The most popular men’s hair shampoos

Men’s hairstyles tend to have short hair lengths. Therefore, freshness, cleanliness and accuracy of the form are a prerequisite for any styling. The morning ritual of leaving the representatives of the strong half of humanity involves washing your hair. And then the use of balms, foams to increase the rigidity of the strands and create contour and volume. The hair of men has a rigid structure, and the intensity of secretion of subcutaneous fat is higher than that of women. Therefore, special men’s shampoos, rinses and hair gels are used for daily washing. As a result, the silhouette of the hairstyle is maintained throughout the day and is not affected by the weather — rain, dampness, wind or sun.

How to choose

The image of a modern man often involves wearing a dark-colored business suit or a stylish black coat, jacket, against the background of which dandruff is clearly visible, scattering over the shoulders due to a short haircut. When choosing a man’s shampoo and conditioner for hair, consider not only how they will fight the fungus that forms dandruff. There are many other factors to consider:

  • The degree of foaming depends on the concentration of the cleaning agent. The higher this indicator, the more economically the detergent will be used;
  • the presence of a concentrated extract of herbal raw materials among the ingredients indicates a high-quality product;
  • a group of stabilizers maintains a mixture of components in a uniform state;
  • professional quality shampoo moisturizes and conditions hair. Dimethicone droplets penetrate the fragile structure of the hair, collecting in a single rod. As a result, dried strands acquire a healthy shine;
  • the composition contains glycerin, which helps to retain moisture in the scalp. This has a good effect on the condition of the hair follicle and general well-being;
  • conditioning components give airiness and lightness to the hairstyle, keep it soft without reducing the elasticity of styling.

The presence of water or herbal decoction can provoke the appearance of mold and microbial components in the mixture of detergents. Therefore, preservatives are included in every man’s hair shampoo. Thanks to methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone, an open bottle of soap can be stored indefinitely, keeping all the detergent qualities. Give preference to a pleasant scent that will invigorate and cheer you up after your morning shower.

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What is the difference between men’s and women’s shampoos

what is the difference between men's hair shampoos and women'sThe main difference between men’s and women’s shampoos is the level of the PH-formula. The acidity index for men is 5,4, and for women — 5,7. Manufacturers include ingredients in a specific proportion to maintain the PH-level of the male scalp. Considering the age characteristics of each period and the level of acidity of the epidermis, completely different shampoos are needed for men.

If a man uses a shampoo in common with his wife or girlfriend, then his strands will be insufficiently washed, lush. The hairstyle will quickly lose its elasticity, due to the intense work of the sebaceous glands. Manufacturers offer the optimal solution — men’s shampoos for unmanageable hair.

How to choose depending on the type of hair

Physiological processes in the body of men and women are different. The predominance of male hormones makes the skin turgor thicker, and the hair shaft thicker and more elastic. On the one hand, this contributes to the rigidity of the installation. On the other hand, it requires special care, so universal shampoos that women wash their heads with are not suitable.

  1. At a young age, the hormonal background and neuroendocrine regulation of men are so active that the secretion of subcutaneous fat provokes the appearance of acne, dandruff and the appearance of oily hair. For guys, shampoos with an enhanced formula for removing fat, exfoliating seborrhea scales or dandruff are suitable.
  2. In middle age, the hairline reacts to health conditions, therefore, after 30 years, a man’s hairstyle requires nutritious care. During this period, choose shampoos for men containing herbal decoction, medicinal conditioners, balms.
  3. After overcoming the 45-year milestone, gray hair appears on the head, the hair structure is fragile — the ends split, and the shaft is sluggish. Due to the weakening of the hormonal background and problems with the thyroid gland, the hair follicle does not provide sufficient nutrition — the hair shaft looks dry, less elastic, it lacks rigidity. During this period, choose shampoos for dry hair that support nutrition and growth, strengthen the ends and increase the volume of styling.
  4. In the last stage of adulthood, after about 50 years of age, men begin to lose hair and baldness. At this stage, in order to preserve lush hair, it is worth paying attention to shampoos that promote intensive nourishment of the follicles and the growth of the hair shaft.
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Top 10 Men’s Hair Shampoos

Professional hygienic care products help to preserve the hair structure, fight dandruff, seborrhea manifestations, maintain a splendid hairstyle, nourish hair follicles and collect exfoliated ends into a single elastic shaft. The rating of the best shampoos for men’s hair is as follows.

Ax Secure Anti Dandruff

A unique product that contains conditioner to soften the hair structure. The shampoo is distinguished by the presence of ingredients, including zinc, a mineral complex, water and a detergent concentrate necessary for young and middle-aged men.

Head & Shoulders 3-in-1

The product is marketed as a care that supports the fight against dandruff. The component contains zinc pyritone, which contains the active microorganism Malassezia globosa, which prevents the appearance of white scales. This shampoo is suitable for adolescents, guys, young men who look after their appearance, tirelessly fight dandruff and make beautiful styling every day.

Nivea for men

An example of extreme freshness. The composition contains not only a concentrated soap agent that washes away the greasy layer, scales and opens pores, but also menthol, which gives an unprecedented feeling of freshness. The tool is expensive, but the action of the constituent components is suitable for young, middle-aged and older men. The versatility of the formula supports not only vitality, but also gives a burst of vigor, cheerfulness, optimism and self-confidence.


Shampoo, consisting of oils and plant extracts that nourish the hair follicle and thoroughly cleanse the scalp. The oil component gently cares for the rod, collecting exfoliated ends into a single structure. Plant extracts through the opened pores are absorbed by the upper layers of the skin, regulate the work of sweat and sebaceous glands. By cleansing the surface of the skin, they provide oxygen exchange, restore small capillaries. Oils envelop each hair, retaining moisture for a longer period, so after using Alerana, the strands become more elastic, thick, tough, and styling lasts all day.

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Natura Siberica Beluga

The product is inexpensive, so it is recommended for daily care. Belonging to the budget category does not mean a decrease in the quality of the composition. This includes decoction of natural raw materials that are good for the scalp, so coarse hair gets decent care. Manufacturers have not included harmful parabens, dyes and fragrances that most buyers do not accept lately. A pleasant perfume composition leaves a good impression. The composition of the domestic remedy helps to increase the density of the hair, as it not only strengthens existing hair, but also enhances the growth of new ones.

Suave Professionals

The product strengthens the hair follicles with a nutritious composition, controls the oily surface of the skin, and a pleasant citrus aroma has a beneficial effect on the nerve endings of the hair under the epidermis, and raises the mood for the coming day.

Clear vita ABE Ultimate control

The caring agent contains climbazole and zinc pyritone. The components counteract the appearance of dandruff, perfectly flushing white scales from the skin, freeing pores from sebum and sweat, due to which the dandruff fungus ceases to exist on the scalp. For complete elimination, it is necessary to regularly apply shampoo, then the surface of the epidermis will be cleansed, and the hair will begin to radiate vitality.

American Crew Daily Moisturizing

The strengthening composition will cure dry hair, help restore the density and splendor of the hair. Thyme and rosemary, chamomile flower extract and rice oil intensively nourish and carefully look after men’s hair. The scalp receives an amazing tonic effect, abundant foaming and a pleasant perfume composition give a boost of vivacity for the whole day.

Vichy Dercos Neogenic

An effective remedy for combating hair loss. Thanks to its unique formula, the product initiates the active growth of new hair. The gentle formula takes care of the thickness and splendor of men’s hair. Gentle care is suitable for men with oily hair of any age.

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