Military haircut — 6 options for brutal men’s hairstyles

A military haircut was previously used by military people because of the peculiar dress code and the need to spend a minimum of time on styling and leaving. It is popular with athletes who value the strands removed from the forehead that do not interfere with movement. Military haircut is suitable for men with an active lifestyle, thanks to its practicality. Such men’s hairstyles are neat, do not require lengthy styling, and look stylish and modern. Their second name is «army». They will emphasize the masculinity of their owner and willpower.

What does a military haircut look like: options

The military style is not characterized by clear restrictions. This is a category that brings together several male Men's haircut Militaryhaircuts with different lengths. All hairstyles are strict, comfortable, comfortable. Military-style haircuts are done only on short hair, they are multi-stage. The shape varies from protruding hedgehog strands to a stylish, unusual platform. They are made in a minimalist style, without any special frills. In the Russian army, they prefer military hairstyles for half-boxing and boxing. Shaved heads and temples are characteristic of American soldiers, and at the top of the crown, the length reaches 6 centimeters.

Pros of the hairstyle:

  • do not require styling;
  • minimum care;
  • suitable for any style;
  • a visit to the hairdresser takes no more than half an hour.

The main minus military hairstyles: they need a beautiful shape ready. They highlight the imperfections of the skull. The army hairstyle does not look aesthetically pleasing on all men.

Zero haircut

Military haircut under zeroSuch an extravagant men’s hairstyle does not suit every face. Recommend it to people with a beautiful head shape. In the army, shaving baldly is symbolic: a man from a youth becomes a warrior.

People with the correct proportional facial features choose her. The length of the bristles is small, the hair on the head is practically absent.


Military Haircut BoxingIt has been popular for several decades. From the side and on the back of the head, the length is short, and the top (the region of the crown, crown) is slightly longer.

This is a military version for men with a sporty figure. Boxing has strict outlines. The hairstyle can be done with any head shape. It does not appear to be multi-stage due to the smooth transitions. Boxing visually increases height and looks good on men with a square or round face.

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Half box

Military haircut Half boxBarbers consider semi-boxing to be a free version of boxing. It is characterized by a smooth transition from short hair to long hair. The edging goes lower than in boxing.

This military haircut is also versatile and suits almost every man.


Military haircut HedgehogThis military style hairstyle is recommended for owners of coarse hair, so that the hedgehog is elastic and sticking out. It is not done on fine and sparse hair. The hedgehog does not need to be laid, it is important to just wash your hair regularly.

The men’s hairstyle is popular among people of all ages: from young men to the elderly. It is recommended to choose a hedgehog if the face has the correct features. Thus, people with a triangular head should be trimmed.

Marine haircut

Military haircut Marine haircutThis is a military version of the military, which is often found among American marines, paratroopers. The hair is cut in the form of a platform at the crown, and the back of the head with the temples is cut shorter. It does not need to be re-laid.

The marine hairstyle is suitable for men with an athletic figure.


Military haircut PlaygroundThis is a classic of the military style, when a flat area is cut at the crown of the head, and the area of ​​the temples is shaved.

Such a stylish military haircut will suit older men and young guys. The parietal zone is cut straight and passes sharply to the temples. Correctly executed, men’s hairstyle resembles a square. It is recommended to do it with hard and thick hair. The platform is suitable for round or square faces. You can trim the oval head this way.

Who is a military haircut suitable for?

Military haircutMilitary hairstyles suit almost any man. Such haircuts can be seen on teenagers and gray-haired mature men. It gives its owner a more masculine look. It is not recommended to use men’s military haircuts in military style only with an irregular head shape.

Who should choose military haircuts:

  • men of any age;
  • military, athletes, office workers, politicians, businessmen, actors, etc.;
  • owners of round and square faces.

They can be paired with a beard, light stubble or mustache. But often there are men with a military haircut and a clean-shaven face. Military haircuts can be chosen for any type, nationality. They are frequently done on straight, curly, coarse and soft hair. Short hair is recommended for people who move a lot and have a constant shortage of time. A military hairstyle goes well with sporty, streetwear and classic business styles.

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Self-haircut technology

Making a man’s military hairstyle at home is not difficult. You don’t need to visit Tools required for a haircuthairdressing, wasting time, money. You can get in shape in half an hour. To perform a military haircut, the room must have high-quality light and a mirror that allows you to see your head from all angles. This makes it easier to control the work being done. To trim the back of the head and crown, when the haircut provides for length transitions, trust the assistant. It is not easy to carry out this procedure yourself.

Used tools:

  1. Clipper or trimmer.
  2. Comb for combing.
  3. Ordinary scissors.

How to cut boxing correctly

This is one of the main military hairstyles, on the basis of which a number of other men’s haircuts are performed.

Execution algorithm:

  1. Shampooing your hair.
  2. Drying with a hairdryer.
  3. A knife 1/10 is selected on a typewriter. The haircut starts from the right temple.
  4. The movement of the machine continues from the beginning of growth to the temple in parallel lines.
  5. The left side and the back of the head are cut in the same way.
  6. The top of the occiput and parietal region are trimmed with scissors.
  7. The transition between long and short hair is made smoother by passing it with a 3 mm nozzle. The movements of the machine are performed from bottom to top.
  8. In the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head, an edging is made with a cannon cut.

Styling and care options

Men's haircut Half boxFor a semi-boxing, a hedgehog haircut, a playground hairstyle, it is important to have thick, thick hair. Otherwise, an army military haircut will not look so impressive — the hair seems thin, rare. If there are few hairs on the head, and they are soft, it is recommended to cut them to 0 or do a boxing. You should not shave the length too short if there are scars on the scalp or the skull is not too beautiful and perfect. With a small stature, military men’s hairstyles in the military style are not very suitable. They make a person visually lower.

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It’s easy to take care of a man’s hairstyle. It will be quickly done at a hairdresser or at home. This is a good option when there is no time to leave. Half an hour is enough to put your hair in order. The head is simply washed and dried with a hairdryer. You can additionally comb your hair with a comb back or on one side. If the strands are curly, the styling is supplemented with varnish (gel).

hairstyle hedgehogAfter washing, the hedgehog should be tousled with your hands instead of drying it with a hairdryer. It will bulge, and the hair will become more voluminous. To make the vortices stand better, they are additionally lubricated with styling products (gel, fondant). For military men’s haircuts, the Hitler Youth styling is suitable. The hairdresser shaves off the parting between the length transitions, and the hair is combed to one side.

When wearing a military hairstyle, it is important to correct it in a salon or at home in a timely manner. Men’s short hairstyles do not look greasy, but should always be in shape. Such men’s haircuts are cut once every 3-4 weeks. The head is washed depending on the type of fat content, the rate of pollution. Additional caring procedures are needed only for problematic scalp. The use of conditioners and balms is optional. These funds are used at will. With a military hairstyle of a military, the appearance of dandruff is visible. With short hair, it is easier to treat.

Haircuts in the military style of the military used to be common among representatives of power structures, athletes. Due to their versatility, they have become popular with men of all ages and professions. Such a haircut makes a man’s face brutal and masculine, adding charm. But it should be borne in mind that office workers need to choose more discreet men’s hairstyles. They are more suitable for a strict business dress code. Hair care is simple and does not require styling products. A man should cut his hair and wash his hair in a timely manner to look neat and stylish.

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