How to grow long hair for a man — an integrated approach to solving the problem

Strong, thick hair blowing in the wind creates the image of a confident, attractive man. Modern stylish haircuts are designed for elongated strands. Knowing how to grow long hair for a man makes it easy to change images. A healthy, voluminous head of hair will become an adornment of any appearance, without limiting experiments in finding a style, hairstyle changes.

How hair grows

Hair formation takes place in follicles that are shaped like pouches. They consist of connective tissue and blood vessels that provide the supply of nutrients. Up to 5 hair trunks can mature in one follicle. The average lifespan of each hair is from 2 to 5 years; in men, the renewal process occurs faster than in women.

Growth stages:

  1. Active phase — a denser and more pigmented hair is formed from vellus hair due to the active synthesis of keratin, the main material for the construction of the stem structure. The duration of the period determines the maximum length, the active stage of growth — from 2 to 5 years. On average, about 85% of the hair is in this phase.
  2. Transitional period accompanied by the separation of the hair follicle from the blood vessels. The nutritional function is impaired, growth slows down, the stage lasts for several weeks. Only 1% of all hair is constantly at this stage.
  3. Rest phase — the trunk is separated from the bulb, begins to move to the surface of the skin, the process lasts up to 4 months. At the same time, a new stem structure is formed in the bulbs, and the next cycle begins. The update processes go unnoticed. Excessive hair loss is indicative of malfunctions during the formation and transition stages.

The number of hair follicles is individual, due to genetic characteristics. It is only possible to influence the growth and formation of the stem structure using an integrated approach.

Factors affecting hair growth rate

Before you know how to grow a guy’s hair, you need to identify the reasons that affect the acceleration or deceleration of the formation of the stem structure. It is also worth considering individual characteristics, lifestyle. In men, despite the density of the cover and a more developed vascular system, hair falls out more often than in women.

What determines the rate of hair growth on the head in men:

  • genetic factors are of decisive importance, they affect not only the color, structure, but also the phases of active growth;
  • the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the bulbs depends on the rate of metabolic processes;
  • improper care — the use of shampoo with aggressive components, frequent shampooing weakens the strands, irritates the scalp, leads to disruptions in the formation of trunks;
  • the rate of hair growth in men also depends on the synthesis of hormones, with a violation of regulation, not only the condition of the strands worsens, but the head of hair noticeably thinns;
  • frequent visits to the hairdresser will not help speed up the growth process, you need to visit the master to maintain only the shape of the hairstyle, update the cuts;
  • regular use of styling leads to impaired breathing, skin nutrition, weakening the strands, slowing down natural growth;
  • long curls require nutrition, moisture along the entire length, the absence of conditioners and masks in the care leads to the growth of porous, split trunks that are difficult to restore;
  • improper combing of growing strands injures the stem structure, weakens the root system, men are not used to untangling tangles for a long time, sudden movements leave more than a dozen hairs on the comb.
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How to get a haircut while growing

Growing hair is much more difficult for men than for women. Girls will easily give the curls a neat look, no matter how long the strands are. For guys, stylists recommend immediately choosing hairstyles that take into account the structure and density of the hair. As you grow, it will be easier to maintain shape, updating only the ends.

How to get a haircut — top best hairstyles:

how to grow long hair for a man

  1. The popular «Undercut» allows you to create a neat shape even on long strands. The temples and the back of the head are cut with a smooth transition, the main volume in the region of the crown and on the crown. Styling will require styling, fixing agents will give a well-groomed look.
  2. Shaved temples and the back of the head, in combination with long strands of the crown, are chosen by men of different age groups. A practical hairstyle does not require styling; it is enough to secure the free ends with an elastic band.
  3. You can grow curly hair for a man using a graduated bob. Falling strands add romance to the look. For formal gatherings, regrown curly hair can be easily secured with an elastic band.
  4. Asymmetrical options are not only suitable for creative people. Due to the combination of different lengths, external imperfections can be hidden. The graphic form requires the use of styling, it is recommended to choose a technique, taking into account the structure and density of the hair.

What to do for fast growth

The solution to how to grow a man’s hair quickly is a holistic approach. Shiny, strong strands require more than just special care. For active growth, the follicles must receive a sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. It is necessary to exclude factors that weaken the strands, slowing down the processes of formation and growth of trunks.

Growth stimulants

There are many homemade and ready-to-use remedies available to grow long strands. It is based on active ingredients that stimulate the transition of dormant follicles to the active growth phase. The basic rule is a systematic approach, the compositions have a cumulative effect, the results of application can be evaluated only after a few months.

Hair growth products for men:

  • sprays and tonics with caffeine stimulate metabolic processes, are used not only to accelerate growth, but also to fight hair loss, caffeine is a well-known antioxidant, normalizes blood flow;
  • ampoules and serums with minoxidil and its derivatives are recommended by trichologists for the growth of hair on the head, it is also effective for the treatment and prevention of alopecia;
  • care products with nicotinic acid solve the problem of slow growth, you can independently enrich shampoos, sprays with vitamin PP or prepare masks on its basis;
  • burdock oil — nourishes, strengthens the root system, stimulates the active phase of growth, is used in the form of masks, it is also effective to massage with a warm wrap;
  • citrus essential oils are natural growth stimulants, just add a few drops to a shampoo or mask to achieve the desired effect;
  • masks based on spices — cinnamon, ginger activate blood flow, are recommended for scalp care, prevention of fungal infections;
  • brewer’s yeast ensures the growth of healthy, strong strands, the presence of B vitamins helps to strengthen the roots, restore the stem structure along the entire length.
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Nervous system

The condition of the hair on a man’s head depends on the psycho-emotional state. Often after stress, depression, growth retardation, loss, alopecia are observed. There are simple ways to neutralize negative emotions:

  • good sleep prevents increased excitability of the nervous system;
  • body massage, head massage relieves tension, helps to reduce the level of stress hormones;
  • walks in the fresh air are also useful for metabolic processes that affect not only mood, but also the phase of hair growth.


Strong, healthy hair is a reflection of health conditions. To grow long strands requires a general lifestyle change.

How to grow hair for a man:

healthy lifestyle how to grow hair for a man

  • compliance with the water regime affects metabolic processes, as well as the condition of the scalp, normally you need to consume at least 1.5 liters of clean water;
  • amino acids contained in protein of animal or vegetable origin are used to build the stem structure; the diet should include meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, eggs;
  • sports training provides an acceleration of blood flow, saturation of cells with oxygen for the normal state of the scalp and hair;
  • it is necessary to monitor weight, obesity leads to hormonal imbalance, which provokes growth retardation and loss of strands;
  • you need to forget about bad habits, smoking and alcohol disrupt metabolic processes, negatively affect the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional supplements and vitamins

The pharmacy offers a wide range of drugs. Helps to replenish nutritional deficiencies in the diet. Vitamin complexes contain essential elements for hair growth and strengthening.

Top 5 Hair Supplements:

Hair Growth Formula
how to grow hair for a manThe drug of complex action, promotes strengthening, rapid growth, restoration of the structure. Contains vitamins A, C, E, B5, B6, zinc, manganese. The course of admission is designed for 1 month, a number of contraindications should be taken into account.



Alerana complex
how to grow hair for a manIn addition to essential vitamins and minerals, the tablets contain amino acids necessary for the formation of healthy stems. Helps to improve overall health, increase the protective functions of the immune system. It is necessary to take the supplement in stages — white tablets during the day, and red ones in the evening.




how to grow hair for a manFood supplement with a balanced composition of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. The first results are seen after 2 months. The tool stops hair loss, stimulates growth. Solves the problem of growing curly curls. Provides nutrition to the follicles and scalp, has antioxidant properties.




how to grow hair for a manContains argan and jojoba oil. Recommended for restoring damaged structure, improving blood flow to the scalp, moisturizing along the entire length. The presence of amino acids ensures the growth of healthy, elastic stems. A feature of the supplement is its natural balanced composition.




how to grow hair for a manHas a complex effect on the skin and hair. Stimulates collagen synthesis, replenishes the deficiency of zinc and copper, sulfur for the production of keratin. It is prescribed for loss, alopecia, growth retardation.

Vitamins for hair growth in men:

  • vitamin A — carrots, persimmons, pumpkin, gooseberries, blueberries,nutrition and hair growth Bulgarian pepper;
  • vitamin C — citrus fruits, strawberries, currants;
  • vitamin B6 — legumes, flax seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin;
  • vitamin B8 — cereals, legumes, grapefruit;
  • vitamin B9 — potatoes, rice, bananas, liver, heart;
  • folic acid — spinach, lettuce, peas, beans;
  • magnesium — sesame oil, almonds, dates;
  • sulfur — poultry meat, fish, dairy products;
  • silicon — apricots, beets, tomatoes, seaweed;
  • zinc — nuts, cherries, pears, apples, seafood.
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The main secrets of long hair are to properly cleanse, moisturize and nourish.

Care features:

  • you need to reduce the number of cleansing procedures, using periodically dry shampoo will be able to maintain a well-groomed appearance;
  • daily scalp massage, which activates blood flow for the supply of oxygen and nutrients;
  • for combing use special combs to prevent tangling and tangling;
  • once a week, apply masks that nourish and strengthen the follicles, they do not solve the problem, how to quickly grow hair in a week, but well-groomed hair looks after the first application;
  • once a month, carry out a scalp scrubbing, preventing the appearance of dandruff, seborrhea, allowing to increase the effect of using medical cosmetics.

How to wash your hair in stages:

  • wet well curlspaying special attention to the scalp;
  • the temperature of the water is also important, it should be warm, but not hot, so as not to provoke synthesis sebiumby activating the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • in the palms of your hands, foam a small amount of shampoo, enough volume of a teaspoon;
  • evenly distribute on the scalp, but not on the strands, intensively massage for 5 minutes;
  • then wash off warm water and repeat cleansingе more times, this will help to maintain a well-groomed appearance for a longer time, reducing the number of washing procedures;
  • rinse strands cool to close open scales;
  • air conditioning to distribute on the mainой oftenи и tips, after 5 minutes it can be washed off, the product is not applied to the scalp, it can lead to a violation of cell oxygen saturation;
  • after washing strands blot with a towel, leave to dry naturally, if dried with a hairdryer or towel, easily injure trunks by shortening them life cycle;
  • combing dry curlsto reduce mechanical impact, to prevent tangling, it is recommended to comb the hair before washing.

Professional tools

Growing hair 20 cm in a week at home is an unrealistic task. But to impact on the process is still possible. Salon procedures have proven their effectiveness, providing accelerated growth of healthy, strong strands.

How to speed up the growth of hair on the head in men — salon methods:

salon methods help hair growth

  1. Mesotherapy is an invasive therapy that ensures the saturation of the follicles with nutrients. Cocktail compositions are selected individually, taking into account the condition stem structure and scalp. Microinjections are made according to the scheme — the hairline on the forehead, and then over the entire growth area. The course consists of 8-10 sessions, it is recommended for strengthening, growth, prevention of alopecia.
  2. Darsonval is a hardware procedure based on the effect of microcurrents. Stimulates the growth phase, improves blood circulation. Application also requires a course of procedures, effectiveа in combination with nourishing and moisturizing masks.
  3. Laser therapy provides deep penetration of impulses into the dermal layers. The procedure is aimed at the processes of regeneration, restoration of blood flow, oxygen breathing. The course is prescribed by a trichologist, depending on the tasks of therapy.

The answer to the question of how to grow hair for men lies in an integrated approach. It is not enough to take only multivitamins, forgetting about the possibilities of professional, home care. Long, flowing strands will be the best decoration for your appearance, a reward for your efforts.

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