Hairstyle Caesar — ultra-trendy haircut for brutal men

It is important for a man to have a stylish and well-styled haircut, as it can transform his appearance and give confidence. Caesar’s hairstyle for men, in addition to high status, is able to hide incipient hair loss or a small bald spot.

What a haircut looks like: options

Caesar is shaved to zero or shortened with a transition to the temples and the back of the head, hair combed over the forehead and evenly cut bangs. The hairstyle always looks trendy, masks the uneven hairline and gives the wearer a brutal look.

The Caesar haircut has more than 2000 years of history, and during this time many variations have been invented:

  • With drawings on the temples

hairstyle Caesar with drawings on the templesEspecially suitable for men with dark hair, as it creates a noticeable contrast;








Curly hairstyle CaesarDesigned for people with curly or curly hair and requires regular maintenance. It is also recommended cutting the strands as short as possible to make the hairstyle easier to style;







  • With a smooth transition to the beard

hairstyle Caesar With a smooth transition to the beardThe curls lengthen evenly from the temples to the crown;








hairstyle caesar torn bangsHelps to give a man a slightly casual look. The strands on the bangs vary in size, and the styling itself requires much less effort.







hairstyle Caesar without transitionStrands are shaved to zero, so this option is more suitable for daring, brutal men. It is practical to wear and goes well with a beard or light stubble.

There are other options for creating this popular hairstyle, and you should choose them based on your appearance.

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To whom does

Caesar’s hairstyle will suit both young guys and older men. There are no restrictions on hair color, Caesar looks harmoniously on blondes, brunettes and redheads.

Stylists advise people with an oval, slightly elongated face to stay on this option. Hair who suits Caesar's hairstyleshould be straight or slightly curly and easy to fit. By varying the length of the bangs, you can correct the shape of the oval. For example, a shaved back of the head without a transition will visually lengthen the neck. And Caesar with uniform shading will give the face a more well-groomed look.

When choosing this haircut, you should consider the following features:

  • tough and unnecessarily thick hair will require careful regular styling;
  • evenly trimmed bangs focus on the geometry of the face, and therefore on those with flaws;
  • long curly strands will make the wearer look sloppy;
  • people with an overly elongated or skinny face using the Caesar hairstyle will only exacerbate the cons.

Unsuccessful haircut Caesar will look on men with a large round or square face, as the bangs lowered on the forehead will only increase it.

Self-haircut technology

Tools required for a haircutCaesar’s hairstyle is not difficult to do, so it can be done on your own, if you study the technique with the algorithm of work. In addition, it is worth doing the hairstyle only on hair at least 5 cm long, otherwise the desired effect will not work. Of the tools you will need:

  • sharp scissors;
  • comb with fine teeth;
  • spray bottle with water;
  • machine with attachments.

The procedure for creating a Caesar haircut for men is as follows:

  1. Wash the hair in warm water and dry it.
  2. Comb your curls. Strands of hair, starting from the middle of the crown, comb towards the forehead.
  3. Cut the hair in this area with a clipper or scissors. All strands should be of uniform length. It is recommended to cut the strands against their growth.
  4. Shave the strands on the back of the head with a machine. They can be shaved to zero or shaded, since Caesar’s hairstyle with a transition is now popular with men.
  5. Shave the strands at the temples and trim them with the back of the head.
  6. In the last place, they make out the bangs. The cut should be straight at the desired length. She is often cut short.
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If a person’s hair falls out or already has a bald spot, then the bangs should be cut at such a level that the styled hair looks natural. If a man has not previously cut himself, then it is recommended to go to an appointment with a hairdresser for the first time. The master will explain all the intricacies of the haircut, after which it will be possible to perform this procedure yourself.

Styling and care options

Caesar’s hairstyle does not need regular styling without transition, since the hair is cut very short and lies neatly. The most important thing is to keep your head clean.

The situation with Caesar with the transition is completely different, since here the strands are already longer, and the hairs themselves must be neatly styled so that the bang line can be clearly traced.

styling haircuts Caesar

The care scheme is quite simple:

  1. Wash your hair and dry your hair.
  2. Apply a gel-cream to the curls, which will smooth the hair and make it more manageable when styling.
  3. Dry your hair with a hairdryer, combing it in the right direction and adding volume (depending on the type of styling).
  4. Fix the effect with fixing varnish or cream.

There are several common styling methods:

  1. In the form of a Mohawk

in the form of a mohawkHair should be washed and then blow-dried. While drying, the strands should be lifted and fixed with a styling agent. If the length of the strands allows, they can be combed in the opposite direction. The Mohawk is considered a sportier and more casual haircut option.



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tousled stylingAllows you to create a slight carelessness on a man’s head and goes well with stubble or a short beard. The strands are combed unevenly and fixed with modeling paste. This style is suitable for both men and boys with a Caesar haircut.







classic stylingBest for short, Caesar. After washing, the strands must be dried. Then they are neatly stacked forward, the bangs should be even, all the strands in one line. Classic styling can be done on relatively long strands, but it will take more time, and you cannot do without a styling product.

If a man has obedient hair with medium density, then Caesar’s styling will take a maximum of 5-7 minutes, since the haircut itself is very practical. The most difficult thing to care for a haircut will be for owners of tough and naughty or curly hair. In this case, styling should be done daily.

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