Top 10 popular men’s haircuts with a parting

There are several hundred hairstyles for men. Most often, representatives of the stronger sex ask hairdressers to make a haircut with a parting. There is nothing surprising in this, because each of them, despite the similarity, gives a man a touch of individuality. The fact is that on each person, the hairstyle looks different. It all depends on the type of face, structure and hair color. There are different options for hairstyles with a parting in its location, as well as in the method of creation.

Parting can be natural, done by combing the hair to the side or distributing it symmetrically from the center of the head. It can also be shaved with a wide or thin stripe anywhere on the head — a tribute to modern fashion, not a classic in hairdressing. Men’s haircuts, made with any parting, are an excellent opportunity to correct the image or even radically change it.

Who is suitable for a hairstyle with a parting

Sometimes, for the sake of modern fashion, men forget that they should choose a hairstyle, guided by several important criteria. After all, what can decorate one person will look completely ridiculous on another. That is why it is so significant to evaluate your appearance correctly before asking the hairdresser for a haircut with a parting, you should analyze your own appearance. Here are some helpful tips for those planning to change their look and style in this way:

  • Men’s straight parting is ideal for people with ideal face proportions. Such a hairstyle will not decorate a man who is prone to overweight, as well as a person with an elongated chin and a high forehead.Men's haircuts with parting
  • Men’s hairstyles that involve parting on the side will be an excellent accent of the look for men who have a straight forehead line. These haircuts can be short or medium. The second option is preferable for those who want to slightly cover the imperfect shape of the ears.
  • If a man has a high forehead line, he should try the option with long bangs and elongated edges. This haircut can be played in different ways. A bang combed strictly to one side will ideally be combined with a business style in clothes, a carelessly tousled forelock will ideally suit any modern look.
  • Parting in the middle will brighten the face with perfect symmetry. This option is ideal for long to medium hair only. When performed on a head with short strands, this option will look comical.
  • Short men’s haircuts look best in combination with a shaved parting. It can be located to the left or right, run along the temple, or in a slight deviation from the middle of the head. Men’s haircut with a shaved parting is ideal for modern haircuts. They can be complemented by elongated strands or a hedgehog of coarse hair.shaved parting
  • The side parting will also be an excellent option for men with sparse and thin strands. An elongated hairstyle with a side comb in a cascade style would be a worthy option. Thus, you can artificially increase the density of not too good hair.
  • An excellent solution for a model haircut for a representative of the stronger sex with an oval-type face would be a hairstyle with medium-length bangs laid to one side and shaved temples. Lovers of extravagant solutions can complement this option with shaved patterns or inscriptions.
  • For men with a square face shape, men’s short hairstyles will be the best solution. In this case, the parting should be located on the side, and the bangs of medium length should be made in such a way as to hide half of the forehead. It is not recommended combing it back.
  • A model haircut with the possibility of styling bangs and part of the hair with a side direction is suitable for men with a diamond-shaped face type. Lush styling, coupled with a side parting, visually evens out the natural asymmetry.
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Varieties of partings

Before choosing a classic or stylish haircut, you should definitely get acquainted with the main types of parting. They can be as follows:

Classic straight parting
men's haircut with a classic parted part

Suitable for extra long or long hair. The strands are combed back and evenly distributed to the sides of the center of the head. Men’s hairstyle with a straight part in the middle is suitable for people with proportional face width and forehead height.

Straight side parting
Men's haircut with straight side parting

With this option, you can split your hair into two different halves. People with a side parting most often tend to hide any imperfections of the face, for example, excessive fullness or elongation of the shape.

Natural parting
Men's haircut with natural parting

This option was awarded to the man by nature itself. In order to check what the natural parting is, you need to comb the damp hair back and smooth it lightly with your hand. The strands will disintegrate themselves in such a way that the natural parting becomes noticeable.

Side parting
Men's haircut with side parting

This option is ideal for those who want a main length in the center and short hair on the sides. There is such a parting diagonally — from the temple to the middle of the head. This option works well for round, square and trapezoidal faces.

Top 10 haircuts with parting

In order to choose the right men’s hairstyle with a parting, you should get to know each of them and give preference to the option you like. Here are the TOP 10 most popular men’s haircuts with a parting.

Half box

Half box with parting

This is a fairly common pattern and has been well established over the past five years. Even earlier, this version was used by the famous London dandies. Such a haircut opens up the face, maximally emphasizes the dignity of the appearance of a representative of the stronger sex. It is ideal for active, self-confident young people. A haircut involves a side parting that runs along the head in a line from the middle of the eyebrow. The strands of this haircut in the upper part of the head are medium, smoothly passing to shorter ones at the temples and the back of the head.

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Not a very good choice for those with coarse hair, but not a bad choice for those with curly, moderately thick or thin strands.


British with a parting

Popular among young guys and older men, a haircut with two partings. Its distinctive feature is the presence of long strands in the upper part of the head. The length of the curls is 10-13 cm. The hairs at the temples can be of different lengths. If the length of the hair at the temples remains medium, then they must be smoothed with styling products.

The British are performed exclusively with scissors, without using a typewriter or razor.


Bobrik with parting

A universal option for men of all ages. It is a platform combed back or slightly to one side and hair shaved from the temples. A distinctive feature of the haircut is the presence of two parting on the sides.

To create this hairstyle, you need hard or medium-sized hair.


Parted tennis

Elongated curls at the crown, side parting, shaved back of the head and shortened temples are the main distinguishing features of a tennis haircut. It is positioned as sporty, but looks good with modern business or glamorous looks.

Grunge chic

Parting grunge

A modern style of haircut followed by a careless styling. The characteristic features of grunge chic are the shortened temples and the back of the head. In the upper part of the head, when creating such a hairstyle, medium strands of different lengths are left, with the help of which a vortex of careless styling is created.

Classic haircut

Classic haircut with parting

It occurs most often in middle-aged men. Distinctive features of such a hairstyle are a straight side parting, shortened temples and the back of the head, medium-length strands at the crown, which are always smoothly combed back.

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The creation of such a hairstyle allows for the presence of oblique bangs, which can hide a high forehead.


Canadian with a parting

This is a shortened version of the British. The main difference from the well-known haircut is the shortened strands on the crown, shaved temples and the back of the head.

To create a Canadian, the master uses not only scissors, as is the case with the British, but also a typewriter. The current season’s solution is a Canadian with a shaved parting.


retro with parting

A side parted hairstyle that suits men of different ages. Retro assumes the presence of strands of medium length at the crown and slightly shortened temples and nape. Retro styling involves using a flat comb. Medium hair left on top of the head should be combed back and styled slightly to one side. You can fix the strands using strong fixing styling products.


Military parting

This strict haircut owes its origins to the American military. The military is a short hairstyle done with a typewriter. The exception is slightly elongated hair at the crown. They are sheared off with scissors. However, some hairdressers use the machine with the largest attachment for this. A military hairstyle is worn with a comb to the side of the hair, which is left on the crown.

This hairstyle symbolizes the strength and charisma of a man. Military haircuts are chosen by confident people of different ages.

Elongated with a parting in the middle

Long haircut with parting

An elongated haircut with a parting in the middle is not a very fashionable solution. As a rule, this option is chosen by aged people or representatives of informal youth. Its execution is made in two versions. Classic performance — straight strands reach the middle of the face or hair ends in the neck. A more modern design assumes the asymmetry of the elongated strands. Such a haircut is performed using the cascade technique and may suggest the presence of bangs.

This season, the so-called torn strands are again relevant. They are carried out using thinning scissors.

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