Tennis haircut — simple and elegant hairstyle for men of any age

Tennis haircut is a versatile choice for active men. She creates a business look, also suitable for sports training. Curls do not interfere, a harmonious and elegant image is preserved.

What a haircut looks like: options

This discreet and concise hairstyle is designed for all ages, including men over 40. It is enough to leave a length of 3-5 cm at the very top. There are options:


hairstyle short hedgehog

This is the short version for the youngest. It is a lot like a boxing haircut. Hair is trimmed using a clipper. Longer strands are left in the parietal region. For greater texture, the master evens out the length in a straight line.


haircut tennis beaver

The minimum length is left on the sides and back. Straight strands remain at the crown. They are perfectly aligned, fixed with gel or clay.

Youth tennis

haircut tennis youth

This is a model haircut, which is characterized by elongated curls. The hair is shaved off the back and at the temples. The maximum length remains at the top of the head.


haircut tennis

Such a haircut is different from the female version. The hair is cut in a square, and the length varies from 2 to 8 cm. The option is suitable for any type of face.

To whom does

Men’s tennis haircut is versatile thanks to the variety. External features and the desired length are taken into account. Choose one of the options:

  1. Bobrik. Suitable for athletes and those who have short hair. It is relevant for those who go to court or work out in the gym. The correct shape of the head and the absence of defects on the skin are important. The length will be minimal, so the flaws will immediately become noticeable.
  2. Kare. Suitable for young people who prefer longer hairstyles. Constant styling is necessary, which is why it is often chosen by young people.
  3. Hedgehog or model tennis. Suitable regardless of age. The hairstyle does not need styling, it looks neat. Short hair is not a problem in hot weather.
  4. Youth tennis. This is a model with bangs, although it is small. Hair is laid on one side, it can be tousled.

    Note! Choosing a men’s tennis haircut, it is better to focus on the features of appearance. It is also important whether there is time for regular styling or a versatile hairstyle.

The tennis haircut has become the basis for various options for men’s hairstyles, as it is performed taking into account the individual characteristics of a man’s appearance. It offers solutions for both coarse and short hair, and for thick and curly curls. It will help to cope with unruly hair and give it the desired shape.

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When choosing a model, the shape and proportions of the face are taken into account. In some cases, the haircut emphasizes the perfect oval and pronounced cheekbones. In others, it helps to hide some flaws. The model can look modern or solid. An important feature is compatibility with most styles of clothing — business, casual, sports.

Self-haircut technology

how to cut tennis

To do a tennis haircut for boys and men, you need a clipper and a razor. The following execution technology is used:

  1. Remove the curls from the back of your head with a typewriter. Work at least three quarters of the back of your head. Change the attachments one by one to create a smooth line from short to extended length.
  2. At the top of the head, the curls are raised at an angle of 90 degrees and cut to 5 cm.
  3. Work is in progress with the bangs. It is trimmed to the level of the parietal zone. You can leave it long. The short bangs are raised. But this option is suitable for coarse and dense hair. Thin and soft strands will not hold this shape.
  4. At the final stage, the hair is shaved as short as in the back of the head. Alternate the attachments towards the extension.

A simple scheme allows you to cut your hair yourself. The result is a stylish look that does not require constant visits to the master. It is enough to choose a suitable tennis haircut, which takes into account all the advantages and features of the lifestyle, convenience in everyday life.

Styling and care options

styling haircuts tennisA quality tennis haircut requires minimal maintenance. To create a striking style, it is enough to cut your hair in a timely manner and use a simple styling. You can create an interesting texture with your hands. Styling looks good on faces with a rectangular or elongated oval, with pronounced cheekbones.

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The half-length is easy to style, as it is enough to tousle the hair. The rearview does not differ from the classic model, and the dynamics is attached to the parietal region. The best choice for long-lasting hold is wax or modeling clay. Styling is held on coarse and thick hair. For soft strands, you need a permanent hold varnish.

An original choice with straight bangs and short strands combed to the forehead. From the crown of the head, the hair is combed forward, and the bangs are placed vertically up. For ease of use, the styling agent is applied to the comb, after which the image is formed.

styling optionBulky styling is suitable for those who have settled for maximum length. The image acquires charisma and mystery. This choice is made by men with an aristocratic, sophisticated profile. The styling is optimal for round and square faces. The hairstyle restores proportionality. The strands need to be wetted, and the mousse spread over them. A curvy shape is set with the help of a brush and a hair dryer.

For an elongated haircut, retro styling is suitable when the strands are neatly combed. The option is suitable if the shape of the face is oval and elongated. For fixation, wax or gel is used. The comb is treated with a fixing agent, after which the curls are combed in the desired direction. Unlike other options, the hair is first moisturized and then styled with a styling product.

Thus, when choosing a tennis haircut, you should only choose the appropriate option, taking into account age, external features, and the availability of free time. This model does not go out of fashion for a long time. It remains relevant for both students and men over 40.

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