Men’s half-box haircut: what is the secret of popularity

Men’s half-box haircut belongs to the classics. It is also the favorite hairstyle of the North Korean leader. Every hairdresser and stylist does it already “on the machine”. The semi-boxing haircut is combined with an elegant business style, and with sports and military clothing. She successfully complements the look of a well-groomed modern man.

What haircuts look like: options

Basically, the following types of men’s half-box haircuts are distinguished:

  • With a bang;
  • classic (no bangs);
  • with a transition from short to long strands;
  • with a pattern on the side.

men's haircut semi-box

The classic men’s half-box is one of the popular options. It involves creating a masculine image. Suitable for men who want to visually raise the forehead line. Short cut hair without bangs also solves the problem of thinning hair.

In addition, the haircut technique involves the possibility of creating patterns on the sides and on the back of the head. They are shaved with a typewriter. A peculiar way of expressing oneself is becoming more and more common.

The transitional line in them usually goes to the parietal zone from the bottom of the temples, so that the short part becomes more noticeable. These styles do not have any fundamental differences.

Often, men in salons confuse even these variations with each other. Despite the difference in boxing and semi-boxing haircuts, many do not distinguish them.


Men's haircut BoxingIt is carried out mainly for a typewriter. Hair is cut short, up to 3-4 centimeters. They lie neatly and stylishly, do not stick out, do not cover your face. Men’s boxing haircuts can be done even at home.

This option is suitable for owners of the correct head shape, since it is completely open. It is important to have at least relatively straight hair. The color is not critical, but light or chestnut is preferred.

Owners of curly hair should refrain from hairstyles. The reason is obvious: small curls will look very strange. Another reason to give up boxing is scars and other defects. Hairstyles for short hair do not hide them, the scalp is clearly visible.


Men's haircut Half boxIn fact, this is one of the varieties of boxing. Outwardly, they are quite similar, but in the technique of execution they are very different.

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The semi-boxing hairstyle involves leaving up to 8 centimeters of length on the crown. In boxing, only 4 cm is enough. They are united by a distinct division of short hair on the back of the head and on the sides, and longer hair on the crown.

The edging is different: half-box haircuts are made with a transition at the back of the head, and boxing, in turn, is slightly higher.

Naturally, a half-box with bangs and longer strands makes it possible to experiment with styling. The elongation at the crown looks completely different depending on the styling products used. It all depends only on the desire of the owner of the half-box haircut.

Regardless of the type chosen, the hair after the salon becomes unpretentious in care. Boxing and semi-boxing haircuts look especially good on strong guys. And she makes older men younger, makes them more modern and stylish.

Suitable for whom and not for whom

semi-boxThe men’s half-box haircut does not have particularly strict limits in terms of length. Accordingly, there are many options for shapes and styling. It will not be difficult to fit a half-box haircut option to your appearance. Elongated variations make it possible to hide imperfections in the skull. Acceptable and quite popular bangs correct facial features.

Boxing and semi-boxing haircuts are the best option for those observing a business dress code. At the same time, he does not look conservative in combination with more free styles.

Looks better on owners of oval, round and square faces. Almost all haircut options are suitable for the first, for the second it is the ability to visually stretch the proportions of the face, for the third — to soften the appearance. Men with a narrow elongated face should cut their hair with caution. Due to the strands on the crown, it stretches even more. The look is comical, with excessively long lines. The triangular face is also included in the TOP «contraindications» for this haircut.

half-box with shaved patternWith curly hair, it is, in principle, possible to create a beautiful half-box haircut. But it all depends on the professionalism of the master. Still, straight or slightly wavy hair is more suitable for such experiments.

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According to stylists, a men’s half-box haircut does not look beneficial on skinny guys. This is explained by the history of how the semi-boxing hairstyle appeared. Among the options is coming from sports. And as a result, this is an option for handsome and muscular men. The half-box haircut style emphasizes the cheekbones, chin, adds decisiveness to the appearance of a young man.

Often a half-box haircut is done for boys. The children’s version of the hairstyle often involves applying patterns on the sides. Boys thus want to stand out among their peers.

Self-haircut technology

Of course, it is unrealistic to achieve the very level of salon services. But how to cut the semi-box yourself is possible to understand. Men often wonder how to comprehend the usual semi-boxing at home without visiting the master.

In order to make a hairstyle, you need to prepare tools: regular and thinning scissors, an electric clipper and a comb with fine, frequent teeth.

The haircut technique involves the mandatory execution of all actions in order.

  1. Wash and dry the head.
  2. Comb the strands thoroughly.
  3. Mentally define a line from the top of the right ear through the face to the tip of the left ear.mens machine haircut at home
  4. Shorten the temples at a 45-degree angle (how to cut with a clipper, selected based on preferred length).
  5. Shape the top with scissors. The strands are adhered to when working with them with your fingers. The difference with short hair on the sides and back is leveled by shading a couple of centimeters above the imaginary dividing line.
  6. Make a bang (optional), it can be slightly longer than the strands on top. Usually trimmed to the middle or left completely.
  7. At the end of the main stage, you need to go over the bangs and the upper part with thinning (or at least ordinary) scissors. This is done to facilitate haircuts, give an airy look.

Thus, the technology for performing a men’s half-box haircut will not cause difficulties even with the slightest skill in working with hair. Accordingly, it can be done even at home, by asking, for example, relatives.

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Styling and care options

semi-boxGetting a haircut is not enough, and subsequent care is also important. Half boxing is one of the short haircuts, so there is no great variety of ways to do a hairstyle.

It should be noted that after a few weeks, the appearance is lost due to loss of shape. In general, a men’s half-box haircut does not require close attention and careful daily care with modeling agents. The main point of care is keeping the hair clean.

In terms of versatility, the option is unique: a fashionable hairstyle without having to work on it every morning. But it is still possible to diversify the appearance using gel or wax for styling. The hair is given the desired shape, after which the head is dried with a hairdryer.

General installation recommendations:

  1. To create an unusual and brutal look, elongated strands are collected on the crown.
  2. A free and slightly bold look gives a slight chaos in the parietal zone. The bangs in such cases are put with the use of wax.
  3. Slicked back or side-swept hair is standard.

semi-boxIf the bangs are cut, it will take the longest to mess with the appearance. It needs to be put on every day or, conversely, «licked» with modeling tools. In the first case, it looks with a parting made to one side. Long top strands are often combed back and fixed with mousse, foam, gel. The style is suitable for a daily wardrobe or business suit, combined with clean-shaven skin and facial hair.

It is worth noting that thick hair is more suitable for a semi-box. Especially when the strands will be combed, licked back. Sparse hair falls unevenly.

Men with curly hair should take into account that when cutting, they leave a slightly longer length than is done according to the standard of a half-box. In conditions of high humidity, curls will instantly twist, greatly shortening the hairstyle.

A half-box haircut is a universal male hairstyle. Suitable for almost everyone, which explains its popularity in the world. Easy care allows you to look stylish day after day without any special effort.

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