Top 10 Best Korean Hairstyles For Guys

Korean hairstyles for guys are increasingly becoming a source of interesting ideas for creating a brutal style. They are distinguished by a creative look, well-groomed and uncommon style solutions. Many model haircuts require special styling and create the effect of torn strands. In this article, you will learn what kind of Korean men’s hairstyle to choose so that it suits your face type and is appropriate for an older guy and a man.


The desire for self-expression and «hooligan» style appeared in the late 70s of the last century, when Korean guys wanted to be like the lead singers of the Beatles. At the same time, the fashion for highlighting went, and strict short men’s haircuts or ponytails modestly tucked «under an elastic band» began to transform into somewhat frivolous, but incredibly stylish hairstyles.

Modern Korean haircuts for guys suggest lightness and naturalness, some «mess» on hard thick hair. For each type of hairstyle, a special hairdressing technique is used

There are many more varieties and variations of Korean men’s hairstyles than women’s. Guys pick them to create a certain image. Office workers focus on maximum brevity, students allow elements of negligence.

Korean guys hairstyles
Guys choose hairstyles to create a certain image.

Korean men’s hairstyles involve not just a deliberately created mess, but also certain styling techniques. Distinctive features:

  • The bangs are most often found entirely on the eyebrows and can cover the eyes.
  • Short temples for guys are very rare, their length is usually on a par with the earlobes.
  • Asymmetrical lines with lengthening of individual strands.
  • Torn ends that add volume to lifeless hair.

Korean guys, especially teenagers, are not alien to the desire to change the color of their hair, sometimes in whole or in part.

Who is suitable?

The modern, dynamic image of the Korean hairstyle was adopted by the men of Europe. The choice of male models is huge. Objectively assessing the features of the shape of the head and oval of the face, you can emphasize the best sides and correct flaws. It should be remembered that initially such hairstyles were designed for tough thick hair, which nature generously endowed representatives of the Korean nationality with. Therefore, they are more suitable for people who have a smooth, dense hair structure. Hair color does not matter, now masters have access to color schemes of any shade.

On curly, as well as thin, thin hair, the effect of «well-groomed fireworks» is difficult to achieve, but, if you wish, you can, if you get to a good master

What to avoid when choosing a hairstyle?

It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of your hair. Curly ones will have to be straightened with an iron. If they are rare, to create «creative chaos» it is necessary to grow them to medium length and focus on the bangs. When the hair is weak in structure, you should not expect that the application of a huge amount of fixing gels will save you. The effect will lead to the opposite result: the strands will sag, their condition will worsen. There are many other male hairstyles that will suit a guy for this occasion.

Youth haircuts
Stylish youth hairstyles with a shaved pattern will not suit older men.

Shaved areas are popular with teens and guys, but won’t add charm to middle-aged men. Gray hair will seep, it is very difficult to take care of such a hairstyle. Instead of the original brutal male image, there is a high risk of getting bald patches with the effect of aging.

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Top 10 Korean Haircuts

Korean hairstyles for men provide a scope for fantasy for the master, taking into account the wishes of his clients. You can vote for any 2 hairstyles you like.


Korean guys often choose a haircut that provides for the formation of a cap on the upper part of the head, formed from strands of the same length. The temporal and occipital zones must be cut shorter. A bright hairstyle can be created by combining this hairstyle with creative hair coloring.

Short haircut with asymmetry

The classic short haircut with asymmetrical elements does not lose its relevance and remains ultra popular with guys for many years. A combination with an elongated bang, strands on the back and sides, as well as shaved temples is allowed. Suitable for square, round and even skinny oval faces.

Haircut in the style of «grunge»

When a guy has a desire to create an image of cocky and independent, the men’s grunge haircut will help to make the idea come true. Torn strands, scattered chaotically, create a creative image of an elegant guy who is confident in his strength and appearance. To achieve this effect, the master needs to cut the strands at an angle evenly and clearly. A torn strand is able to «save» volume, visually increasing the splendor of a man’s hairstyle.

Extended bean

This haircut is chosen by guys — lovers of long bangs. Differs in versatility and is very popular with men in South Korea. It allows you to correct not the ideal face shape. This option will help out guys who are racking their brains over how to do a Korean hairstyle if the hair is thin and sparse.

Bob car

This man’s hairstyle is characterized by elongated front strands. This is an opportunity to hide the imperfections of the oval of the face. Suitable for all ages. The good news is that it looks great not only on thick and dark hair.

Shaved whiskey and ponytail

Tied hair in a bun at the crown of the head is considered chic. The whiskey is shaved on both sides. The resulting contrast creates a stunning effect. It looks elegant and neat.

Emphasis on asymmetry

Long oblique bangs that fall over the eyes, combined with a shaved temple on one side, create a mysterious image. It’s a great classic and youthful style. Remains relevant for many years. The haircut got a second life when professional craftsmen began to make patterns on the temple. Suitable for straight strands.


For men with the character of bikers, the hawk haircut is suitable, which provides for the creation of a Mohawk several centimeters high. The main thing here is not to overdo it. The strands are fixed with styling products. Various strands can be dyed in a different color, or you can highlight the ends.

Koreans take great care of their appearance, even if they work from home. In each hairstyle, despite the apparent lightness, it traces the integrity and harmony with the general style. The main rule: the styling products should be used to a minimum. A hairstyle cannot be classified as Korean if it does not look natural.

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