Top 10 Men’s Oval Face Hairstyles

A man with an oval face can consider himself lucky in terms of choosing creative and beautiful hairstyles. Men’s hairstyles for an oval face surprise with a variety no less than women’s. Therefore, it is far from always that men can unambiguously determine the choice, which means that you should consider the selection of hairstyles from the initial stages.

How to determine the shape of the face

The easiest way to determine the shape of a face is to evaluate it «by eye». To assess a face correctly, you should follow simple rules:

  • Remove hair if it is long.
  • Use natural light.determining the shape of the face
  • Use a large mirror (not only your face, but also your shoulders should be visible).
  • Clothing should cover the face, neck and upper chest.

But in cases where the usual assessment of the shape of the face is difficult, you can use the measurement method. It consists of measuring the length from the forehead to the chin and from the base of the nose to the chin. The first value should be divided by 3, after which the resulting numbers are compared:

  • If they are equal, then this is an oval or heart-shaped type of face.
  • In the case when the first number turned out to be greater than the second, then the face is round or diamond-shaped.
  • If the second number is greater than the first, the face is elongated or square.

In addition to the methods described, there are other, more accurate and complex versions of the calculated determination of the shape of the face. When a person prefers to choose their own hairstyle, a rough estimate of the shape is fine.

What to avoid when choosing a hairstyle

The main points to consider concern not only men’s hairstyles for an oval face, but also the selection of haircuts in general.

  • Choose the option that will blend in with the overall image. how to choose a haircut according to the shape of your faceThe hairstyle should complement the overall picture, and not look separate from it.
  • Remember, your appearance is largely determined by your environment. Beautiful but complex haircuts will require an extremely careful approach to hair care and styling, which is not available to everyone. Therefore, when choosing, be guided by the correspondence of the hairstyle to the lifestyle.
  • Do not forget also about the attitude of society towards a person’s appearance. The times when any deviation from the generally accepted standards of haircuts was considered bad form are over, but some options are still rejected.
  • The final options for possible hairstyles should be evaluated from different angles, it is also advisable to leave yourself the possibility of variability in styling.
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Also remember that the final result is influenced not only by the length, but also by the structure of the hair. That is why when a man makes a complete copy of the hairstyle of a model or a celebrity, his hairstyle is still different from the original.

Top 10 haircuts for an oval face

Owners of this type of face can be as free as possible in their choice, since literally everything will suit them, no matter what they choose. The most popular men’s hairstyles for an oval face are boxing, semi-boxing, hedgehog, square, various variations of haircuts with bangs. In recent years, such original variants as British and Canadian, as well as Caesar have gained popularity.

Men's haircuts for an oval face

Also, the men realized that Undercut suitable not only for guys from a certain stratum of city dwellers, but also for ordinary people who do not seek to constantly follow fashion.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the popular men’s haircuts for an oval face — both short and longer.

Boxing and semi boxing

Men's haircut Boxing

Boxing and semi-boxing are timeless classics, a common hairstyle among military personnel or athletes, as well as among ordinary men. Half-boxing differs from boxing in that the parietal part is more elongated than the rest of the hairstyle.

Boxing has clear boundaries that emphasize the overall shape. Boxing is suitable for men with thicker hair, and half boxing allows any hair structure.

A haircut Undercut

mens hairstyles for oval faceUndercut is the hairstyle most suitable for a business style. In it, the long parietal part is combined with a very short hair on the back of the head and temples. The hairstyle does not have a smooth transition from short to long hair. For a man with an oval face type, this haircut is perfect.

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The only significant disadvantage of hairstyles is the need for regular styling with mousses or gels. Styling approaches can also be different: for owners of round cheeks, it is preferable to remove the bangs on the side, while if there are no such cheeks, then it is allowed to comb the hair back.


Men's haircut by Tomboy

This hairstyle has longer hair than a boxing or semi-boxing haircut. There is also a bang that can be varied as desired: make it torn or asymmetrical.

Suitable for a man with a high forehead. Also, its advantages are that it can be stacked in many ways.


Men's haircut Mohawk

The most radical option is preferred by those who want to loudly declare their views. The hairstyle is most popular within certain subcultures, but ordinary men may well wear it.

Mohawks have several variations, not always long hair, set upright. A haircut in which a man shaves the sides of his hair, leaving a small line in the middle, can also be called a Mohawk, but it looks much more socially acceptable.

The Mohawk is suitable for those who are ready to boldly declare themselves. A man with an oval face shape can safely wear this hairstyle, but you need to understand that the longer the hair, the longer it will take to maintain its shape.


hairstyle hedgehog

Hedgehog is short hair with smooth transitions between shaved parts and elongated ones. If a man prefers to wear a hedgehog with bangs, then the transition between the bangs and the rest of the hair must also be made smooth. The hairstyle is ideal for those with an oval head shape, it emphasizes the relief of the face and harmonizes the appearance.

The hedgehog is best for people leading an active lifestyle, including the military or athletes.


Men's haircut Canadian

The main distinguishing feature of this hairstyle is the voluminous bangs, which are shortened closer to the back of the head. At the same time, the whiskey is shaved as short as possible. The oval face type in this case is almost perfect.

The hairstyle will suit a man who prefers a business style, it goes well with the suit and lifestyle of the modern dandy.


Men's hairstyles for an oval face British

The hairstyle, somewhat similar to the Canadian, is a variation of it. Outwardly, they are a little similar, but the bangs of the British women are more elongated and combed back or on the side. The advantages of the British women are that this is a universal men’s hairstyle that suits almost everyone.

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Haircuts with bangs

Men's hairstyles for oval face Bangs for short hair

Most men with an elongated face prefer to wear bangs, since bangs visually hide the length and make the appearance much more harmonious.

Long, casual-looking bangs (Gavroche hairstyle) require effort to maintain, which may not work for some men. In this case, it is recommended to opt for the usual straight bangs that cover the eyebrows.

Haircuts with bangs are good because they allow you to experiment and achieve very unexpected results, including for everyday hairstyles. If a man doesn’t like one option, then he can always try another. Fortunately, the oval face allows you to sort out different men’s haircuts until you like something.



One of the simplest utilitarian haircuts. Includes a lengthened forefoot and shorter sides and nape. At the same time, the hair is laid in the forward direction. Caring for such a hairstyle is extremely simple and does not require special costs. The front can be slightly profiled to create a slight sloppy effect. For men with an oval or elongated face, the front part can be made even longer than for those whose face tends to be more round. When laying, you can use either special means or do without them.


Men's hairstyles for an oval face Double men's bob

A bob is a haircut for longer hair. For her, not only the shape of the face is important, but also the hair itself. Straight or slightly wavy hair will look best in a square, but not too curly. Long strands visually narrow the forehead and make the cheekbones less wide, which gives a more oval shape even to those who are closer to round.

It is best if the thickness of the hair allows you to maintain the volume of such a hairstyle at all times. The volume of the square is extremely important, as the hair should not look «sleek». If necessary, the master can make a graduation to make the hairstyle lighter and more airy.

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