Men’s square — a fashionable solution to the hairstyle of a stylish man

Recently, men’s haircuts have become more diverse in form and method of execution. The male square refers precisely to such haircuts, they are preferred mainly by young representatives of the stronger sex. This haircut is suitable for owners of both thick and thin hair. It looks good on both straight and curly hair. The hairstyle is easy to style. A man’s square allows you to get a universal look for different occasions.

What a haircut looks like: options

When female squares are considered, there are about ten options. They differ in length, haircut method, parting and other factors. When performing the male version, the type, hair volume and division into zones come out on top. There are several options for the male square, characterized by design and styling features.


Men's classic square

The male version of the classic in the execution of the bob hairstyle assumes the presence of medium-length hair that remains at shoulder level or slightly below. A haircut allows its owner to apply different styling methods:

Strict style — for important events, work, when the man’s hair remains smooth and there is no parting (combed back).

Parting — suitable for everyday wear while maintaining straight strands, located not below the chin line.

With a bang — in men, this haircut addition can be done in a ragged way or by thinning. The bangs are combed to the side or back.

A classic square for men with curly hair looks spectacular if there is volume at the roots.


Men's graduated square

The version implies a man’s hair cut at different lengths. Parting is done at the request of the man.
The variation is used more on curly hair, as it is easier to style it loosely and carelessly to emphasize the hairstyle. This is the advantage of a haircut. When doing it, it is allowed to leave the man’s hair at or below the chin.

A variation of the graduated form is bob caret.


Men's double bob

This version of the haircut is chosen by charismatic men with a strong personality. A feature of a double bob haircut for men is the presence of asymmetric bangs and long hair not on the entire surface of the head.

The double square is a cascading method of shearing, when two levels are formed. A length (up to 8 cm) remains on the crown of the head, allowing you to add volume to the hair.


French men's square

The variant is additionally known under the name «Kare on a leg». The men’s French square is similar to the women’s hairstyle, but differs in the size of the base itself and the volume of the hair. In men, the «leg» does not stand out, although the silhouette of the French form remains.

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With highlighted bangs

Men's square with bangs

A man’s square with bangs, if desired, can be styled into various options for a man’s hairstyle. The length of the bangs varies in relation to the rest of the length and height of the forehead. If desired, a stylish option is created without bangs when it fits with the rest of the hair in a bun.

When growing for men, you can easily convert the bangs into a graduation by changing the hairstyle option.

With shaved temples and the back of the head

Men's square with shaved temples

A man’s square, when some part of the head is shaved off, refers to an extravagant image. The fashion trend is close to young guys and athletes. Most prefer ponytail styling. Additionally, the effect of light unshaven or neatly trimmed beard is applied.

This look is suitable for an elongated or triangular face type. The clothes have a casual style. Although there are often men in tuxedos, but with a shaved head and temples.

To whom does

Haircut Men's squareWhen choosing hairstyles, they are guided by age and type of face. The male square is more frequently chosen by men aged 16-40, when there is no need to observe a strict style. The classic version with daily styling will suit office workers who are required to maintain a consistent style.

Depending on the oval of the face and the type of appearance, the male execution of the haircut under the square should take into account that:

  1. For men with a triangular type, a square with oblique bangs and hair length below the chin is suitable to even out the outlines.
  2. Holders of a round face — a ragged square with uneven cuts to close the cheeks with the help of descending strands.
  3. For men with a rectangular or square face, it is better to choose an elongated haircut when the hair falls below the chin (asymmetric bangs will balance the oval of the face).

    Tip: If you have a desire to make a bob haircut, then you should know that to complete it, you must have a sufficient length of hair.

With a thin hair structure, a double haircut option will help to give additional volume. Additionally, hairdressers use bob square and multi-level execution.

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According to statistics, this type of hairstyle is more often chosen by athletes, persons employed in the creative field (musicians, actors). She is especially popular with those who adhere to rock and casual styles. But the option of this haircut is not excluded for a man-businessman in a business suit with a neat hair shape.

Important: It is not recommended to have a haircut under a square for men of short stature, as the hairstyle will clearly reflect the lack of a figure.

The graduated look allows you to hide imperfections in the skin of a man’s face. When the facial strands are highlighted, age spots fade into the background. But on fluffy hair, this option is not applicable.

Self-haircut technology

If desired, the owner of long hair can independently perform a bob haircut. With regard to the type of hairstyle, the haircut scheme is different.


The classic type requires long strands that extend below the shoulders. Pre-moisten the hair and use a comb to give it even smoothness.

Phased technology:

  1. Form a bunch on the crown and crown, leaving the occipital part loose (a triangular parting is observed with the apex on the crown).Scissoring and thinning
  2. Make an even cut to the length.
  3. If desired, shave whiskey, process sideburns.
  4. Dissolve the bunch.
  5. After combing, part the hair with a parting to the crown.
  6. Draw another parting from ear to ear — three separate zones are obtained (occipital, two parietal).
  7. Select the side strand and, having decided on the length with the help of scissors, make a cut (this will be a control cut).
  8. Making horizontal parting of the back of the head, cut the resulting levels from the bottom up with the reference point of the control cut.
  9. After cutting the back of the head, perform horizontal parting of the right parietal part (by cutting the strands in levels).
  10. Perform repeated operations for the left parietal zone.
  11. Comb and trim.
  12. Profile if desired to thin out or serrated ends.

When the edging is done, the process starts from the middle of the forehead and ends at the middle of the back of the head. The procedure is repeated on the other side.

Bob caret

Mens bob square

A short bob-shaped bob in a man involves the formation of a graduated haircut without bangs. It is required to create two levels, so the instruction consists of the following steps:

  1. Divide the hair into two sections with a vertical parting.
  2. Select the control strand, along which they are guided to form a square.
  3. Work alternately in two zones relative to the trimmed strand.
  4. Analyze symmetry by brushing over the face or comparing the lengths of both sides to the chin.
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Filleting is not recommended in a man’s bob if the hair is soft and fluffy. The volume increases, and the hairstyle loses its aesthetics.

Tip: For curly hair, a bob is not recommended, as it is difficult to achieve smoothness.

Styling and care options

Option for styling bob with bangsMen’s bob haircut can be styled classically or combed to one side. Picking up in a bun with shaved temples and the back of the head is popular. But then you have to keep track of the length of the main hair and growing roots.

When choosing a square for medium hair, it is often required to keep straight strands so that the volume over the entire head remains the same. To do this, apply mousse or styling foam, which are applied to damp hair. Then dry with a hair dryer using a blown comb. You can curl the cuts inward while drying to create a voluminous look.

When you want to give your hair carelessness, for example, with a graduated bob, it is better to apply a gel or wax for styling. They are spread with the fingers. A small amount should be taken for even absorption, in order to avoid the greasy effect.

Option for styling a male squareFor a voluminous square on medium hair, mousse is used, applied after washing. When drying with a hairdryer, you should take a round brush and direct it in the direction where you plan to lay the hair. The thick-toothed comb adjusts the styling. For fixing, it is necessary to sprinkle with varnish.

When creating a bun from a square, you should have clean hair, which is held together with an elastic band at the crown. After washing, you can spray with a special agent to prevent electrification. In addition, it is recommended to use conditioner after shampoo, which protects hair from temperature extremes and makes it silky.

A man’s bob hairstyle is a way of expressing individuality. Charismatic, stylish and extravagant representatives of the stronger sex feel confident and at ease when choosing such a haircut. Its advantage is the variety of styling and the ability to hide imperfections on the face. If you want to make a square, you should understand that you need to regularly visit a hairdresser to maintain shape and take care of your hair.

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