Men’s Viking hairstyles — a brutal Scandinavian look

Viking hairstyles for men are a new trend that is rapidly gaining popularity. They look stylish and brutal, suitable for every day and for any event. Traditionally, the Vikings used various braids and weaves, styling long hair so that it would last longer and would not interfere with everyday life. For men, they could be no shorter than for women — the length symbolized wealth and strength. Today they are back in fashion, and modern styling and care products allow you to spend a minimum of time and effort on them.

Viking style hairstyles

Men’s Viking hairstyles are traditional intricate weaves, braids and tails, and shaved whiskey. Today they can be done on both long and short hair so that they look stylish and effective. Scandinavian styling gained popularity after the release of the TV series «Vikings». They are suitable not only for fans, but also for those who have not watched a single episode.

On short hair

Long braids are not suitable for every man — for his appearance and facial features, style or position. male viking hairstyles for short hairHowever, on short hair, you can create an equally voluminous and spectacular hairstyle in a Scandinavian style. For this you will need:

  • a haircut with a longer bang, you can complement it with shaved temples and the back of the head;
  • means for styling and creating root volume — the bangs are placed on one side or back, and the mousse will add the effect of negligence;
  • round comb — useful for drying to make hair appear thicker and more voluminous.

The result is a versatile hairstyle that suits every day. This is the choice of strong and confident men of any age and profession.

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Medium length

viking men hairstyles for medium lengthMen’s Viking hairstyles for medium hair are trendy styling for every day.

The optimal length is to the middle of the chin. A haircut is best done by a professional, because medium-length strands should hold their shape correctly when combing. They can be straight or asymmetrical.

For the look of the Vikings, they are combed back or a set, you can complement the hairstyle with simple braiding. Hair must be fixed with hairspray or styling mousse.

Long strands

Long hair offers room for creativity and creation viking hairstyles for long strandsof hairstyles in the style of the Vikings. They can be used to make intricate weaves and traditional patterns that match the cool and restrained Scandinavian look. It is not difficult for men to learn how to style them at home and appear in a new style every day:

  • braids combined with short temples, simple and complex weaves;
  • a careless bun at the back of the head is an everyday option;
  • an image from medieval Scandinavia using dreadlocks — an image for brave and self-confident men;
  • a long beard is one of the classic attributes of the Viking style.

Shaved whiskey is perfect for those with thick hair. Hair that is then pulled back into a ponytail or bun should remain voluminous.

Who is the hairstyle for?

Fancy haircuts are a way of expressing yourself. Any man can grow long strands and a beard, regardless of age. It is convenient to walk with them every day, it is enough to learn how to do the correct styling.

who suits the Scandinavian style

Haircuts and styling in the original Viking style are especially suitable for:

  • during the reconstruction of the era of medieval Scandinavia;
  • owners of thick and voluminous hair of any shade;
  • men with a strong physique and rough features.
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To understand if the image is suitable, you can use the applications on your smartphone. It is enough to upload a photo, choose a color and style. This will save time growing and grooming the strands to the right length, as well as the cost of stylist services.

Styling and care options

Scandinavian looks are diverse. They are stylish and memorable, while comfortable and practical. However, styling will only look beneficial on healthy hair, so it is important to take the time to care for it. The assortment of many manufacturers includes special shampoos, balms and conditioners for men. They accelerate hair growth and ease combing, prevent hair loss and dandruff. For styling, you need a gel or mousse.

Haircut Undercut

Scandinavian style undercut

This is the basis for most hairstyles. The master leaves longer strands on the top of the head and shortens them in the occipital and temporal regions. For short and medium hair, it is enough to comb back and fix with gel. The look goes well with a thick beard.

Ragnar’s haircut

Ragnar's scandinavian haircut

This is the hairstyle of one of the main characters of the famous TV series — a classic version of the Scandinavian styling. It is a complex weave with several spike lets that are combined into a tail. She will need a long head with shaved temples and a beard. The haircut is done carelessly, but securely fixed with styling products. It will not be suitable for every day, but it will look spectacular at a themed evening.

Long hair with a beard

long hair with a scandinavian beard

A classic option for a medieval warrior. But the image is popular among men today. Hair can be left loose, gathered in a ponytail or in a bun. It is better to lay them a little carelessly, so strong fixing means will not work. Long mane — room for imagination. From it, original types of weaving are obtained, like those of real Vikings. In the Middle Ages, she would symbolize strength and high office, courage and masculinity.

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Shaved temple

scandinavian style shaved temple

This option goes well with the Scandinavian style. It looks good in everyday life and is combined with the thematic image of the Vikings — it depends on the styling. Making a haircut is easy at home, and caring for it does not require much effort.

Top Knot

top knot scandinavian style

An original hairstyle for which the back of the head and temporal lobes are cut short. A long bundle remains on the crown, which is collected into a knot. It is appropriate to complement the image with a voluminous beard.

The image of a medieval warrior-navigator is stylish and courageous, therefore it is popular among men all over the world. Scandinavian hairstyles look restrained, but attract attention with their originality. They can be repeated at home — the Vikings have options for manes of any length and in different shades.

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