The best options for classic men’s haircuts

Fashion for hairstyles is constantly changing, but the classic men’s haircut remains invariably popular. It is versatile as it is suitable for both young people who seek to create a modern look, and for respectable older men who prefer elegance and traditional style. Classic men’s haircuts come in many varieties. To choose the right option, you need to know several features of a particular hairstyle.

What is she, classic men’s haircut

Classic haircuts in most cases involve short hair (up to 6 cm). Their length may vary depending on the area of ​​the head, parting. More often the hair is shorter at the temples and back of the head than at the crown.

A haircut can have an even parting on the side; options with a neat combing back or styling to the side are also popular. The choice of a classic haircut is often determined by a hairdresser or stylist, taking into account the thickness and structure of the hair, the shape of the face. The great advantage of the classics is practicality and minimal maintenance.

To whom does

Young people, adolescents sometimes consider such a haircut to be monotonous, believing that the classics are more relevant for middle-aged men. But this is a delusion. There are many more options for classic haircuts than it seems. All of them are united by standard features: the presence of clearly delineated straight lines.

Of course, for young men who have out-of-the-box thinking, bright appearance, the classics may seem boring, but you should not write them off, since neat styling will always be in vogue.

The haircut is considered universal, since it has no age restrictions. As for the shape of the face, it is also suitable for almost all types: oval, round, rectangular, etc. An exception, perhaps, can be an elongated thin face. In this case, the haircut can visually lengthen it even more. But, if you get to a professional master, he will compensate for this by shortening the hair in the parietal region and add volume in the temporal region.

An experienced stylist with the help of a classic haircut and modeling of beard hair, bristle shape will help to correctly correct some aesthetic imperfections:

  • unexpressed or overly prominent cheekbones;
  • high or low forehead;
  • protruding or weakly pronounced chin, etc.

Varieties of classic men’s haircuts

Using a clipper or scissors, you can create many variations of a classic haircut. Hairstyles have a similar technique of execution — shortened hair at the back, at the temples and a smooth transition to long hair at the crown.

Boxing or semi-boxing

Boxing or semi-boxing

This is a real classic for men’s haircuts. It looks strict and neat. It appeared in the last century, and got its name due to its popularity among boxers.

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Boxing assumes ultra-short hair all over the head, with the exception of the parietal region (the length on it can reach up to 3-4 cm). In this case, the edging is performed above the back of the head, so the latter remains open. The semi-box is distinguished by a lower edging line (at the back of the head or slightly lower). The transition from short hair to long hair is smooth, and there are no length restrictions on the top of the head. To perform a haircut, craftsmen use a typewriter, scissors.

The hairstyle is suitable for men with the correct skull shape as it is open. It is not recommended if the face is triangular, the hair is curly, as well as if there are scars or other defects on the scalp, since they become immediately noticeable.

Of course, with long strands on the parietal region, you can experiment daily and style as you wish. A half-box is a youth classic version of a men’s haircut. But boxing is more convenient, especially if a man goes in for sports. After all, you do not need to waste time and effort on styling and care. In addition, such a haircut visually makes older men look younger.



It got its name thanks to hockey players from Canada who came to the USSR in the 70s of the last century for sports matches. She liked the Soviet athletes, so it quickly spread.

A distinctive feature of this hairstyle is voluminous hair in the forehead area, the crown of the head, combed back. And the temples and the back of the head are cut much shorter. The hairstyle has smooth length transitions. There are no sharp rushing lines. Therefore, it looks elegant and stylish.

Unlike the previous version, the Canadian is quite suitable for both wavy and straight hair. It is recommended for men with a round, oval face. But with a wide, massive jaw or a diamond-shaped face, caution should be exercised. Hair density is also important. If it is not enough, then the Canadian will not look spectacular.



Very similar to the previous version. Also performed on medium length, thick hair. The difference is that the British has several varieties. It can have a side parting, be executed in the military style (multi-layered strands), grunge (many transitions, the presence of torn sections, asymmetrical strands), etc. Some randomness in this haircut is allowed.

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The British require little but constant attention. To make her look neat, simply cutting her hair is not enough. Styling required. But it won’t take much time and effort. The strands will hold better if they are not only combed back, but also using fixing agents for this, for example, mousse, varnish. And with a hairdryer, give the styling the final shape.



This classic haircut also came from the sporting environment as a convenient option for playing tennis. It is done in various ways.

For hairstyles, the tennis hairdresser shortens the hair on the back of the head and temples, and leaves them longer in the parietal region (but not more than 5 cm in all versions). There are no abrupt transitions.

A shorter option is a hedgehog. The length of the hair on the parietal region does not exceed 2 cm. It has a smooth transition. Visually, the hairstyle has a rounded shape, therefore, its appearance resembles a slightly elongated ball. Gives a boyish, cocky look.

Tennis is suitable for curly and straight hair. As for the shape of the face, here the hairstyle has no restrictions. She is versatile and looks good with an oval, round, rectangular, triangular face.

Under the typewriter

Under the typewriter

According to the technique of execution, this is the simplest classic version of a man’s haircut. The hairdresser puts the necessary attachment on the clipper and cuts the hair. As a result, a man gets a hairstyle with a uniform length of hair all over his head.

This classic version of a man’s hairstyle is so simple in terms of technique that many men purchase a typewriter and do their own haircut. Suitable for those who do not like to sit in a hairdressing chair for a long time.



This is one of the few hairstyles that belongs to the classic men’s and women’s haircuts. Her story begins in the 20s of the last century from the hands of the talented hairdresser Antoine de Paris. At first, the novelty was not perceived by society, but thanks to the bold experiments of famous women, it became fashionable.

The main feature is long bangs, crown, nape. In the classic version, the bangs go straight to the brow line. In less traditional styling methods, it goes sideways or deliberately asymmetric. The variety of styling makes it possible for bold experiments with the image.

The bob looks most organically on an oval face. The sharpness and thinness of the latter only enhances the effect of this creative haircut. If the face is round, then it is better to choose the elongated version and asymmetrical bangs. Not recommended for thin hair.

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The haircut has a unique shape that immediately catches the eye. The hair at the temples and behind is shaved almost to zero. On the parietal region, a length of up to 3-4 cm is left. In this case, the hair line from the crown to the forehead has a flat surface. That. The hairdresser forms a horizontal area on the head and the hairstyle takes a square shape.

In order for the stylist to be able to realize his idea, an increased stiffness and density of hair is required. The strands should not be curly. A haircut is not recommended for owners of triangular and rectangular faces.



The haircut was popular even during the reign of the legendary military leader Julius Caesar. It is practical, comfortable and perfectly hides the signs of baldness on the crown.

Its feature is a shortened nape, temples and a slightly elongated crown with short straight bangs on the forehead. Perfect contours and graphics make the haircut strict, minimalistic, restrained. There is no age limit. But as practice shows, most often such a haircut is worn by men of respectable age.

The hairstyle fits into almost all images and styles, from classics to sports. Its advantage is the ability to hide various aesthetic flaws: baldness in the back of the head, wrinkles on the forehead, etc.

However, it will not suit everyone, for example, those with a round face, as it visually expands the head circumference. Also not recommended for wavy strands. But for men with an oval and elongated face, it will be an ideal option.



The haircut appeared in the 30s of the last century and is named after the students who studied at Princeton University.

This classic youth haircut for men is characterized by extra long hair at the top of the head (2.5-5 cm). It has smooth lines and transitions in length. Closer to the back of the head and ears, the hair becomes short.

Suitable for both thin and thick hair. Makes the look neat and stylish. It does not require much time and effort for styling.

Choosing a classic haircut, you will not go wrong. Such hairstyles for men do not go out of fashion, since they are universal, practical, and perfectly complement any image. But in order for the hairstyle to look organically, when choosing one or another option, one should not forget to take into account the thickness of the hair, their type (curly or straight), and the shape of the face.

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