Men’s shampoo for hair growth — rating of the most effective products

Luxurious, thick hair attracts the attention of others. But due to poor ecology, age, malnutrition, the hair is thinning. Cosmetics are able to cope with this problem. Men’s shampoo for hair growth will prevent alopecia, activate the bulbs. An effective remedy will also improve the structure of the hair.

How these shampoos work

Normally, fifty to one hundred hairs fall out daily. But more intense loss can be triggered by stress, poor diet, lack of vitamins and minerals. Hair growth activators are able to restore the balance of trace elements. The advantages of such cosmetics:

  • the work of the sebaceous glands is restored;
  • increased oxygen access to the roots by cleansing the scalp;
  • moisturizes the skin, preventing over drying;
  • microcirculation increases, the bulbs are filled with useful substances.

Don’t expect instant results. Men’s cosmetics have a cumulative effect, the first result is noticeable only after 35-40 days. Hair loss is reduced several times, and hair growth is accelerated. Stimulation occurs due to the enriched composition, thorough cleansing of the scalp. The composition may include the following components:

  • medicinal oils and vitamins;
  • collagen, silicone;
  • biotin;
  • amino acids;
  • nicotinic and folic acids.

The effect directly depends on the composition of the shampoo for men. The most effective are options from popular manufacturers, as well as shampoos with natural ingredients in the composition. The components in the composition should not only accelerate growth, but also give them shine, silkiness and density.

How and what type of shampoo to choose

For maximum effect, a line that includes balms, oils, ampules is preferable. Full restoration of the bulbs is possible only with the use of all means. So the use of only one product for men is hardly noticeable — even after a month, the result will be minimal. It is more effective to use also balm, oil and / or ampules.

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Nettle decoctions and pharmacy acids cannot fully replace professional men’s cosmetics.

You can choose shampoos for hair growth for men on your own, or consult a trichologist. The doctor focuses on the main active ingredient in the composition. When choosing, pay attention to the following factors:

  1. A type… The tendency to dryness, oily content is taken into account. The degree of fragility and the frequency of shedding are important.
  2. Composition… The best options are based on natural ingredients, containing a complex of vitamins and minerals.
  3. Efficiency… Conditioners, masks and oils enhance the effectiveness. You should not choose men’s cosmetics that promise a noticeable effect in one to two weeks.
  4. Having problems… It is worth deciding in advance if there is an issue of baldness or general therapy, prevention is significant.
  5. Duration of the course… Treatment can last from a month to a year. It is worth monitoring the condition of the hair, because some shampoos stop working after getting used to it.

It is better to buy shampoos in pharmacies or professional cosmetics stores. This minimizes the chance of running into a fake.

How to use

To enhance the effect, it is useful to supplement the course with vitamins for men, adjust nutrition and do a head massage. Recommendations for the use of men’s cosmetics:

  • men's shampoo for hair growtha few drops are previously applied to the wrist to confirm the absence of an allergic reaction;
  • apply a small amount and foam well;
  • while washing, intensively massage the scalp;
  • for best cleansing, apply twice.

Hair cosmetics for men and women are different. Men have more active microcirculation, the sebaceous glands work more productively. It is important to cleanse the scalp, to ensure the flow of oxygen to the roots and bulbs. Without cleansing, accelerating growth will not work.

With alopecia, the shampoo is foamed for up to two minutes, and then kept on the hair for up to four minutes.

Top 6 Men’s Hair Growth Shampoos

The rating of the best shampoos for men will help you choose the most suitable one. From the funds presented below with proven effectiveness and acceptable cost:


Dermatological agent with active stimulation of hair growth. In a short time, it reduces hair loss, strengthens the roots.


Eliminates baldness, reduces the intensity of hair loss, has a beneficial effect on their structure. Natural oils in the composition nourish the bulbs with useful Trace elements.

Golden silk

An economical option that enhances microcirculation. More suitable for preventing hair loss.

Natura Siberica and Beluga

Natural ingredients give a noticeable shine, smoothness and silkiness to men’s hair. Significantly reduces hair loss, accelerates growth.


Pharmacy product with thermal waters, oils and herbal extracts. Increases shine, accelerates hair growth, strengthens from the roots.

The right men’s shampoo for hair growth should not only fight baldness, but also moisturize, cleanse the scalp and not dry out the ends. Correctly selected option is not addictive, foams well, does not cause itching and dandruff.

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