Man bun — variants of the male «tail»

For girls, this hairstyle is called a regular bun. For men, this is Man Bun (literally translated from English, «male bun»). Its history dates back to ancient Japan: samurai often tied their hair in a knot so that it would not interfere during the battle. The revival of «man bun» happened relatively recently, when the unisex style became popular, and there were many long-haired guys.

What a haircut looks like: options

The classic Man Bun can be done on hair that is long enough to create a bun at the crown or back of the head. To do this, you do not need to cut anything: it is enough to arm yourself with an elastic band. It is important not to iron anything: the more careless the ponytail is, the better.

«Man bun» was popularized by celebrities who proved that long hair is attractive for men. Known for his «feminine» hairstyle, Jared Leto began to appear in public with a bun and immediately transformed. Brad Pitt also wore loose hair for a long time, and then suddenly pulled it back into a ponytail. And the fans liked it. Chris Hemsworth also did not part with the length after the role of Thor, so the knot on the back of his head became his hallmark.

But the Man Bun of comedian Sergei Matvienko from the show «Improvisation» looks a little ridiculous. Perhaps the problem is precisely too much neatness, so the artist’s hairstyle often becomes the object of jokes. But this only adds to his attention, because Sergei is not going to change his image.

Man bun hairstyle
«Man bun» was popularized by celebrities who proved that long hair on a man is attractive.

Wearing the bun high on the crown of the head led to a new idea: to decorate the whiskey beautifully. This makes Man Bun look more stylish. There are several haircut options.

  1. Shave whiskey completely.
  2. Gradient: a smooth transition from the ears to the main volume.
  3. Shaved strip along the base of the hairstyle.
  4. Different patterns on the temples: more suitable for teenagers.
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The «man bun» is frequently worn with a thick beard or light stubble. Women love the natural masculine essence that manifests itself through the facial hair. And when that is combined with modern style and trendy hairstyles, the result is a cool look.

To whom does

Man Bun suits everyone because it has a lot of variations. The main thing is to choose the most suitable one. You can focus on the type of person.

  • Oval. Any «man bun» will do. It will open up the face, emphasizing its correct shape.
  • Round. For chubby guys or men with chubby cheeks, a Man Bun with shaved temples is recommended.
  • Square. To soften the sharp «angles» on the chin and cheekbones, you can not only grow stubble or beard, but also wear a low bun.
  • Triangular. Here, too, a low «man bun» is preferred.

Another way: choose the type of haircut depending on your favorite style of clothing. So, guys «in sports» often wear a high knot with shaved temples. Lovers of casual prefer a tousled bun. For a youthful style, dreadlocks twisted into a knot are suitable.

Men Ban hairstyle options
Youth options for Man bun hairstyles.

Age is not a hindrance for such a hairstyle if a man dresses stylishly. This was proved by Brad Pitt, who wore a «man bun» in 2013 when he was 50 years old. Leonardo DiCaprio also tried Man Bun. True, he was a little less — 39. The actor followed the squeak of fashion, but did not guess right. Few people appreciated his image with stubble and a scanty knot on the back of his head. Therefore, DiCaprio quickly returned to the usual Curtained Hair.

Self-haircut technology

«Man bun» belongs to the average category of complexity, so it is better to entrust the haircut to a specialist. Firstly, a professional will advise which modification to choose according to the type of face and hair structure. Secondly, the result will be guaranteed. At home, after all, something can go wrong.

If you confidently own a hair clipper, you can try to create a Man Bun with your own hands (or ask someone close to you, for example, your girlfriend). To work, you will also need a hair tie and a comb with a tapered end on the handle.

  1. Hair must be clean. To get a neat haircut, it is recommended to additionally use a balm.
  2. We make a high tail, collecting a shock of hair only from the crown and a little from the crown. With the narrow end of the comb, we form an “island” with smooth edges. At this stage, it is also advisable to ask someone to help you neatly distribute the strands at the back.
  3. We hide the tip of the tail under an elastic band so that this hair does not interfere when shaving the temples.
  4. We set the desired length on the typewriter and shave the freely hanging hair, leading the device from the bottom up.
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Done correctly, the length and shape of the temples will create an even and beautiful silhouette. A sufficient amount of hair will remain on top, which can be tied into a low or high knot. The head will immediately feel relief, so it is recommended to do Man Bun for the summer or before a trip to warm countries. The temples grow back over time, but the hair does not get worse. Re-shaving can be done every 2-3 months (some people prefer to maintain the original «man bun», so they do it more often).

Styling and care options

Some types of Man Bun do not involve shaving the temples. It is enough to have hair about the length of the neck. Indeed, in this case, you will get a neat ponytail on the back of the head. If the length allows, you can collect them at the crown and tie them in a knot. For additional volume, sometimes several strands are pulled out on the parietal zone and sprayed with varnish. But this is just one of many options for how you can stack «man bun».

  1. Top Knot. Literal translation from English: «high knot». Tied so high that it can be seen from the front when the man holds his head straight. Sergey Matvienko from «Improvisation» wears Top Knot.
  2. Pony Bun («ponytail»). It is performed on long and thick hair. First, the classic Top Knot is done, and then it shifts a little lower, forming relaxed strands around it.
  3. Pineapple (pineapple). The tail is done at the crown. The ends of the strand stick out in different directions. This hairstyle is more suitable for a youth party than for everyday life.
  4. Braids. A large bundle, to which the braids lead, looks quite stylish. Hair should be thick. Or kanekalon is woven into the strands for additional volume.
  5. Dreadlocks. The guys from the south often make dreadlocks, which are then used to create original versions of the Man Bun hairstyle.
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You can diversify the usual «man bun» not only by shaving the temples, but also by coloring the strands. The contrast of light and dark curls will visually add volume, making the image more brutal. You can also play with sideburns: they either continue the haircut, or are an independent element of the image.

Only girls can afford to decorate their hair with a beautiful elastic band in a contrasting color with a bow, ruffles, etc. A man’s accessory should be invisible, otherwise it will look comical. It is recommended to choose a thin elastic band close to the hair color. Or mask it with a strand of your own hair and an invisible hairpin.

Man Bun should be done only on a clean head. Greasy hair pulled into a knot looks even more untidy. After shampooing, you can use the mousse by applying it to the roots. This will lift the hair and hold its volume, which will make the man bun look more attractive.

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