Men’s hair conditioner — making the right choice

Routine shampooing does not give the curls a healthy, beautiful appearance. Even the highest quality shampoo simply cleans from dirt and does not saturate with useful elements. Complex cosmetic care is able to provide hair conditioner for both men and women. How to choose the right product and how to use it?

Why you need a male conditioner

Clean hair is most susceptible to negative environmental influences. They fade faster under ultraviolet light, become brittle, lose their splendor, split, easily absorb gases, smoke and other chemical compounds that fill the city air. This is because dirty hair is protected by sebum and other impurities, which are removed by shampooing. However, you cannot refuse water procedures, because sebum and dirt block hair follicles, interfere with their nutrition and growth.

The use of air conditioners helps to solve this problem. These funds:

  • form protection against various damage (for example, when drying with a hairdryer, combing);
  • glue the scales of the hair shaft, which open due to the alkaline effect of the shampoo and begin to rapidly lose moisture;
  • make strands smooth and manageable, providing easy combing.

Eliminate dryness and brittleness, protect against unfavorable temperatures, give a natural vibrant shine and strength, reduce hair loss after hygienic washing — this is what a hair conditioner is for.

Types and features

Conditioners are classified depending on the type of hair, as well as on what effect the man is counting on. They are:

  • Restoring. Apply immediately after shampooing, but do not rinse off. Such products quickly restore dry and damaged curls, and also enhance their protection. The most popular are two-phase express conditioners, before using which you need to shake the bottle well.
  • Medicinal. Their action is aimed at eliminating one or more problems. For example, remove split ends, prevent baldness, accelerate growth or restore the structure of the rod after staining. It is undesirable to use such formulations constantly, otherwise their therapeutic effect will weaken over time.
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There are also conditioners-conditioners for hair for men. Thanks to them, the curls after washing do not get confused, they look well-groomed and shiny.

In addition to the base, such products include auxiliary components, which subdivide men’s conditioners into:

  • Silicone. They create an invisible protective film on the surface, glue the split ends of the strands, give them shine. The action of such cosmetic products is aimed at protecting against high temperatures. They contain silicone — a special substance that restores the lipid balance of the skin, preventing rapid loss and absorption of excess moisture.
  • Protein. If a hair conditioner is needed with a regenerating effect, a man can opt for such a remedy. It contains protein proteins that penetrate deep into the horny appendages of the epidermis, filling all voids and eliminating damaged areas.
  • Oily. The consistency is similar to conditioners or balms. Nourish and moisturize hair. Contains various natural oils: jojoba, citrus, flax, tea tree, sesame, castor oil, burdock.

How to choose

The cosmetic market is replete with 2-in-1 shampoos that wash and care, guaranteeing a protective effect. However, their constant application will only solve the problem for a short time. Therefore, when choosing a separate caring product, the following nuances must be taken into account:

  • shampoo and conditioner must be from the same manufacturer;
  • it is advisable to use one brand of hair conditioner for no longer than 3-4 months;
  • give preference to products with natural ingredients;
  • for colored hair, a special agent is selected that does not wash off the coloring pigment;
  • for regular use, you should buy a conditioner that matches your hair type or a universal remedy, as indicated on the label.
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How to use

Each bottle details how to use the conditioner for a man. Before buying, you need to read this information, since the exposure time and method of application of cosmetic products can be strikingly different. Standard rules for the use of these funds:

  • men’s hair conditioner is applied to washed, damp curls;
  • the optimal effect can be achieved if you use the same series of shampoo and conditioner — their constituent components complement each other as much as possible;
  • the curls are slightly squeezed out, a little of the product is squeezed onto the palm and evenly distributed over the entire length, leaving the roots unaffected;
  • wash off the composition with warm water, trying to completely remove the substance from the head. Wet strands are easy to damage, so it is better not to comb them with a hard comb, but to use a large massage brush;
  • a large amount of conditioner creates the effect of heavy, oily hair. To avoid this, you need to dilute the thick composition with water, and only then apply to the head.

The exposure period of the cosmetic product may be slightly increased, starting from the time interval given in the instructions. This will not harm the curls, especially since the composition must be applied regularly, after each hygienic wash.

Any caring cosmetic for hair (excluding leave-in formulations) must be thoroughly rinsed off. The remains of these substances by the end of the day give the hairstyle a dirty, unkempt look.

Top 5 Men’s Hair Conditioners

The list of the best male conditioners for hair care includes the products below. You can vote for the 3 tools you like best:

Egomania Keratin hair Academy

Allows you to forget about brittle, dull, lifeless male hair. After using the product, the hairstyle acquires splendor, healthy shine and shine. The hair shaft is saturated with active components, the skin is moistened, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized. The conditioner contains mineral additives, citric acid, ginger extract, sesame oil. Country of origin Israel.

TIGI Bed Head for Men with menthol

Suitable for all hair types and suitable for daily use. Enriched with ginseng and peppermint extracts to moisturize, strengthen and add strength and shine to strands. The caring product stimulates blood circulation in the skin, prevents baldness, and normalizes the texture of the hair shaft. Country of origin Great Britain.

Beard Club Refreshing Conditioner

Tones, refreshes, professionally cares for men’s hair, nourishes, softens, moisturizes. After applying the conditioner, the strands become strong, strong, obedient. They do not tangle and comb well. The cosmetic product contains proteins, extract of mint leaves, menthol. Country of origin Italy.

Conditioner C / 01 MEDITER MEN Helen Seward

Includes natural melon and kiwi juice, citrus extract, menthol extract, wheat proteins, tocopherol. Softens, actively moisturizes, smoother keratin scales, giving the strands a healthy shine and smoothness. Thanks to the conditioner, the hair does not electrify and can cope with negative environmental factors (temperature drops, high humidity, exposure to direct sunlight). Country of origin Italy.

Regular use of conditioner after shampooing is an integral part of hair care. It is smoother the structure of the curls, gives shine and strength, and protects against damage. To achieve the desired effect, you need to choose the most suitable option and use it wisely.

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