Rating of the most popular short men’s haircuts

A variety of fashion for short men’s styling and haircuts allows young guys and aged men to look spectacular in any situation. Regardless of the type of appearance, natural color contrast, every representative of the strong half of humanity can make a modern fashionable hairstyle for short hair.

Principles for choosing a short men’s haircut

Each person strives to look their best and, using modern stylistic methods, pay attention to their advantages and level out disadvantages. Men in this endeavor were no exception — they choose haircuts for short hair, carefully studying the oval of the face and the lines of the features.

  1. If straight lines of the nose, a well-defined chin, forehead, eyebrows prevail in appearance, then a hairstyle with straight hair, without curls and creating additional volume, is suitable for a guy. This type of appearance must emphasize masculinity and natural charisma.
  2. If the oval of the face is rounded, the forehead is convex, has a smooth line of the contour of hair growth, as well as a snub nose or clearly defined lips, almond cheekbones, that is, there are smooth or rounded lines in the appearance, then a short haircut with a rounded raised bangs that adorns men and makes their image more romantic.

The fundamental principle of choosing a hairstyle with short hair is to determine the dominant geometry not only in the face, but also in the entire figure.

  1. The ratio of the head to the whole figure also matters. Agree that a tall, broad-shouldered guy with a clean-shaven small head will look bulky and funny.
  2. For a smooth transition, it is sometimes necessary to leave a few centimeters of hair in order to visually increase the volume of the head.
  3. A deeper dive into this topic shows that it is possible to study both gait and plasticity of movements.

In most cases, a guy or a man themselves know which option is closest to them, but you should not neglect the advice of barbers and stylists. In view of their great experience, their eyes are well trained, and they almost immediately see who is suitable for this or that hairstyle, styling.

Bangs play a huge role in creating a harmonious look. Some people don’t need it, while others just need it. If a man is a monolithic cold image, then you can do without an element of a stylish short hairstyle. If harmony is needed for a relaxed casual style, then bangs that fall freely on half of the forehead or one eye will create intrigue.

When choosing a short male haircut, it is necessary to take into account the status of a young man — a hairstyle with ragged ends “like a yard boy-bully” on a respectable father of a family or a boss, a manager of a large company, will look ridiculous.

Who is the short haircut for best?

Make sure your dressing style matches your hairstyle

Fashionable hairstyles are preferred by young guys, middle-aged men. After fifty to sixty years, strong pigmentation appears on the skin due to latent diseases, vitamin deficiency and other specific reasons. Hair becomes thinner, the structure is weak, and the color is gray or yellowish. Due to the age-related lightening of the age category of men, short haircuts are not recommended, since spots and sores are visible on the neck, forehead and scalp. It looks unpleasant and untidy.

Of course, men’s hairstyles and styling for short hair make men very young. Visually, they allow not only to lose five to ten years, but also several kilograms of excess weight. Short-shaven whiskey lengthens the oval of the face, making the image more brutal and tough. Short hair does not weigh down the look, is easy to style and neutralizes the severity of a double chin and chubby cheeks. Most men grow a beard or sideburns for this, but even without them, a short haircut copes with the imperfections of the facial contours.

Ideal hairstyles for short hair are suitable for adolescents, young guys under 25 and older, middle-aged men who do not have strong pigmentation and other skin problems.

Best men’s short haircuts: all options

Some haircuts for men repeat the images of show business stars, famous athletes, politicians and TV presenters. Many hairstyles have emerged as a result of new youth movements, the lifestyle of English gentlemen, or the desire of young people to make life easier.

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The aesthetics of this direction began to take shape back in the 20s of the last century. Neatly shaved temples with a gradual transition to the back of the head bordered the head. The bangs remained long, and this allowed combing and wearing them in different ways. If the strands of hair from the front of the head are gently combed back, then the impression of a massive voluminous top was created. The name «Crown» was assigned to this method of laying. Long strands could be laid on straight or oblique parting.

In the 50s, bangs were fixed with grease, giving the effect of wet hair. After the World War, men’s haircuts with long bangs for short hair were fixed. The veterans faced severe trials in those years and forced them to re-prioritize hairstyles for convenience and hygiene. It is this trend that has become defining for the fashion for haircuts for men for many decades. The beginning of the 50s is characterized by a neat image of a guy in a striped shirt with a cropped head. The heyday of the musical culture of ro-n-roll and rockabilly.



A simple, unpretentious haircut that will suit almost any young man. If a guy wore long hair and it is difficult for him to radically change his image, then the youth classic men’s haircut Polka is an ideal way out of this situation. The sides of the head are neatly shaved, the same effect is achieved on the back of the head. The upper part — the crown and the transition to the front part — by an asymmetric transition from the back from short hair and, gradually, leaving longer and longer strands to the forehead, expand the possibilities in terms of styling.

Variability allows, with the help of modern styling tools, to style the left long hair on the horizontal part of the skull almost vertically with a slight bias to one side. Due to the gradually shortening hair, the front strands perfectly keep the shape of the styling and lengthen the oval of the face.

There are the following haircut options:

  • complete Polka;
  • low polka;
  • ordinary polka;
  • haircut with parting.



Among the popular short haircuts, there are also such as Bobrik. A simple, unpretentious silhouette that effectively emphasizes the oval of the face, which does not require special care and styling. A comfortable haircut for active young men, guys who prefer minimalism not only in clothes, but also in their hairstyle.

Without hair

A tough version of a radical change in appearance. At certain times, it is important for young people to show their masculine charisma as much as possible. A haircut is suitable for those guys whose skull has a beautiful shape, there are no skin manifestations of a different nature, warts or pimples on the neck, behind the ears. When all hair is shaved, not only the strengths of the appearance, but also the imperfections of the skin are emphasized. Therefore, before deciding to have a haircut, take a close look at yourself in the mirror.



A beautiful short male hairstyle, the predecessor of which was the famous Bob. The middle part of the head is not cut, but the same length is left over the top of the head. As a result, the hair neatly surrounds the skull and to the back of the head, it descends evenly to the transition from the shaved back of the head. In the forehead area, the hair creates a smooth round bend back, so this hairstyle option suits the oval contours of the appearance with rounded linearity in the figure and face.



Neat short men’s haircut — Tennis, created especially for the players of this sport, still in the last century, still does not go out of fashion. It effectively complements the image without changing the overall style of the image, the face oval and the shape of the skull. Elegant and simple, beautiful and stylish hairstyle is a sign of the style of a real «Dandy» — a neat young man.

 Hitler Youth

Hitler Youth

The name of the hairstyle speaks for itself, but at the same time it is popular with a fairly large number of young guys. The secret of this men’s hairstyle with long bangs for short hair is that on everyday occasions you can gently smooth it back with a gel or mousse, while maintaining the correct face contour. For a special evening or a festive occasion, the hairstyle can be easily changed by ruffling the bangs and combing it into an asymmetrical parting, or creating a styling effect by increasing the volume of thick hair on the parietal part of the head.

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A short men’s haircut representing a double look of a sporty bob. Long hair in the middle of the parietal part of the head creates a romantic image of a hero-lover. If you style this hairstyle correctly, then the guy will have indispensable success with the opposite sex. The length of the strands is no more than 5 cm, but this is quite enough to asymmetrically cover part of the forehead in free fall and add an element of intrigue to the created image.


Boxing or semi-boxing

A haircut for brave and determined men who don’t need hair to accentuate something or hide flaws. They feel confident and always ready to go forward. Stylish and charismatic look does not require styling for short hair. The box is easy to maintain and periodically renewed.



For short men’s hair, you can plan a Iroquois haircut. The guys who style this type of hairstyle every day are definitely not confused by public opinion and interested views. Daredevils who demonstrate a rebellious character with a non-standard element of the image are extreme and bright personalities. The mohawk is a division of the head into three lines. The right and left parts are completely cut along the entire contour of the head, and rather long strands of hair are left in the middle, which are styled using styling products. On weekdays, when the mood does not require shocking from passers-by, the long part of the haircut is neatly combed and tied in a small ponytail.



Among short haircuts, not all model options retain strict proportions and geometry. A haircut that’s perfect for guys looking for a casual, street-style or romantic look. Elegantly styled hair with a side parting will not leave anyone indifferent. A guy can comb it back, ruffle it and create «wind», «air» inside the elongated strands, or leave it in free fall, tilting the left hair on one side. British is the style of a real dandy, a well-to-do prosperous boy, boyfriend or man who is doing great in life and has nothing to worry about.



A modern creative haircut, which is a flat horizontal plane running along the head from the forehead to the back of the head. The hairstyle cannot be called an ornament of the oval of the face, but if someone wants something special and unusual, then this option is just for brave and creative individuals.



Short-cropped hair that does not lie under its own weight, but stands like a hedgehog’s needles. Male bristles are stiffer and allow you to leave in the Hedgehog haircut from 1,5 to 2,5 cm of hair length. This hairstyle was popular in the 90s of the last century, but now it is not losing ground. Many young people willingly wear this haircut, remain fashionable and look great at the same time.



Men’s retro haircuts cannot be called brutal. They have medium-length bangs and a wide variety of styling — from the «whipped» twisted Elvis style to the «clerk with pince-nez on the nose» from the 20s, «licked» with styling. Today, the cutting technology has remained the same, but the styling methods have acquired a new sound.



Military haircuts are also in the top of men’s hairstyles. Every young man has an army period of life during growing up and realizing his individuality. At this time, you want to be strong, courageous and brutal, so the Military hairstyle is an attribute of men with a strong physique, athletic and fit athletic guys. She makes facial features strong-willed and courageous.



Creating a romantic look with a short or torn haircut is quite difficult, so many guys choose a hairstyle with long bangs to expand the variety of possible styling for different occasions. Romantically laid bangs, asymmetrically hanging on one corner of the face, emphasizes the strong-willed chin of men and pleases the opposite sex.

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The uneven edges of neatly cut hair suit guys with smiling, slightly squinting eyes. The bangs with uneven ends seem to be saying, «I’m breaking stereotypes, I’m doing everything wrong, I’m a bad boy.» This hairstyle is very popular with girls and women. Stylish original version of any «exemplary» student will make a violator of standards and rules, the guy will become more visible and will be successful with the opposite sex.

Under the typewriter

Under the typewriter

This hairstyle option allows you to adjust the length of the hair or bristles left, depending on the length of the cutting elements replaceable in the machine. At home, you can make a huge number of cool cool haircuts with shaved temples for a modern silhouette, or gently trim the contours of hair growth on the neck, forehead or behind the ears.



Many young people ask the barber for a shorter haircut, but there are very interesting elegant options like Princeton. The youthful image does not oblige to cut short on the sides, but to make a neat men’s haircut, emphasizing masculinity and charisma. The hairstyle has smooth lines, neat shapes. A short beard or stubble will also work well with her.

Half box


The ultra short haircut has become fashionable in the last decade of the last century. The Hedgehog’s hairstyle gradually became shorter and more sophisticated, and in the end it was reborn in a new direction. The semi-boxing football fans can see on Cristiano Ronaldo, who almost always prefers only this haircut. The temples and the back of the head are shaved under a typewriter, and at the top they leave a length of up to 2-3 cm.



Hairstyle for very short hair, emphasizing masculine character and charisma, with a gradual transition or «degradation» effect. The haircut presupposes the presence of a strict line along the contour of the forehead, which makes its owner look like a clergyman of the Middle Ages or the Roman emperor Julius Caesar, as well as other Roman patricians who followed the fashion of that time and wore such a hairstyle.

The sharply defined outline creates a bold decisive mood and will suit brutal men with a beautiful skull shape. This ultra-short fashionable men’s haircut will suit guys with black or at least brown hair color. After all, the gradual transition from hard shaving from the neck, with a gradual increase in the length of the bristles, works in contrast to the light scalp. If the hair is light, then the «degradation» effect will not work and then this haircut will become one of the many modern options for Bobrik or Tomboy.



A haircut with a sharp transition from hair 2-3 cm long to neatly shaved temporal parts of the head effectively emphasizes the severity of the lines of the image, gives brutality and charisma. Evenly laid dark strands contrast with the temples and correlate with a strong-willed chin. To enhance the aggressiveness of the image, men wear styling with a beard and sideburns.

Shaved temple with patterns

temple with patterns

With the advent of more sophisticated shaving and cutting attachments, barbershop opportunities have grown exponentially. Today, masters of their craft offer guys not just shaved whiskey, but an image of various patterns, including on the back of the head, which, in contrast with dark hair, look very impressive and attract attention. This men’s creative haircut or hairstyle for short hair does not need to be styled, and the effect in society is stunning.

Mohawk hairstyle for men


Among the exotic men’s haircuts, the Mohawk occupies a special place. A shortened version of the Iroquois, which is suitable for men with dark hair, is performed using a simple technology available at home. Fans of brutal famous athletes Tony Routh and David Beckham gently cut the entire hair length under a typewriter in the temple area so that the scalp of a light shade is visible. In the middle on the parietal part, starting from the forehead, there is a wide dark line of short hair, left so shortened to hide the scalp. Thus, it turns out something like a dark ribbon, contrasting with the temporal lobes of the skull.

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