Secrets and nuances of men’s hair care

Proper care of men’s hair can prevent hair loss and dandruff, keep the curls shiny and soft. The selection of cosmetics should take into account the type, general condition of the hair and skin. Let’s see — what is the proper care of men’s hair.

Hair hygiene

A healthy scalp is the key to strong, shiny hair. Men’s shampoo should be matched to the type of hair, it is better to use a full line of cosmetics. Additional recommendations:

  • how to wash your hair correctlythe head must be washed regularly;
  • too cold or too hot water should be avoided;
  • when washing, the scalp is massaged to improve microcirculation;
  • do not leave shampoo, balm longer than indicated in the instructions.

On trips and with high workload, men often use dry shampoo. Once a month this is permissible, but with frequent use, it negatively affects the quality of the hair, increases the loss. Such a remedy can provoke the appearance of dandruff, itching.

How to strengthen

To reduce the frequency of hair loss and strengthen your hair, you need to choose professional men’s cosmetics. It is easier to take care of it, it is easier to achieve the desired result. What experts advise:

  • strengthening men's hair by caring for themdo not wash your hair more frequently than once every two days;
  • when combing long curls, hold the roots of the strands with the palm of your hand;
  • cheap products contain a lot of silicone, sulfates, low-quality components, which negatively affects the quality of the hair;
  • vitamins for men will also help strengthen;
  • it is worth drinking more water, eating right and avoiding stress.
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You can take care of your scalp not only in the salon, but also at home. Leave-in masks, oils, ampules and self-massage of the head will improve the quality of the strands. It is also important to choose the right male shampoo for strengthening.

How to care for baldness

male hair care for baldness

With baldness, the doctor prescribes a course of treatment. It includes care products, vitamins, pharmaceutical oils, capsules. With mild hair loss, you can cope with the disease at home.

Special shampoos-growth activators are applied in a small amount, foamed well and kept according to the instructions. Wash off with warm running water. Taking good care of men’s hair will reduce hair loss and prevent alopecia.

In case of profuse hair loss, it is worth giving up ponytails, ponytails and bundles. With intensive tightening, the roots are damaged.

How to dry

Short haircuts do not need drying. But long and curly curls have to be dried, «pulled out for brushing.» Experts recommend avoiding blow-drying altogether if possible. Otherwise, you should adhere to the following recommendations:

  • it is necessary to observe the temperature regime;
  • it is better to set the hair dryer to warm air and dry from a distance.

Professional hair dryers practically do not damage the hair structure, even with daily use. But it is worth remembering that frequent drying will dry out the tips, so it is useful to use thermal protection or regenerating oils.

How to care for dandruff

dandruff hair care

If you follow the rules of hygiene, then a man will never suffer from dandruff. Dandruff is only a symptom, and it is worth fighting against the root cause. Skin diseases, hormonal disorders, improper functioning of the sebaceous glands, incorrect selection of male shampoo can provoke dandruff.

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Dozens of men’s care products guarantee dandruff relief. The main thing is that the shampoo moisturizes the scalp, cleanses from keratinized particles, nourishes with vitamins and minerals. Often you have to change men’s shampoos until you find the right one.

Dandruff is often caused by cheap shampoos, inadequate hygiene, and dry scalp.

How to comb correctly

how to comb properly

A man needs to comb his hair regularly. The comb must be clean, intact, free of sharp teeth. The right care item massages the scalp, painlessly combing even long curls.

To create a stylish hairstyle, a comb is a necessary attribute. Metal, ceramic products are better than plastic ones. Combs made from natural materials keep consumer qualities longer. You need to change the product regularly.

Long hair is combed only dry, short hair can be combed wet.

How to care for gray hair

gray male hair care

The appearance of gray hair is an inevitable process. Care for gray male hair should be more thorough. Indeed, when staining, the already weakened gray-haired curls are even more damaged. For such a head of hair, special care products have been created.

For men with short haircuts, you can take care of gray strands in the same way as before. Hairdressers recommend only introducing thickening tonics, products based on sesame extract.

Use of chemistry

Chemistry is not good. The abundance of artificial components temporarily improves the appearance of the hair, but when the action of silicone wears off, the curls become dry, lifeless. It is helpful for men to know how to care for their hair, including choosing the right shampoo.

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It is preferable to choose professional products with a minimum content of chemicals. Shampoo is matched with tonics, conditioners and balms that nourish the follicles.

Quality products do not mask the damaged structure, but restore and heal it.

Care nuances for long or curly hair

long and curly hair care

Guys with long hair are more hygienic. Excessive volume of wavy and curly curls is eliminated by hydrating agents, thick conditioners and leave-in masks with a lamination effect.

It is better not to dry long strands with a hairdryer, comb only in a dry state. Special professional leave-in conditioners and masks, which seal the ends and level the surface, and restore the structure, will help to preserve the shine.

For men, proper hair care is important. It will prevent various skin diseases, dandruff and baldness. Professional care will make your hair shine and silky.

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