Hedgehog haircut — a universal hairstyle for a modern man

Men are not accustomed to experimenting with appearance and image, therefore from year to year they cut their hair in the same way, unaware that there are stylish options that will not go out of fashion for many years. The Hedgehog Hairstyle is a short, versatile, sporty men’s haircut that will add masculinity and confidence to your look. It was originally intended for children, but then gained popularity among creative people. The popularity and demand for the Hedgehog hairstyle is due to the variety and interesting features.

What a haircut looks like: options

The classic variation is performed using a clipper with the same length of a nozzle or scissors together with a comb. Hair after cutting should be even, evenly cover the entire surface of the head. There are three types of this hairstyle:

  1. Short hedgehog
    hairstyle short hedgehogIt is ideal for people with an athletic build and symmetrical features. Such a haircut with a short length of strands is comfortable to wear, does not need special care and daily styling. She emphasizes the natural beauty, strength, masculinity and sexuality of a man.
  2. Elongated hedgehog
    hairstyle elongated hedgehogThis type of haircut is suitable for those of the stronger sex who want to look brutal and irresistible. Long, barbed strands will correct imperfections in the appearance or proportions of the skull. It differs in that it requires constant care and fixation, but it looks bright and extraordinary.
  3. «Hedgehog» for boys
    hairstyle baby hedgehogThis is an option for moms who want to style their son’s hair every day. The hairstyle looks good on a child’s head, and the baby will differ from his peers.

For older men, the shortened version is more suitable, and young and confident young men who are ready for bold experiments should give preference to the creative elongated form.

Who is the Hedgehog hairstyle suitable for?

A hedgehog haircut is considered universal, but not suitable for all types. In the selection process, one should focus on the shape of the skull, the symmetry of facial features, style of clothing and the scope of human activity.

hairstyle hedgehog

The haircut is perfect:

  • People with straight strands and hard and thick hair structure.
  • Owners of a smooth skull.
  • Guys of strong or athletic build.
  • People who have an oval, slightly pointed type of face.
  • Chubby men with beards or lightly unshaven hair.
  • A person with the correct proportions of appearance.
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hairstyle hedgehog

It is better not to do the Hedgehog’s hairstyle:

  • Owners of wide cheekbones, chubby cheeks, protruding auricles, a massive jaw.
  • Tall guys with a long face.
  • For older men, the optimal age is up to 35 years.
  • Men with irregular and uneven face proportions or short necks.
  • For young men with an endomorphic or ectomorphic body type.

These are general tips to help you make the right choice. A professional hairdresser or stylist is able to skillfully smooth out the imperfections of the skull in the process of creating a short hedgehog hairstyle.

The disproportionate shape is corrected with the help of the hair volume in the missing places.
It is recommended for the chubby type to increase the mass of hair in the parietal zone of the head, then smoothly reduce the strands to zero from the sides. This method will allow you to make your face visually slim, it is also suitable for short, obese guys.

Those who naturally have soft, thin curls should give preference to a different style. And the owners of hard curls can safely make a «hedgehog», the thorns will stick out even without styling.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Hedgehog hairstyle


  1. Men’s haircut for a hedgehog is easy to clean, styling curls will take no more than five minutes.
  2. Short strands do not go into the eyes.haircut hedgehog
  3. Looks fresh and modern.
  4. The best option for athletes — the head is open, does not sweat, the hair does not distract from the game, and the hair stays clean longer.
  5. It is unique in that it is capable of transforming, supplemented with bangs or volume.
  6. Easy to implement — a novice hairdresser can handle such a hairstyle.
  7. It is universal — it is suitable for owners of both straight and wavy hair.


  1. Monotonous styling.
  2. It quickly loses its shape, therefore it needs constant adjustment.
  3. Not suitable for fine and soft strands.
  4. Strongly reveals the face and skull, indicating imperfections.
  5. The traditional look of a man’s hairstyle with a hedgehog is considered a military one, it gives a strict look, therefore it is not intended for people with expressive features.
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Home technology

Before starting the procedure for creating a haircut for a hedgehog, you need to prepare cutting tools: hairdressing scissors, a comb with small teeth, a hair clipper or razor, thinning scissors. When all the equipment is assembled, you can start.

Haircut algorithm:

  1. The hair should be washed and dried. Unruly hair should be washed with balm.
  2. Comb thoroughly.
  3. Draw an even horizontal parting in the center of the head at the crown, dividing the hair into two equal zones: the occipital and parietal.
  4. Lower two additional vertical partings that will separate the temporal part from the lateral part.
  5. Secure the selected sections of hair with clips.haircut
  6. Trim the strands from the frontal parietal region using the method of cutting on the fingers: alternately choosing the curls and shortening them by 1-2 cm. The cut must be done strictly at the point where the hair is folded with the fingers.
  7. It is recommended to separate the nearest strand parallel to the control (first) and cut to the same length. In this way, all subsequent curls in the crown are trimmed.
  8. Trim the back of the head with a clipper, directing the attachment against hair growth. When moving up, the length should be gradually extended, and the angle of inclination between the head and the attachment should increase. This method will create a smooth transition.
  9. Carefully round off the shape of the haircut by dividing the sections of hair into different zones and cut them off so that the scissors are perpendicular to the head.
  10. Profile of the parietal region.

The short men’s haircut of the Hedgehog is simple to perform, it is created using a machine with one nozzle, so you can do it yourself. To do this, you need to choose the desired length and walk along the surface of the head. If a man has a rounded face, then the size of the strands in the temple area should be reduced. And for the type with an elongated face, it is recommended to choose the option with sharp thorns. For skinny guys, it is better to shorten the strands at the back of the head and leave the length at the crown and temples.

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Care and laying

Regardless of the styling, the Hedgehog’s hairstyle should look proper: sharp, sticking up strands, reminiscent of needles or thorns. The simple traditional form of the Hedgehog is chosen by adults and restrained men. The youth variation is distinguished by the length of the thorns, complemented by details: bangs, unusual coloration, a more voluminous top, shaved temples with a pattern.

strtzhka hedgehog

The Hedgehog men’s hairstyle is unpretentious and does not need special care. To maintain freshness and tidiness, it is enough to wash the hair as it gets dirty and do not forget to visit the hairdresser to adjust the style.

Before you start creating a hairstyle, you should stock up on the necessary styling product — it can be mousse, gel, varnish or foam. When choosing a product, you need to remember that the softer the hair structure, the stronger the fixing agent should be. For tough curls, one light foam is sufficient.

Ways to lay the «Hedgehog»:styling option

  • Classic. To create such a styling, you require squeezing a small amount of mousse onto your hand, distribute it over your palm, run your hand into the hair, separating the strands from each other. Run in the direction from the roots to the tips. Softer curls can be fixed with wax.
  • Creative. A light fleece is made on top, which will add volume to the hairstyle. Apply the gel and with chaotic movements pull the strands from the forehead, creating protruding thorns. Secure the styling with varnish.
  • «Kind hedgehog». The foam must be applied under the hair and combed back.

The Hedgehog hairstyle is characterized by numerous advantages: it is suitable for men with straight and curly hair, practical and comfortable in daily wear, does not cause inconvenience during sports or work, and does not require complex care. Such a haircut adds freshness, masculinity and brutality to the owner, emphasizes the natural beauty and attractiveness. It is very simple to create a Hedgehog, therefore you can make a haircut with your own hands at home. The disadvantages include the fact that the hairstyle requires frequent correction.

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