Men’s haircut Sagittarius — a spectacular hairstyle to create a charismatic look

For the stronger sex, who prefer to wear medium-length hair, the Sagittarius men’s haircut is suitable. It is distinguished by its versatility and the ability to brighten up the flaws in appearance. This hairstyle adds fluffiness to the hair. She suits both youths and respectable men with gray hair.

What a haircut looks like: options

The Sagittarius haircut is an asymmetrical hairstyle with elongated, oblique bangs. As well as side parting and graduated pointed temples and crown. It is done on strands of medium length.

The name originated from the similarity of the sharp corners of the temples with the arrowhead. There are no sharp transitions in the haircut. The nape is shortened. And on the crown and crown of the head, the hair is the same length. Edging creates a sharp contour.

The traditional hairstyle is designed for straight hair. She creates a strong-willed, decisive image. But it can be used for guys with wavy strands. In this case, a romantic, delicate look is obtained.

To whom does

mens haircut archerMen’s haircut Sagittarius suits every man. Volumetric graduation and elongated bangs hide fine hair structure or emerging bald spots.

The hairstyle is suitable for men of any age.

Looks great on blonde, gray and dark hair. Coloring or highlighting manages to create spectacular hairstyles.

An asymmetrical haircut easily hides the imperfections in appearance thanks to the side parting and the length of the bangs.

Goes well with sporty or classic style.

For men with thin and thin hair, Sagittarius is the ideal solution because:

  • cutting technology in layers gives pomp and volume to the hairstyle;
  • elongated bangs hide the receding hairline;
  • chaotic styling covers thinning areas on the head.
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In addition, the graduation smooths out the sharp features of the face. Creates a complete image. So, if you do not have a perfect face shape, the wrong features, then the Sagittarius men’s haircut will help hide these imperfections. However, the hairstyle is contraindicated for bald and curly-haired men.

A haircut is loved by creative people who want to create a charismatic image.

Self-haircut technology

It is somewhat difficult to do a haircut on your own. This is due to the problem of handling the back of the head. It is best to contact a master who will professionally cut you.

Before the procedure, you need to wash your hair, pat it dry with a towel. Then you need to do the following:

  • Comb your hair. In the temporal region, select a horizontal strand, cut it obliquely, making an acute angle. Do the same with the rest of the strands, positioning them at a 45-degree angle. Treat the opposite side similarly;
  • comb the hair from the crown towards the face, turn over the temporal zone;
  • starting from the back of the head, pull the vertical strands towards the temple at an angle of 90 degrees, cut. Increase the length towards the crown. To get an even haircut, the strands are pulled back and compared with a trimmed curl;
  • edging the area with the method of removing hair on the fingers, pulling the strands to the face, smoothing the length of the back of the head and crown, removing transitions;
  • treat the parietal zone;
  • Comb the hair from the crown of the head to the forehead, trimming it, creating an acute angle towards the nose. Connect the lines of the edging of the temple and bangs;
  • profile the ends of the hairs.
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Styling and care options

With the help of styling, you can create various variations of the hairstyle. For a splendid hairstyle, volume is created at the crown with a hairdryer and a round brush. For thin hair, you can perform a root bouffant.

Sagittarius hairstyle optionA high side parting is mandatory. To work out the curly lines, you should use gel or wax. They also sharpen the ends of the temples and bangs. The bangs can be brushed to the side and secured, although some prefer to cover part of their face with it.

Men’s haircut Sagittarius requires regular styling. You can create a unique look using your own style of hair. Tousled hair is suitable for boys. And men more impressively prefer a strict hairstyle.

There are options with different lengths of the bangs and the way it is styled — someone suits a completely covered forehead, someone prefers combing to the side.

The hairstyle is demanding for constant hair care — regular washing, combing, lubricating with wax or gel, styling with a round comb and a hair dryer. This is especially true for thin hair — it is worth skipping styling, as the hairstyle loses its original appearance, exposing the flaws in appearance.

The spectacular Sagittarius men’s haircut is popular due to the fact that it suits all men — of any age, gray-haired, brunettes, brown-haired, blondes and red. But she is especially liked by the owners of thin hair.

The hairstyle gives masculinity, emphasizes individuality, and is suitable for any type and style. Suitable for athletes, businessmen, students.

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