Men’s haircut under the pot and photo selection

Initially, a haircut under the pot was worn by men at the end of the last century, then it was a real trend among young people and the adult generation. Today, intoxicated of fashion trends, the haircut has acquired new outlines, but has not lost its features and individuality. Stylists consider a bowl haircut a unisex hairstyle, as it looks great on both men and the fairer sex.

If we consider men’s hairstyles pot, initially they were considered the simplest haircut model, and it was not without reason that they had such a name. Hair was cut literally under a clay pot, for this it was put on the head and scissors were passed along the border. Today, experienced craftsmen offer different options for cutting and styling haircuts under the pot, creating bold and very original looks for men.

Description of the haircut under the pot

A distinctive feature of a haircut under the pot is the maximum ease of execution, when the hair is cut with a straight cut in the shape of a semicircle around the circumference of the head. Initially, the masters achieved extreme precision thanks to clay pots, today hairdressers use only their experience and practice. The modern version has been improved and assumes both a perfectly straight and even shape, as well as textured and multi-layered careless styling.


Haircut under the pot requires the creation of volume of hair in ​​​​the crown and parietal part, with a gradual decrease towards the side parts. The ideal shape can be obtained if a man has naturally thick and even hair, which has enough natural volume. Most often, a rounded haircut can be achieved due to the multi-level structure of hair design. In addition, the masters separately consider children’s and adult models of haircuts, in the first case it will be voluminous in a romantic style, in the second it will be strict and shorter.

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Advantages and disadvantages

In fact, a man’s haircut under the pot has a large list of advantages and advantageous differences. It corrects perfectly the shape of the face, gives the appearance of a man softness and charm, emphasizes the beauty of the hair, and also helps to hide some imperfections in appearance. Stylists also note several advantages of a haircut under the pot, namely:

  • the haircut is stylish and creative, emphasizes the special taste of a man;
  • practical, as it does not require special styling and the use of cosmetics;
  • rejuvenates outwardly, giving the man a shade of childish immediacy;
  • emphasizes the expressiveness and best features of the face.

The weaknesses of such an image in a man, stylists consider the need for constant correction of the shape of the haircut as the hair grows. Also, the hairstyle requires silky smooth hair, for this you need to use high-quality care products. If a man has a pronounced disproportion in his face or other flaws, a haircut may emphasize them unfavorably, so you need to carefully consider whether a haircut is suitable for a particular man.

Who is the perfect hairstyle for?

The determining factors for choosing a haircut for a man should be criteria such as external features, face shape, age, hair color and texture, as well as general style and lifestyle. An experienced specialist in the salon or a barbershop can help with the choice, or you can try on a haircut under the pot to the photo through a special program on the Internet. The main contraindication to a haircut under the pot is curly and curly curls in a man.

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Also, you should not experiment with this way for owners of unruly hair, since a haircut requires a well-groomed and well-groomed shape. Best of all, the desired shape will be kept by hard and thick hair, which lacks its own volume. The haircut assumes a straight shape and even bangs, so it must be correctly compared with the shape of a man’s face.

It looks best on an oval or close to oval face shape, but a haircut will only aggravate the pronounced asymmetry or angularity of the face. If we consider the round shape, you can try on a shortened version of the haircut with a small amount of hair. For a square or heart-shaped face, it is better to style a haircut under the pot with volume only at the crown to balance and smooth out the corners.

Ways of laying

Any haircut requires elementary care, if we consider the option for a pot, the hair should first be as clean and fresh as possible. For owners of thick and even hair, styling is practically not required, the main thing is to adjust the shape in a timely manner as the hair grows.

Photo 33

The main task of styling hair under the pot is to create the appearance of smooth, silky hair. To achieve this result, you need to choose the right shampoo, as well as use a conditioner or hair balm. If the hairstyle does not have enough volume, you must follow these steps:

  • wash the hair with shampoo, apply a balm or conditioner, rinse;
  • then, thanks to a towel, dry a little and apply mousse or foam;
  • dry hair with a hairdryer and brushing (a round metal comb for styling);
  • you need to dry your hair, lifting it up to create volume;
  • if this is not enough, you can make a root pile;
  • at the end, the surface of the haircut is smoothed with a comb;
  • the result is sprayed with varnish.
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But such manipulations are required only for men whose hair is naturally thin and sparse. Most often, a shortened version of the pot is suitable for them, or the stylist recommends a different haircut. Only comprehensive care will provide hair with radiance and smoothness, although today the cosmetics industry offers various sprays and varnishes that give hair extra shine.

Men’s hairstyle pot: photo


Today, women’s hairstyle under the pot is not much different from male models, and therefore stylists classify it as a unisex haircut. Despite this, many men prefer to cut their hair in such a rounded shape, emphasizing the luxury and outward beauty of their hair. Haircut can be short with a slight volume, as well as in the old days of medium length to the line of the ears with volume around the entire circumference of the head. The main thing is to create harmony between the haircut and the general image and style of the man.

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