Top 10 Men’s Hairstyles for Coarse Hair

The stiff and thick structure of hair in men speaks of the good health and persistent character of their owners. Strands of this type are whimsical and difficult to fit, therefore representatives of the stronger sex are lost in choosing a haircut. Correctly selected men’s hairstyles for coarse hair look expressive and attractive, and styling products will help transform the appearance of hair.

How to determine the stiffness of your hair

Coarse curls are characterized by thick hair: the skin on the head is thick, the bulbs are located close to each other. Often times, the strands curl, making them frizzy. It is more difficult to take care of curly hair, and it is almost impossible to fix such curls for a long time. Coarse hair looks voluminous and lush, raised at the roots, and has brittle and dry ends.hairstyles for coarse hair

Distinctive external features:

  1. Thick and voluminous — demanding styling.
  2. Thin and «painful» — do not keep their shape.
  3. Thin and light — get dirty quickly.

There are many reasons why the strands become hard and thick. It can be both heredity and improper care and lifestyle. If the feature is acquired, then there are methods that will make the strands softer and more pliable. It is impossible to correct a genetic predisposition, therefore it is necessary to choose a suitable men’s haircut for thick hair.

What to avoid when choosing a hairstyle

Before going to the hairdresser, in order to create a stylish, unique and masculine image, you need to know about the main mistakes that can be made when choosing a haircut:

  • There is a big difference between the length of the strands in the parietal zone and at the temples and the back of the head. hairstyles for coarse hairHairstyles with long curls on the top of the head suit guys with a soft structure of the strand. Owners of hard and thick hair are advised to choose a short cut, it will emphasize the natural male charisma and brutality.
  • Ignoring the need for daily styling. Capricious and naughty curls are difficult to fit, and without fixation they will stick out and look sloppy. Therefore, in the selection process, you need to pay attention to the fact that a long head of hair will take a lot of time for styling, and it will last only a few hours.
  • Masters with cars. Clearly and roughly trimmed curls will be prickly, unpleasant to the touch. A machine haircut will not be able to provide a perfect and uniform shape. This can only be done with scissors.
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Even professional masters cannot always accurately choose the most suitable haircut option. Hairstyles with elongated strands on the crown should be chosen by men with a straight structure of curls, because the wavy hair will quickly lose its shape. Short haircuts are not recommended for people with an uneven skull surface and protruding ears.

Top 10 haircuts for coarse hair


Men's hairstyle for coarse hair ClassicThe classic version is suitable for both young guys and older men. This hairstyle is characterized by a voluminous top and shaved or short-cropped temples and the back of the head.

The classic is universal, looks advantageous on lush and rough strands. Owners of curly hair with a rigid structure of curls are advised to abandon this style.

After a couple of days, after visiting the hairdresser, the haircut will lose its shape and look unkempt.

Military and hedgehog

mens hairstyle for coarse hedgehog hairMen’s hairstyle for hard hair in military style is the most convenient option, which practically does not require styling. Its main features are the short length of the strands at the crown (up to two centimeters), and the temporal and occipital zones are shaved up to five millimeters, less often — “to zero”. This model is chosen by guys with masculine features and an even skull shape.

The hedgehog hairstyle is one of the military variations. It differs in that the length of the strands at the crown is longer here and they fit upward, resembling thorns. For owners of coarse curls, it is quite simple to lay hair in this way, so styling will not take much time.

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Bobrik with partingTo create a classic beaver, the parietal zone of the head is cut short, while the back of the head and sides are cut to an even shorter length. This cut is similar to the «hedgehog» haircut, but in the beaver, the strands are cut in a square shape. Professional hairdressers and stylists leave curls at the crown of the head of different lengths, adding visual volume to the haircut.


Men's Haircut PadAn interesting option for thick hair in men is the playground. The lower part of the head is cropped short and joins with a flat, elongated top, reminiscent of a platform, with a smooth transition.

This hairstyle looks great on hard strands, because they keep their shape well and do not fall apart.

The platform is not suitable for those with an uneven surface of the skull, it will only highlight the flaws.

You can dilute the traditional variation by slightly lengthening the curls near the forehead. This standing area looks more modern and youthful.

Boxing and semi boxing

semi-boxBoxing is a classic men’s haircut. Its versatility lies in the fact that the hair at the crown is cut as short as possible, and the temples, along with the back of the head, are completely cut.

The hairstyle does not require special styling and is easy to maintain. The box is versatile and looks great on any head of hair and is suitable for all face types.

The semi-box is distinguished by smoother and softer transitions and a voluminous crown. He does not look so strict, so young men like to choose this style.


Canadian with a partingThe Canadian is considered an elegant men’s haircut for thick strands. It is characterized by voluminous, raised hair in the parietal part of the head and a short-cropped temporo-occipital zone. The transition and gradation of the strand is performed unobtrusively and smoothly.

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The hairstyle is suitable for the stronger sex of all ages. The Canadian looks elegant, adds masculinity and emphasizes natural charm. But in order to correctly and accurately lay such a model, it will take a lot of time.


Men's haircut PolkaPolka is a versatile and everyday hairstyle that looks advantageous on lush hair. To create this haircut, longer strands are left on the temporal lobe and are reduced to zero on the back of the head. In this case, the crown and temples are the same length. An elongated bang is combed forward, then it is edged in the shape of a cape. Polka is good for men with hard and thick hair in that it is easy to fit with a gel. This hairstyle goes well with a beard and sideburns, adds brutality to the image.


hairstyle for coarse hair asymmetryMen’s haircut for coarse hair with asymmetric elements looks stylish and extraordinary. Separate short curls of different lengths will give the representative of the stronger sex an attractive and masculine look.

The asymmetrical hairstyle is chosen mainly by young guys, because there are no strict and clear lines in it, and styling does not take much time.

Corner fringe

hairstyle for coarse hair angled fringeThis haircut has gained its popularity quite recently, but many young men and men have already fallen in love with it. «Standing» curls of different lengths are connected to shaved temples.

To give a bold and informal look, guys and teenagers dilute the shaved temporal zone with various patterns and patterns.

Men of the age adhere to a more strict style — a small length of the strands on the sides. The angled fringe creates a unique and unmistakable look and is ideal for those with rounded features. And for styling thick hair, you do not need products with a strong hold effect.

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