Hairstyles for teens: fashion trends of the year

Haircuts for teens have undergone some changes. Young men want to keep up with adult men who today monitor their appearance, increasingly visiting a stylist. It is necessary to consider the questions of what hairstyles for teenagers are in fashion today, as well as what are the differences from adult variations.

Teenage Haircut Trends

Previously, haircuts for teenagers had a characteristic feature of sloppiness. Older youths preferred to grow curls and collect them with a thin black elastic band in a careless bun. Now the trend has changed, which is why neatness, clarity, brevity have come into fashion.

A series of trendy haircuts for teenagers contains the following features:hairstyles for boys

  • Now they say a stern «no» to male negligence and slovenliness. Even if it’s Hedgehog or Cascade, the hair should be styled perfectly. For which they often use special varnishes with increased fixation.
  • Haircuts for teenage boys are different from the adult variations. It is noteworthy that the variety itself may be the same, but stylists present it differently.
  • Hairstyles for teenagers are chosen short — do not neglect the typewriter, shaving off the temples or the entire oval of the lower part of the head.
  • Now, men’s hairstyles are not just a classic short haircut. Even from simple Boxing, it is appropriate today to make a Hedgehog hairstyle. In this case, the «thorns» should be sharpened and even, without a single hint of «deviate from the rules.»

It is noteworthy that for boys 14 years old and younger, stylists predominantly choose options that do not have elongated hair. These are mostly shaved temples, with left areas of medium length — mainly on the parietal part and the back of the head. As a result, the teenager can only do the combing of the left length and carefully fix it with varnish.

Haircuts for teenagers 16 years old are already more complex male options that require high-quality styling, possibly with adding volume. For this, sometimes they use a hairdryer and additional fixation devices.

The fashionable men’s trend did not disregard the abandonment of the elongated bangs. Teenage options for such styling also depend on the thickness of the young man’s hair and his age. The older the young man, the longer the bangs are left.

Important: With modern short haircuts for teenagers, you have to visit the stylist regularly. Boys should correct their appearance at least once a week.

What to avoid when choosing a haircut

Hairstyles for teenagers should be chosen not only at the request of the boy himself, but also in accordance with the recommendations of the stylists. At the moment, they advise avoiding the following mistakes in choosing a haircut:

  • You don’t have to want to be like an idol. Show business stars prefer to do stylish, haircuts for boystrendy hairstyles that are selected by the best stylists. It turns out that their version fully corresponds to the proportions of the face, the chosen image, the character of the person. If modern haircuts are chosen that are difficult to implement, the stars make the appropriate styling and select a suit for her. Teenagers who choose a haircut like a star can turn out to be ridiculous — often the chosen image does not match the facial features, with the style of clothing.
  • A cool boy look is a complete combination of thick hair with the chosen men’s haircut. If the young man has thick curls, you cannot choose Cascade or High and tight haircuts.
  • You cannot choose long haircuts if the guy has increased sweating or oily hair. In this case, you will have to constantly monitor your appearance. For teenage boys, this is a ban — their styling will become sloppy after a few hours.
  • It is not recommended choosing options with creative shaving of the temples or dyeing individual strands in bright colors if the young man needs to go to school.
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From all of the above, only one conclusion follows — it is better to choose something neutral and masculine, which will look attractive both with additional styling and without it. This is especially true for schoolchildren. The teaching staff are not always delighted with the transformation of their students. Therefore, guys prefer to do attractive styling just for a walk.

Top 10 haircuts for teens

Stylists prefer to divide hairstyles for teenagers into two categories — up to 14 years old and for young men older. Youth variations can be slightly modified and «adjusted» to the thickness of the hair of the guys. For example, some male options are universal — the density can be reduced by shaving certain areas.


hairstyles for teensThis is the same universal hairstyle for a boy aged 12 and up. Suitable for teenagers of any type of face — oval, outlines, cheekbones. If the boy has a round face, it is better to choose an asymmetrical look that will hide the large cheeks. The hair remains elongated at the back of the head, so you can create some real masculine looks.


haircuts for teensThis is a popular male version that has undergone minor changes. Today, even on the presented type of haircut, styling is done — combing or, conversely, raising the hair. Half-boxing is done both for short hair and for slightly elongated hair — up to medium length, no more.

Hair tattoo

hairstyles for teensSuch a man’s hairstyle is not suitable for school, as it looks very extravagant. But on vacation, you can pamper the boy with shaved «fishnet» temples and other experiments. A man’s haircut is selected for a teenager, taking into account strict lines, since today it is no longer fashionable to shave beetles, spiders and other insects.

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hedgehog for a boyA certain male standard, which is similar to a sporty haircut, but gives the image a modern laconicism. The hairstyle is suitable for teenagers of all ages. An important condition is only the length of the hair — for boys under 15 years old, it is better to choose a length below average (but not short). Older young men can be made slightly longer than the parietal part, since they already independently monitor their appearance and, if necessary, correct their styling.


CaesarCaesar is a top choice as it makes any teen stand out from the crowd. A haircut can be chosen absolutely for every boy, because stylists offer a variety of options. The advantage is the ability not to do additional styling. You can choose a hairstyle for short hair and look stylish, trendy, cool.


CanadianAnother cool look for a boy of any age in 2021-2022. The image is chosen in accordance with the density of the hair — thick or medium-dense curls are required. You can choose options with long bangs if this is an older boy. It is noted that the haircut needs additional styling, although it takes a few minutes to complete.

Boy platform

hairstyles for teensQuite an eccentric male hairstyle that suits mostly older teenagers. A modern boy will choose a similar option for himself in the presence of elongated curls. Stylists recommend implementing a haircut for long hair, while choosing the right length. Requires styling, suitable for young men with an elongated face shape.

High and tight

hairstyles for teensClassic men’s haircut for boys of all ages. The hairstyle looks neat, does not require additional styling, the whole image looks great in the presence of a business suit.

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boxingAn integral part of all cool hairstyles. The style turns out to be masculine and daring, therefore it is mainly chosen by boys who prefer a sporty lifestyle. Suitable for short to medium curls.

Bob hairstyle

Bob hairstyles for boysAnd the boys got the trendy bob hairstyle, which is a smooth transition of the length of the curls from short to elongated from the bottom up. Suitable for adolescents aged 15 and older who follow fashion and can choose appropriate wardrobe items to suit the image. Even a casual look is an extra styling, as this haircut requires mandatory work on the image.

Men’s haircuts on adolescents look attractive, extravagant, lively and appropriate if the hairstyle for the boy is chosen correctly. It is necessary to follow the fashion and not forget about your individuality.

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