Men’s haircuts for different hair lengths 90 photos

Every man wants to look catchy, stylish and attractive. Modern barbers will be able to offer a lot of different options, each of which is well suited to their hair length. Haircuts differ in the technique of execution, the complexity of the subsequent styling and in the general visual perception. After all, some haircuts are designed to correct facial features, while others artificially age or rejuvenate. We present a large selection of the most popular men’s haircuts for hair of different lengths.

On short hair

For short hair, the most popular are these haircuts and hairstyles.

Under «zero»

The peculiarities of the haircut lie in its amazing ability to change the image. She gives masculinity, gives brutality and incredible style. Under «zero» is a rather bold option, since it involves completely shaving off the hair, so it may not suit everyone. It is better to consult with a barber to assess all the chances of a successful and cool image in the future.


An incredibly popular choice for guys and men of all ages. The hedgehog is considered universal, so it suits different types and figures of men. That is, it will help to make a too round face narrower, and to smooth out massive features a little. Hedgehog does not contain sharp lines and transitions, and does not create unnecessary volume.

This is a clear men’s haircut that allows you to make an individual look that can suit any member of the stronger sex.


Haircut Boxing refers more to the youth style, and therefore is popular among young guys. But it is also recommended picking it up for men and older, because a haircut will help to visually rejuvenate the image. Barber creates Boxing with the help of a clear formation of the temporal lobes, which creates a kind of roughness. Therefore, Boxing is not suitable for men with a full and round face.

Half box

В haircut Half box a barber can almost completely shave hair in the temporal zones and create a kind of hanging bangs. That is, the hair on the parietal zone remains almost unchanged, but on the sides and underneath, the master shaves the hair, leaving a very short length. It gives the impression that the top layer of hair remains, which seems to hang over the head. Half boxing is relevant for guys who like to wear bangs.


Stylish, catchy and unusual haircut with a voluminous top, reminiscent of a Mohawk and shaved temples. Undercut very demanding in styling and suits men with regular facial features.

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With shaving

One of the best methods to quickly and easily update your image. Here you can leave your hair length, or you can shave almost everything, leaving only a light strip of strands. Depending on the professionalism of the barber, he creates real patterns, drawings and even inscriptions on his hair. A haircut is very typical for young guys who go to school or college.

But no one forbids older men to do this either, because the degree of shaving is always controlled.


A classic choice for a man who knows his own worth. She will perfectly fit into the serious lifestyle of a man, where big deals are solved at work. The Canadian combines aesthetics and modern fashion trends. The barber uses a shaving machine, but only to give a neat shape in the temple area. Of course, the Canadian is easy to adjust according to the degree of shaving, so it is considered universal.


Quiff haircut is relevant for short and medium hair, so it is possible to choose the best option for yourself. For short hair, the master chooses exactly the ultra-short version, where the hair on the crown is formed in a denser flow, but the temporal zones are completely shaved. Thanks to a clever technique, diagonal lines appear, which lengthen the man’s face.

For medium hair

For medium length hair, these are the most popular haircuts.

Wet hair effect

For thick and coarse hair, the barber will recommend making classic cuts of strands, where he will slightly tidy the medium length. And then the image will completely depend on the styling with the effect of wet hair. This option works well on hair of medium length, thick and coarse hair, which does not lend itself to another type of styling. The hairstyle looks very impressive and will make the fair sex pay more attention to the man.


The British are prized for their sophisticated cut lines, English aesthetics and restraint. It is typical for most English people, because it expresses their calm and sophisticated disposition. Barber creates a more pronounced vertical rectangle that immediately draws attention to itself from a massive chin, forehead or nose. The whiskey is practically unaffected, but easy shaving is allowed.

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Bob is not only a woman’s haircut, but also a man’s. A modern masculine bob helps create a nice and neat look with medium hair lengths.

Bob is characterized by a mixed volume in the parietal zone and the crown, a barely noticeable cut of the strands (more for their neatness), a classic parting is not created (the man himself chooses how it is best to do it), and shaving is not done.


The bob is a universal gender haircut, because it is perfect for men and women. It will fit perfectly on medium hair, create an elegant-brutal-aesthetic image and help return the man’s former attractiveness. Usually on curly male hair it is incredibly difficult to find a good haircut, but the square will cope with the task with a bang.


A barber cuts hair at a certain angle, which ultimately explains the name «degree». It was from him later that the graduation took place, which is so known to many people in the street. The barber uses very sharp and correctly sharpened scissors, which provides a clear and confident cut of the hair. The graduation contains two modifications: internal and external.

This gives a good opportunity to choose a haircut for men with different facial features.

Hat or pot

A hat or pot is considered one of the oldest and most classic haircuts. But thanks to its special zest and charm, it is still in demand. Modern barbers try to dilute the hat with fashionable oblique bangs of an elongated type, or with a shortened back of the head. In any case, such a haircut is most suitable for young fashionable guys.

Artificial hawk

For the first time, an artificial hawk appeared in the 70th year. The haircut became a real chic of that time, and continues to delight the hearts of many guys. The barber cuts her hair in layers, and puts the upper part on top of her head up, as if forming a sharp crest. The image turns out to be daring, brutal and certainly unlike the standard classics.

On long hair

We present the most common haircuts for long hair.

With asymmetry

An ideal method to keep your hair long, but also to make the look extravagant. Asymmetry can be located in any part of the head. It affects the lower, upper, or both layers of the hair at once, thereby forming an amazing result. To begin with, it is always worthwhile to conduct a detailed consultation with a barber in the salon, since a haircut is insidious. If it is wrong to create an accent using asymmetry, then it will be possible to correct the rest of the hair mass with full correction.

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Grunge refers to youth haircuts and includes the following elements: an elongated bang, a dense parietal area and a crown area, a neat cut of the temple area and maintaining the overall length. Medium hair is the best choice for Grunge, as the length allows for its full benefits. The master will not cut the strands, only give them a neat look.


The pompadour looks harmonious on thick and long hair. A modification is appropriate here, where the lower part of the hair remains unchanged, and the upper part is formed with increased volume. The pompadour is a vintage haircut that can be styled in a variety of ways. Thanks to this property, a man will be able to create beautiful bows for every day. But you should understand that without styling, the Pompadour will look unkempt.


If you have long dreamed of being like Hollywood heartthrobs, then a cascade of long hair is ideal. Most often, it is the cascade that is selected by famous actors who want to maintain the length of their hair, but at the same time create a stylish and modern bow. The cascade is able to correct the shape of the face, it is harmoniously combined with the mustache and goatee, and is also created with or without bangs.

Mixed haircut

The mixed version of the barber offers when there are simply no others left. This method makes it possible to combine several types of haircuts in order to get out of various difficult positions. After all, every man has his own type of hair, facial structure and, of course, his own preferences. And not always the classics will be able to close all the questions, and therefore there is an option for mixing techniques.

Bohemian style

The Bohemian style will suit long, straight or wavy hair. It will perfectly emphasize the density of a heavy mane and make a man a real lion, among others. The barber will only cut off the split ends to trim the overall look in length, and the hair sheet needs to be polished or graduated.

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