Top 10 original patterns for men’s haircuts

The appearance of a person determines his success and well-being in every field of activity, therefore, the choice of a suitable haircut should be taken with full responsibility. A neat hairstyle, that harmoniously fits into the style, emphasizes the appearance of the stronger sex from the best side. Fans of an informal look are advised to pay attention to men’s haircuts with a pattern. They will help a man create an attractive and extraordinary image. Patterns are made using a typewriter or trimmer and are placed both on individual areas of the head and on its entire surface.

Who are these haircuts for?

Executing a drawing

Hairstyles with a shaved pattern are chosen for themselves by young guys of creative and sports specialties: designers, artists and football players. Teens try to stand out from their peers with these shaved items. After all, men’s haircuts with a pattern allow you to create an exclusive look. Ornaments on the shaved part can be not only in the form of inscriptions and patterns, but also in the form of drawings of characters or objects.

For men, businessmen, politicians or the military, there is a compromise option for a haircut with a pattern between classic and creativity. It is a subtle curly cut on the temporal or occipital part of the head. Restraint will provide a stylish and not shocking appearance.

But such a fashionable trend is not suitable for all types. Before deciding on a hairstyle with a shaved pattern, you should thoroughly understand the features of haircuts with trimmed elements:Drawing on the temple

  • The trimmed temporal zone is suitable for men with a larger head and a high forehead, without protruding auricles.
  • The shaved drawing will only emphasize the uneven shape of the skull.
  • For people with a round type of face, such a haircut will not work — shaved curls will once again highlight the flaws in appearance.
  • Owners of a fine hair structure are advised to cut the strands short, and make the bangs oblique to one side.
  • For representatives of the stronger sex with oval or triangular features, men’s haircuts with a pattern on the head in the parietal zone is the most suitable option.
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Professional stylists and hairdressers argue that artistically shaved curls can divert attention from imperfections in appearance, attracting it to ornaments.

Classic variation with shaved stripes

Pattern options Stripes

Men who prefer a formal and strict style choose classic elements for themselves — stripes in the parting area or temples. They create the right accent to the image, emphasizing individuality. But in order for the cut to look neat, the hairstyle must provide for the presence of a trimmed temporal zone of the head. As a base, boxing (semi-boxing), voyage, Canadian, British, undercut and other haircuts for short hair are ideal. The stripes can be positioned singly or in combination with each other, creating a unique but discreet pattern.

Top 10 original patterns

For those who love creativity and creativity, hairdressers offer an endless number of options for men’s haircuts with curly ornaments: geometric shapes, inscriptions and images. A haircut must correspond to the type, character and appearance of a man or a guy, in order not to cause dissonance among others.


Men's haircuts with a pattern Geometry

Geometric ornaments are a common and popular type of design. Beads of stripes and lines on the side or on the back of the head are able to correct facial and skull features, to give a brutal and masculine appearance.


Men's haircuts with a pattern Patterns

Patterned ornaments cut at the temples and the back of the head look creative. This format of haircuts is used by males, not focusing on age, who want to express themselves in this way and prove their confidence. Expressive patterns cause discontent and condemnation in secular and business circles, for this reason, it is better for businessmen, entrepreneurs, politicians and the military to refuse such an undertaking. It is possible to create a hairstyle with shaved elements on vacation, due to the fact that the hair grows quickly, the tattoo does not last long, so it will allow you to experiment with the appearance.

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Men's haircuts with a pattern Exotic

Chinese characters, patterns of lizards or tongues of flame are daring options for hair tattoos because they look peculiar and attract the attention of others.


Men's haircuts with a Star pattern

Drawing on a man’s haircut in the form of heavenly bodies further diversifies the image. He is preferred by young and courageous guys, as well as creative people who are ready to take risks in order to express themselves.

Portraits and figured images

Men's haircuts with drawing Portraits

Such complex hair tattoos are time-consuming and painstaking work, therefore it is recommended to hand their creation into the hands of an experienced master. Images of their favorite heroes and idols, most often, flaunt on the heads of adolescents, they are not afraid of experiments, and the transformation process delights them. It is preferable to carry out drawings on dark, thick hair, then the contours will be clearer.


Men's haircuts with a pattern Lettering

A hairstyle with inscriptions on the shaved part is suitable for those who have not decided on a risky option, but the classic stripes and patterns do not suit. In order for the result to meet expectations, the head must be of an ideal oval shape, without visible flaws, otherwise the inscription will turn out to be crooked and emphasize the imperfections of the skull.


Men's haircuts with a Zipper pattern

It suits the owners of dark and thick hair, it can consist of one or several arrows, and the existing transitions make the hairstyle voluminous. Such a careless element will add charm, make the appearance stylish. But a man’s haircut with a shaved ornamental zipper does not retain its appearance for a long time, therefore it needs regular correction.

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Men's haircuts with a gossamer pattern

The cobweb pattern, located on any area of ​​the head, has been the undisputed leader for two or three years. Looks great on all hair types, suitable for both babies and men of considerable age. This version of a male haircut with a pattern gives originality to the image, allows you to emphasize the density or hide its flaw.

Intersecting lines

Men's haircuts with a pattern of intersecting lines

The image of the cross symbolizes reliability and protection, adds brutality, so men willingly agree to haircuts with such a detail. The advantages include the fact that it is possible to implement it on all hair lengths, and such a hairstyle is suitable for any age category.

Leopard print

Men's haircuts with a pattern Leopard print

Drawing in the style of a leopard is a bright and unusual solution. Owners of a haircut with a similar ornament declare their readiness for exploits. The leopard print is complemented with appropriate coloring.

Men’s haircuts with a shaved pattern are a way to express yourself, express yourself. Such hairstyles create an original and unique image, emphasize the individual features of the appearance, giving charm.

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