The most effective hair products for men

Correctly selected hair products for men improve the appearance of strands, making them much healthier and more manageable. It is necessary to learn in detail about shampoos, balms, folk recipes and other methods of care.


In choosing this hair remedy, a man should be guided by the presence of cleansing components in the composition. Also, when choosing a shampoo, you must make sure that there are no silicone additives. Particular attention should be paid to the presence in the composition of components that reduce the fat content of the strands and provide an antibacterial effect and contribute to the treatment of dandruff.

Another criterion is the presence of a pronounced masculine scent. Among the most popular types of care shampoos are:

hair products for menNivea Men «Extreme Freshness»

Shampoo for oily and normal hair. A man can use it every day. Long-lasting ice freshness will be a pleasant additional effect. This product for the care of men’s hair costs about 150 rubles.

L’Oréal Elseve for dandruff

This shampoo is versatile. It helps to get rid of a number of unpleasant symptoms: itching, flaking. Daily use is permissible, but first you need to consult a trichologist. Cost — from 160 rubles.


In addition to shampoos, it is recommended to use men’s balms. This is an additional hair care product that provides long-term protection.

hair products for menThe balm covers the curls with a protective film along the entire length. Thanks to this, the comb will glide easily without damaging the man’s hair structure. Additional benefits of this hair care product:

  • the hairstyle becomes more resistant to temperature changes and other unpleasant weather conditions;
  • combating baldness;
  • an increase in the life of the follicles;
  • improving the condition of the scalp.
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The best types of balms for men are AMERICAN CREW daily conditioner и restoring DAX… These are expensive hair care products. However, they have a number of significant advantages.

Both male formulations can be used for daily use. They moisturize and nourish the curls. Men note that after using the balms, the hair remains soft for a long time, brittleness and oily effect disappear. The average cost of balms is 1000 rubles.

Traditional recipes

Due to self-prepared masks and decoction, men can take care of their hair using exclusively natural products. The advantages of folk men’s recipes are the environmental friendliness of the compositions, the absence of chemical components that could provoke allergies.

Nettle Vinegar Lotion

folk hair remedies for menThese hair products for men are used to prevent baldness and strengthen hair.

To prepare a recipe, you must use 5 tbsp. l. chopped nettle leaves, 500 ml of water and 2 tbsp. l. apple cider vinegar.

The components are mixed together until a homogeneous mixture is obtained. Then the solution is brought to a boil and kept on fire for 30 minutes. Cool this hair care product for men to room temperature prior to use.

It is recommended to use it for two months, every four to five days. Male lotion is applied to the strands before going to bed or two to three hours before shampooing.


folk hair remedies for menIt is necessary to grind a medium-sized onion on a fine grater and mix with 2 tsp. honey (best of all, linden or acacia).

Then bring to a homogeneous state and apply to the scalp.

After two hours, hair products for men are washed off with warm water. The presented recipe is recommended to be used no more than twice a week.

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Natural oils

folk hair remedies for menBurdock, castor or sea buck thorn oils are best suited for men.

Any of the oils is applied to the scalp 30 minutes before washing. It is advisable to do this once or twice a week.

Additionally, after applying the product, it is recommended to wrap the head with a film. This will enhance the effect of using natural oils.

Other care products

Hair pomade

men's hair pomadeMen can use lipstick or grease for strands. They are made on the basis of petroleum jelly. Additionally, wax or oil is added to the composition.

Lipstick will make men’s hair more neat and visually «wet». Due to grease, independent hairstyle modeling is possible. It can be changed during the day.

Please note that this hair product is suitable for fine, curly and curly curls. It can be used on any hair length. And the only limitation is the oily hair — lipstick cannot be used on very oily or greasy strands.

Rinse your hair thoroughly before applying the specified male hair product.

Matting products

laying with clayThese men’s hair care products deserve special attention. The presented group includes clay, paste or hair cream. These tools also allow you to fix your hairstyle. At the same time, unwanted greasy or shiny shine is completely absent.

An additional feature of matting products is to give the hair a matte finish. That is why they are perfect for even the most disheveled men’s hairstyles.

Application should be as follows: a small amount of the product is distributed on the palms and applied to dry or wet (but not wet) strands. Then give the curls a disheveled look.

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Matting products are not suitable for all hair types. Recommended for thin, thick or curly curls. Regardless of the length.

Protective and vitamin complexes

hair products for menOne of the most effective hair care products for men is Davines Energizing Thickening Tonic… It is a tonic that provides a stimulating effect. It helps to strengthen fine and weak hair.

The tonic contains only natural ingredients, which contributes to the absence of allergic reactions and the possibility of using it for all types of curls. And the presence of caffeine and natural oils has a positive effect on the circulatory function of the scalp and prolongs the life of the follicles.

The bottle has a convenient pipette. Thanks to this, the composition can be easily applied to the scalp — from one to two or more drops. After it is absorbed, it is washed off with warm water.

The only drawback of these men’s grooming product is the high cost.

hair products for menAnother effective remedy is Professional Strength Healthy Hair… It is used for thinning strands. This masculine product provides thorough care for the curls. Nutrition of the follicles is guaranteed. The strands become healthier, thicker and stronger.

Sesame seed extract is included in the list of components of this remedy. The component eliminates baldness and other problems with strands. The tool is applied to the entire length of the curls. There is no need to wash it off in the future.

Hair care products for men provide complete care for curls. Such formulations guarantee the health of the strands, make them easier to style and make the strands much more manageable.

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