Men’s haircut with bangs as a stylish solution to the hairstyle of a modern man

A hairstyle with bangs can transform and radically change your appearance. Her story begins in the distant past. The bangs were cut so that it did not interfere with the view and did not fall on the eyes. Due to its practicality, it is still relevant today. But many people imagine only one styling option, when the front strands are combed down. However, this is not necessary at all. Men’s bangs can be styled in a variety of ways.

Who is going to

Bangs are not suitable for all men. Much depends on the type of styling, the characteristics of the strands (curls or straight), the shape of the face. For example, for chubby guys, a haircut is not a good choice. A smooth horizontal cut line visually expands the face. Therefore, this option is optimal for an oval, elongated face.

Men's haircut with bangs

With a massive chin and cheekbone area, not all options with bangs will also be appropriate. Therefore, they should be selected with care. If the hair is combed towards the back of the head or temple, then the hairstyle can beautify almost anyone.

Haircuts with bangs benefit from the background of others due to the fact that they are universal for all strands: thick or sparse, elongated or shortened, curly or even. The main thing is to choose the appropriate shape and styling, and visit the hairdresser in time to correct the length.

Front strands of medium length are suitable for young people under 35 years old. Usually, such haircuts are chosen by creative people (musicians, artists, actors, singers), since such a length makes it possible to experiment with their appearance and often change their image. However, men’s hairstyles with medium bangs need regular maintenance using various fixing agents.

Long front strands can be styled in completely different ways. The main thing here is that they have sufficient density and rigidity. As for a short haircut, there are, of course, fewer styling options. But such hairstyles require a minimum of care, are practical, neat.

Actual types of men’s bangs

Men’s hairstyles with bangs are suitable for liberated individuals who strive for self-expression. There are many interesting design options: asymmetric, with parting, combed to the side or back, milled, etc. Depending on this, the hairstyle can give the image austerity and calmness or romance and lightness. And the longer the hair, the more choice of fashionable men’s haircuts with elongated bangs.

Side bangs with parting

Side bangs with parting

A hairstyle with bangs on the side and parting looks good on almost all men. It does not visually change the shape of the face, but it definitely adds style and gloss. Parting focuses on the scalp, hair, so there should not be a hint of flaking, dandruff, greasy strands.

You can safely experiment. If you smooth the bangs, then the face looks a little wider (the option is suitable for thin, narrow-faced men), if you add root volume, then, on the contrary, it becomes more elongated (for chubby guys). Men’s hairstyle with bangs on the side is appropriate with any image, whether it is a sporty bow, a strict classic or comfortable everyday.

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On two sides

Bangs on two sides

Such a man’s hairstyle is performed on elongated curls. It is versatile and suitable for owners of both straight and curly strands. The face visually rejuvenates, so both young people and older men can do bangs on both sides.

Such a haircut helps to hide imperfections on the sides of the face. Also bangs in different directions corrects the shape of the head. The cropped strands frame the face slightly and help to make it visually narrower at the top.

This option is not recommended for men with a massive jaw, since the hairstyle focuses on this particular part and can make the already heavy chin heavier. But for the owners of an oval, round, diamond-shaped face, you can safely choose a haircut with bangs on both sides.

Raised up

Bangs raised up

The main feature is the root volume in the frontal area. A haircut with bangs up visually stretches the face, so it is great if its shape is round or square. Slightly elongated strands can simply be lifted up and fixed with special cosmetics: varnish, mousse, gel, foam, etc. If they are of medium length, then you can make a root volume and lay the bangs back or towards the temple.

A men’s haircut like this adds boldness, audacity and style to the look. Depending on how to lay the strands near the forehead, the final image depends: it can be either provocative, impulsive, or more restrained and businesslike.

Long hair and bangs parted

Long Hair Parting Bangs

A hairstyle with cropped front strands and elongated rest creates a romantic, creative look. It rejuvenates the face, therefore it is relevant for men of all ages. More suitable for oval and rectangular faces. If a man has rough features, then the hairstyle will help smooth them out.

Men’s hairstyle with a parting and long bangs provides its owner with a huge number of options for modeling and styling it. A straight line that separates the hairline can be done in the center or on the side. The front strands can be trimmed straight or with a ladder, blending smoothly with the rest of the hairs.

Long hair with bangs pulled back

Long hair Bangs pulled back

Such a haircut opens the face, focuses on the forehead and eyes. It is better to choose it for the owners of the correct features and with a not very high forehead. You can comb the strands in different ways: smooth, make root volume or careless styling, etc. Men’s haircuts with long bangs add softness, restraint and elegance to the image.


Tousled bangs

This haircut emphasizes the brutality of the man. But at the same time it smoothes out the angular parts of the face. Leaves a feeling of slight deliberate negligence in the image, as if the man had just woken up. To make such a hairstyle, you can spend both a couple of minutes and more than half an hour. Much depends on the existing haircut, texture, length of the strands, as well as fixing agents.

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When choosing such a style, you should first pay attention to the haircut itself. The more layered it is, the more spectacular the men’s haircut with bangs will ultimately turn out to be. If the hair is thick and elongated, then styling will not take much time, under its own weight the strands will fall down beautifully themselves. But to create styling on thin hair is a more difficult task. In this case, it is better not to choose styling products that weigh down the hair (for example, gels, waxes), but to give preference to fixing sprays, mousses.

Braided in a ponytail or bun

Braided bangs

The hairstyle is modern, very easy to perform and any man can handle it. All you need is a comb (and sometimes you can do without it) and an elastic hair band.
Often this men’s hairstyle is combined with a light unshaven, mustache, and shaved or shortened temples. It is suitable for those with an oval head shape. As for the age and characteristics of the hair (straight, curly), there are no restrictions.

It makes sense to braid your hair in a ponytail, if it is not too long, otherwise the hairstyle will add femininity to the image. For long strands, it is better to give preference to a hipster bun.

Slanting bangs

Slanting bangs

This is one of the most difficult types of haircuts. It is hardly possible to do without the services of a professional hairdresser. Here, not only skill is important, but also the correct choice regarding the length and shape of the front strand. It can be asymmetrical, milled, shortened, elongated, torn bangs, have a straight or diagonal cut.

Thinned strands add casualness and lightness to the look. Make a voluminous hairstyle. More suitable for owners of thick strands. If the hair is weak and thin, then it is better to choose the option with a straight diagonal cut. This will make them appear denser, thicker.

Men’s haircuts with long oblique bangs visually reduce the cheeks and jaw, therefore, they are suitable for a massive lower face. But the shortened version emphasizes the entire face: emphasizes its geometry, chin, cheekbones. In this regard, it will do with the right features.

For short hair

Bangs for short hair

If the front strands are short, then there are still several styling options. A bang for short hair can be lifted up and fixed with cosmetics (semi-box), a side parting and combed back (Hitler Youth), down and a perfectly even cut (Caesar), etc.

A haircut with short bangs should be chosen individually. For example, if a man is chubby, then the front strands should be short, combed towards the back of the head, temple or up.

How to cut a man’s bangs

Before starting a haircut, you should decide on the shape (straight, asymmetrical, with a parting), texture (even, thinned out) and the length of the front strands. For the procedure, you will need: a comb, scissors (ordinary — if an even cut is planned, and thinning — if thinned strands are needed). Hair should be slightly damp. You need to start a haircut from the side, and not from the center.

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Cutting technology for straight bangs:

  1. Make a parting parallel to the eyebrow line.
  2. Pull back the strand.haircut bangs
  3. Make a straight cut parallel to the eyebrow, it should turn out to be square.
  4. Then take a strand a little higher, parallel to the previous one and use the first strand as a control line for cutting.
  5. On the other side, make a mirror image of the first parting, that is, it should be the same diagonal and parallel to the eyebrow. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the uniformity of the tension of the strands.
  6. Perform the cut in the same way as points 3 and 4.
  7. After that, you get a corner in the center. It needs to be softened. To do this, grab the left and right sides with a comb and align the center line along them.

If thinning is planned, then pull the bangs and walk 1-2 cm to the edge of hair growth with thinning scissors using the «plucking» method. The tool should not be positioned horizontally, but vertically. The hairs need to be deflected to the side by 30 degrees and thin strands should be carefully cut. As for oblique bangs, it is better to entrust the procedure to the master.

How to trim according to type

ScissorsTo keep the look neat and attractive, it is necessary to periodically trim the bangs (about once a month). If these are straight front strands, then they must be cut in the same way as the above method for cutting straight bangs. But how can a man cut his bangs if it has been thinned out? Everything is simple here. You must first cut the length, and then walk with thinning scissors using the «plucking» method.

How to lay on the side or up

Styling should only be done on clean hair. After washing your hair, you need to dry the strands with a towel. They should be slightly damp. If your hair is thin or tends to be oily, then it is better to choose a foam for fixing. If they are thick, then you can take the gel — you get the effect of wet styling.

Apply the product to the palms and distribute over the roots. Then, with quick movements, tousle the hair and dry it slightly with a hairdryer so that the cosmetic fixes the root volume (if you plan to have smoothly combed hair, you can immediately comb your hair in the required direction: put the bangs on the side or up).

After that, lightly comb your hair, but the main thing is not to overdo it, so that the strands do not lose volume. And lay them in the required direction. At the end, spray varnish on the strands to finally fix the styling.

With bangs, a man can constantly experiment with his appearance. And it is not necessary to have long or medium length strands for this. You can also find interesting options for short hair.

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