For Curly Hair

It is this hairstyle that remains among the most popular haircuts for modern youth. This situation is due to the fact that it has many styling options. Characteristic features are short-cropped whiskey, long strands at the crown and back of the head, which can be styled and combed at will. This combination helps to achieve expressiveness in appearance. Anderkat is especially suitable for young people. The hairstyle will not be deflated to combine with curly and wavy hair, as well as with a classic style. It will not be appropriate for older men.

Wet hair effect
Wet Look Hairstyle

The hairstyle always looks dazzling and attracts the attention of the opposite sex. It is ideal for people who have medium length coarse, dark and thick hair. A damp hair gel is applied to the front of the head and the curls are combed back. Using a comb with fine teeth, a clear parting is made, emphasizing the hairline. Wet hair looks like after swimming in the sea or showering.

Men's haircut Mohawk

The hairstyle got its name from the Iroquois Indian tribe. This is how the fearless Indian warriors were cut. Nowadays, it is popular everywhere. The haircut has an original way of styling compared to other variations: the crown strands are combed not backward, as usual, but forward. Modern Mohawk goes well with dreadlocks, shaved patterns, highlights, hair coloring.

Sharp needles
Men's haircut Sharp needles

Looks perfect on round faces. Visual elongation is achieved with additional volume on top and minimum volume on both sides. «Thorns» of curls, raised from the roots and sticking out in different directions, give the rounded proportions the necessary sharpness and masculine appearance.
The undoubted advantages of this form: practicality, versatility, individuality.
Having done this hairstyle once, you can not worry about going to the hairdresser for a long time.

Army haircut
Military haircut with shaved sides

Looks great and doesn’t need much maintenance. Suitable for athletic, dynamic, self-confident men. Despite its simplicity, this option always remains fashionable and widespread. Hair is cut very short along the entire length, sharp and clear geometric lines emphasize the shape of the face. This haircut emphasizes courage, striving for leadership, self-confidence.

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Art haircut
Art haircut

A creative approach to their appearance is becoming more and more popular. Creative hairstyles are popular, especially with young people. The hair is cut very short or even shaved to the temples, and then a pattern is applied with a trimmer in the form of, for example, a geometric figure. This option is very refreshing to the image, and emphasizes individuality. Ornaments on the shaved part of the head look spectacular, while the upper part is framed with long strands. Patterns are made with an electric machine without a nozzle.

Men's haircut Ladder

The haircut of the late 20th century has not lost its position even now. Distinctive features — hair is cut evenly, without sharp drops, in layers. The bangs fit to one side, have an average length. This hairstyle works especially well with wavy hair. This classic mens haircut is made more modern with a small beard and mustache.

curly pompadour

Voluminous lush hairstyles became fashionable in the 70s — 80s of the last century. Now they are experiencing a peak in popularity again. Pompadour bangs are popular with both men and women. She looks great on light and dark blond hair. Additional volume is created thanks to the fleece. With this hairstyle, you can change the usual image and add a fashionable touch to it.

Men's haircut Gavroche

The standout and creative style of this style is usually chosen by creative people, with extraordinary thinking, and teenagers also like it. Characteristic features of the hairstyle: long strands on the back of the head, a voluminous part of the upper head zone. You can add personality if you make a graduation or torn hair ends.

Men's haircut Beanie

One of the classic medium-length hairstyles for men, loved by many representatives of the strong half of humanity. It is universal, therefore it fits any face shape, suitable for all ages and styles. The lower part of the hair is cut short, and the upper part is placed on it freely. Begin cutting from the temples, gradually moving to the back of the head. The edging should be made according to the classic scheme.


Stylish men’s haircut that can be easily adapted to any type of appearance. It will suit both lovers of sports style and adherents of the conservative. Representatives of the stronger sex prefer a Canadian, as she is able to transform her owner: a young man will look more respectable, and an older man, on the contrary, is younger and more elegant. The main features of the hairstyle: the temporal region is cut short enough, and the curls remain long in the parietal and occipital zones of the head. This haircut is great for medium hair lengths.

Double square
Men's haircut Bob

A bob is a versatile variation of hairstyles for medium hair for men. It is suitable for hair of any volume, length and texture. Fits perfectly into any wardrobe, lifestyle and age. Many men prefer a double square, even simply because it seems to combine masculinity and brutality with a love of romance. Multi-layered hairstyles and spectacular volume help to achieve this effect. The haircut scheme is as follows: the hair is divided into two parts — the upper one is left longer, the lower one is cut shorter. You can also make a graduated square; in this version, different lengths of strands are left in certain areas. Graduation helps to achieve a smooth transition from one length to another and more voluminous hair.

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Under the pot
Men's haircut under the pot

Not quite the usual name speaks of a long-standing origin. Despite this, the hairstyle continues to be popular today. Great for owners of thick and lush hair. Characteristic features of the hairstyle are short hair on the lower part of the head and considerable volume on the top. Thanks to such a haircut, a man does not have to do styling all the time. And there will be no difficulties in hair care with such a hairstyle. The strands themselves fall as needed. This style makes it possible to look much younger and more elegant.

Men's haircut Asymmetry

Unusual men’s hairstyles, which are preferred by creative extraordinary personalities, especially modern youth. Asymmetric haircuts are characterized by uneven strand length, unconventional bold approach and creativity. Hairstyles of this type can be performed on the basis of many classic hairstyles. Sometimes you can even use just one element of asymmetry to change the image and give it originality and personality.

Creative Mess
Hairstyle creative mess

A trendy men’s haircut for medium length hair is a mess and chaos. But, oddly enough it sounds, it must also be ordered. One of the main conditions for such a hairstyle is clean hair. It is especially easy to create for people with wavy or curly curls. During styling, mousse or gel is used to highlight individual curls. For thick hair, other haircut variations are also available: hair can be trimmed in layers or a ladder, and the bangs lowered over the eyes. This gives a man a romantic and masculine appearance.

Classic combed back hairstyle

Men’s hairstyle in a classic style will suit the owners of thick hair. A distinctive feature of the haircut is the hair shortened from the neck and the strands elongated at the crown. She is preferred by men with sophisticated features, businessmen, business people. It is possible to color the strands for an interesting look. For owners of curly strands, whiskey is shaved shorter. This haircut is not suitable for men with an oval face type.

Retro style
Retro and classic

Suitable for lovers of neat, but no less stylish hairstyles, adherents of the classic style of clothing. Features of the hairstyle: smoothly cut temples and the back of the head, a smooth transition to the crown, bangs laid to one side. It’s a good idea to use a styling gel to create a wet look. The haircut looks neat and aristocratic.

Many interesting and popular haircuts for medium hair have been known for a long time, but now they do not look the same as before. New ideas, creative technologies have appeared that are successfully combined with the retro style. Don’t be afraid to experiment and create new looks.

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