The Princeton haircut is the epitome of classic style for everyday life

Modern fashion does not impose strict criteria on men when choosing a haircut. Representatives of the stronger sex, regardless of age, rhythm of life and field of activity, can choose the hairstyle that suits their taste. Due to the wide range of long and short models, it can be difficult to find “your” look. Many guys don’t think about whether their hairstyle suits their hair type, face shape or social status, however, some options are universal. These include the Princeton haircut, which suits everyone, without exception.

What a haircut looks like: options

Princeton is a man’s hairstyle in the best traditions of a prestigious American university. It is the embodiment of classic style and is suitable for everyday life. The main feature is that the haircut emphasizes masculinity and does not require excessive shortening of the length. The Princeton haircut can be recommended for owners of thick, medium and fine hair.

princeton haircutThe hairstyle is characterized by smooth lines, neatness. And also the preservation of elongated curls at the crown.

You can recognize this man’s haircut by the long strands located in the upper part of the head, their size varies from 2,5 to 5 cm. Moving to the lateral and occipital regions, the hair gradually fades away. Princeton is distinguished by the absence of a sharp border between the crown and sides.

Hair cut according to the preferences of early twentieth-century American students can be styled in several ways:

  • Create and fix the parting;
  • Comb the strands to the side;
  • Comb back curls.

Pupils at Princeton University in the USA in the 30s carefully monitored the condition of the hair and kept it in excellent condition. Today we are witnessing the opposite trend, with a slight negligence and formalized disorder dominating fashion. Princeton’s men’s haircut has been to the liking of many show business figures.

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To whom does

Princeton captivates with its versatility: an office hairstyle can be easily transformed into a casual styling, combined with sport style and casual.

Representatives of the stronger sex who have reached adulthood are advised to opt for the classic styling. For young fashionistas, creative styling with the effect of tousled curls and light unshaven is more appropriate.

Attention! Barber can make changes to the Princeton men’s haircut technique if required by the shape of the face or the shape of the client’s skull. Also, the application of Hair Tattoo will become an original decoration of the hairstyle.

Self-haircut technology

In order to master the technique of independent men’s haircuts, it is necessary to adhere to a certain algorithm.

Tools required for a haircutBelow are the tools that allow you to take care of your hair, as well as the recommendations of experts on creating a universal hairstyle without leaving your home.

First, you need to take care of the availability of the following tools:

  • Simple and thinning scissors;
  • Sprayer with water to moisturize the strands;
  • Combs (professional styling brush, comb);
  • Clamps, invisible;
  • Hair clipper;
  • Professional fixation products.

Performing a haircut with a clipper

Most of the men’s model haircuts require the use of a typewriter. The Princeton haircut is no exception. The tool should be operated according to the instructions:

  • haircut optionBefore you start modeling your hairstyle, you need to take care of cleanliness. Wash your hair thoroughly, dry with a hairdryer;
  • Choose the appropriate attachment and comb-comb;
  • Place the device in your right-hand so that the thumb is on the typewriter, and the rest are holding its base;
  • After combing your hair, start removing hairs from the back of your head. Use a comb to measure the appropriate length.
  • Take your time and do not make sudden movements. Continue cutting according to the length you selected. Drive the machine exclusively against hair growth;
  • Use a comb periodically to assess the quality of the work;
  • Open your ears with particular care, the strands grow here in different ways;
  • Only after cutting the occipital region, go to the temples and parietal part;
  • In order not to miss anything, take two mirrors: place one behind you, the other in front of you.
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Performing a haircut with scissors

Creating a Princeton men’s haircut with scissors requires some skill and patience:

  • haircut optionFirst, you need to decide what kind of hair you will have to work with. Wet strands are more difficult to cut, as it will be problematic to control their length. Moisturizing thin but thick hair is not worth it;
  • Use a comb, distribute curls in the direction of natural growth;
  • Remove excess from the parietal region by measuring the length with a comb or fingers;
  • You need to use a comb against the growth of the hairline, and cut the strands at an acute angle;
  • The length from the back of the head should be taken from the bottom up at the same angle. Having combed the hair from the edging to the crown, you need to carefully remove the excess;
  • Move to the temporal zone: cut the length from the bottom up, then walk away from the face;
  • Make a smooth transition from longer to short strands, remove unnecessary hairs with scissors;
  • Make a rounded piping around the neck. Remove all unnecessary with a typewriter.

Styling and care options

Men's haircut PrincetonPrinceton allows you to create different images from each other, among which there will certainly be one that suits everyone individually. It is worth combing your hair neatly, and in front of you is a successful businessman in a formal suit. If you plan to spend the evening with friends, it is enough to ruffle the hair with your hands, lifting the strands at the roots. Both options will look unobtrusive, stylish and natural.

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In order to make a man’s hairstyle austere, bully or hipster in a matter of seconds, you can use gel or wax. To create extra volume, you can use mousse and varnish with extra strong hold. Using professional styling products will keep your hair in shape for the whole day.

The most effective way to preserve the tidy look of your Princeton haircut is to visit the barbershop regularly. The specialist will help you to correct the length and shape, as well as design a professional men’s styling.

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