Men’s haircut hat — comfortable, practical, stylish

Comfortable men’s haircut beanie is a man’s hairstyle that was in demand back in the Middle Ages. It earned popularity among all classes due to its practicality, simplicity of execution. To give the necessary shape to the hairstyle, a pot was put on a person’s head, and then everything that looked out from under the kitchen utensils was cut off. Therefore, the second name of the haircut is «under the pot».

The hairstyle of the hat remained relevant for a long time, until the French king Louis XIV introduced the mass fashion for wigs among the Versailles nobility. This made the hairstyle a sign of common people and poverty.

Due to the easy and fast execution technique, a hundred years ago, a man’s hat was predominantly a children’s haircut. But now the voyage is back in fashion. Only stylists have perfected the hairstyle. Hairdressers have created different types of haircuts, types of styling, thanks to which the hat is suitable for men with different appearance, age, type of face.

Varieties of men’s haircuts beanie

The traditional men’s haircut cap is still in demand today. But, in comparison with the 60s of the last century, men’s hairstyle has changed — it has become stylish, attractive.

Male voyage — characteristic features:

  1. Volume concentrated at the crown.
  2. Round shape.
  3. Soft contour with smooth transitions in length.

Note! Men’s haircut «under the pot» looks great with any type of clothing, including outrageous glamor, casual and business style.

An experienced hairdresser examines the structure of the hair before cutting. If they are smooth, thin, then the man’s hairstyle will be perfect with a voluminous head of hair. On curly hair, this hairstyle looks casual. Therefore, the voyage is more appealing to creative men who value comfort, but do not forget about aesthetics.

hairstyle under the pot

In addition to the distinctive features of different styles or face shape, a man’s haircut with a hat is performed for different lengths of hair.

Voyage for short hair is the choice of many men. The hairstyle does not cover the ears. The length of the hair at the crown starts from 3 cm. All strands lend themselves to thinning. Often, a short haircut is complemented with shaved temples or curly cut patterns.

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Men’s hat for medium hair is characterized by soft transitions. The front part is made elongated. This area slowly flows into the occipital region. The average voyage is convenient because it allows you to create the required volume.

Note! Hollywood stars are also opting for a stylish «pot». Among the fans of the universal hairstyle, actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Jim Carrey, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham were seen.

Depending on the shape of the face, the type of hair or age, the traditional male «pot» today has five varieties:

Sharp silhouette

hairstyle hatSuitable for normal and thick hair. Its distinctive feature is its precise length transition. This type of haircut is chosen by athletes, as well as those with pronounced cheekbones, a sharp face, and a triangular strong-willed chin.

With a smooth transition

hairstyle hatThis haircut does not have clear lines. It is most frequently done on fine hair to give it volume with the help of gradation. The hairstyle suits pretty men of athletic build with a cheerful character and creativity.

Multi-layer pot

hairstyle multilayer potSuitable for owners of medium-length wavy hair. The multilevel shearing technique makes it possible to create the desired volume, to obtain a soft round shape. A haircut is youthful, makes a man more simple-minded.

Asymmetrical beanie

hairstyle hatThe hairstyle is distinguished by a clear silhouette, oblique transitions, torn strands. The haircut is made short in the back of the head, and then gradually increase in length, heading towards the face. This hairstyle should not be chosen by owners of an angular, sharp face. To avoid daily styling, it is best to do this hairstyle for sleek, straight hair. This man’s haircut visually makes the irregular head shape more symmetrical.

Double pot

hairstyle double pot

When creating a hairstyle, the master makes two hats. The first is necessary for volume in the crown area, and the second layer ends at the line of the lobes. A double hat needs daily styling, which makes it a rare choice for most men.

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To whom does

The modern hairstyle cap is in demand both among young guys and energetic men over 40 years old. But in order for the hairstyle to look stylish and emphasize individuality, it is important to choose it according to the character, face shape, style.

Note! The hat is not suitable for balding men with sparse hair. These hairstyles are not recommended for people working in power structures or athletes.

Which men are suitable for a haircut «under the pot»:

  • Men, who follow fashion trends, pay attention to their appearance.
  • Owners of symmetrical soft facial features without a masculine chin, pronounced cheekbones.
  • Slender men of medium or tall stature.
  • Young guys and children.
  • Creative personalities — artists, singers, actors.haircut options voyage

Selection of hairstyles for men, depending on the shape of the face:

Form Hair length Features
Oval Any no
Elongated Short in the parietal region
Round Shortened whiskey It is better to comb the bangs to one side or back.
Expressive cheekbones Maximum Bangs are required
Triangular Average It is necessary to make a long bang that can be combed in different directions. A beard is encouraged.

To make your own men’s hairstyle hat at home, you will need to prepare a number of tools. These are hairdressing scissors (ordinary and for thinning), a clipper, a comb with fine teeth. You will also need styling products, a hairdryer, and water in a spray bottle. It is advisable to find a hairstyle scheme in advance, or at least a photo of the desired result.

Traditional men’s haircut hat — flow chart:

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and care product.
  2. Comb your hair thoroughly.
  3. Draw a dividing line from the left earlobe to the right earlobe, or vice versa.
  4. Cut the back of the head with a clipper.
  5. Trim the silhouette with scissors.
  6. To make an unconventional hat, it will take more time to process the temporal region and forehead.
  7. The transition from the back of the head to the front zone can be clear or smooth, depending on the type of haircut.
  8. Identify the main strand and set the required length.
  9. Determine the volume of the cap depending on the client’s preferences.
  10. Transfer the hair in the forehead area to the bulk of the head of hair, or form from them even, torn or asymmetrical bangs.
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At the end, you need to make a thinning, the depth of which depends on the clarity of the lines of the hairstyle. It is noteworthy that in the traditional version of the cap, filing is not done.

flow chart men's haircut hat

Styling and care options

Like women’s, men’s haircut beanie needs daily styling and care. To do this, hairdressers recommend purchasing a brushing (round metal comb), professional styling products, and a hair dryer.

Recommendations for shaping a man’s hairstyle hat:

  • Hair should be washed and dried.
  • Slightly damp hair is treated with foam or mousse.
  • The separated strand of hair is twisted onto a round comb, and then it is dried with a hairdryer.
  • Styled hair. Gently sprinkle with varnish to fix the result.

Wavy hair is best styled with a wet look. The hair must be dried a little, to give it the necessary shape and direction. To consolidate the result, you need to use special styling products.

At the end, oil, wax or emulsions are applied to the ends of the hair to fix it. The hat is shaken, and the strands are laid so that they look casual but elegant.

If a man wants to change his hairstyle, then from time to time he can use an iron to straighten his hair.

So, men’s stylish hairstyles with a hat are versatile, comfortable, easy to perform haircuts. When choosing the appropriate option, you can visually hide external flaws by choosing a voyage for each hair type. But men who decide to have their hair cut «under the pot» need to take into account that the voyage is more suitable for young boys, as it needs constant styling and will not make the image solid.

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