Comb for men — choosing the perfect one

Despite the fact that men have much less hair than women, it also needs to be combed. And gradually the fashion world is changing, new haircuts appear, men with long hair are often found. Therefore, men also have to purchase appropriate hair care accessories. The comb for men has already become commonplace, not a rarity.

What to be guided by when choosing a comb

The main parameters that you should rely on when choosing a hairbrush are:

  • hair structure and type;
  • skin type;
  • mens hair combmaterial of which the product is made;
  • functional use.

Comb for men should not have sharp edges so as not to damage the hair shaft and scalp. Ideally, the metal teeth are polished and the edges of the teeth are slightly rounded. To be sure of the quality of the comb, you should not purchase it in ordinary small stores. Better to go to a specialized store. In this case, each male comb has a series, batch number and a quality certificate confirming the chemical safety of the product for humans.

So that it does not spoil the skin, you need to correctly select the material from which it is made. Combs for men are:

  • made of carbon material;
  • from synthetic (plastic, ebonite);
  • wooden;
  • metal.

Any of them can be suitable, if you do not abuse the force of combing and pressing, so as not to damage the structure of the hair and scalp. Each material is interesting and valuable in its own way.

Types of combs

This item is needed by both women and men to maintain a neat look and shape of the hairstyle. While brushing, the scalp is lightly massaged, forcing the blood to circulate more intensively, which is beneficial for the overall well-being of the body.

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Over time, manufacturers have created a wide variety of comb options that can be both multifunctional and suitable for just one function, for example, combing a beard and mustache. They can be conditionally divided into:

Evenly spaced comb

comb for men with even teethDesigned for combing damp, fine hair, which in its structure gets tangled very quickly. The wide spacing of the prongs will help solve this problem. Wet hair weighs down the head of hair and therefore stops tangling. Often this option is used by hairdressers for short haircuts. A mid-toothed comb will help straighten hair when applying cosmetics such as oil, gel or mousse.


Combination comb for men

combination comb for menIt is a comb, in which one part with a frequent arrangement of teeth, and the other with a medium or large. Such a comb is considered multifunctional, as it can perform two functions — to separate tangled hair, and then style it in the correct shape.

Comb with fine handle

comb for men with fine handleBy design, the combs can have a short or long thin handle. The stylish comb has finger slots at the base, which is much more comfortable. For men with long hair, a comb with a long handle is suitable. For a short haircut, a regular or slotted comb is sufficient.

Massage brush

massage brush for menIn addition to combing curls and arranging them neatly, this hair care accessory also massages the skin. This is very useful for those men who are prone to hair loss with age and baldness. Since the brush makes the blood circulate and the necessary nutrients enter the bulbs more intensively. The bulbs «wake up», and due to this, hair growth occurs. This type of combs is made of neutral materials — wood or carbon with the addition of natural or artificial bristles.

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Professional comb for coloring and cutting

professional hair combA professional comb for men is necessary for cutting or coloring, highlighting strands. Its special design provides easy access to the desired strands, which prevents the rest of the hair from getting dirty during coloring.

Oddly enough, but for the beard and mustache also have their own combs. They allow you to do a neat styling, comb tangled hair and carry out small haircuts along the length, giving the desired shape. This is a foldable comb, so it is convenient to take it with you.

Top 10 Men’s Hair Combs

Men should take a closer look at the following comb options listed below, as each of them is unique and useful in its own way. From all the variety, you can choose exactly the type that suits the most. You are invited to mark 4 combs options for men that you would choose for yourself.

Tough & Tumble «Revolve»

The special design and rigid construction of the metal comb ensures smooth gliding without damaging the structure. Gives hair shine and silkiness.

Olina natural wood comb

Experts recommend purchasing it, as it copes well with thick and wavy hair. Copes with the most tangled curls while massaging the scalp.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Wood Comb

She is stylish and unusual in her own way. It is handcrafted and multifunctional, as it is ideal for styling and brushing men’s hair and beards. A special material made of rare wood species, after combing gives silkiness and smoothness.

Royal Imperial Switchblade Comb

It is a folding metal pocket comb made in an original design style. Convenient to carry and take on trips.

Kent Hand-Made pocket comb

Small pocket comb for men made of synthetic materials, which is convenient to take with you on a trip or a long trip. Effectively copes with combing thick and dense strands of men’s curls.

HAIRARTI Tech carbon comb

Carbon fiber comb for perfect styling of unmanageable hair. It is a comb with a long handle and frequent teeth. When combing, it evens out the hair and makes the hair silky.

Hawatour Folding Wood Comb

These men’s comb is made of sandalwood and is designed for combing fine and sensitive hair. Relieves static electricity and imparts unusual fresh sandalwood scent to hair.

Baxter pocket comb

It is made from the best synthetic material and is affordable for the consumer. Stylish shape and excellent brushing of thick hair puts it on the level of the best in this type of combs.

Mason Pearson rake comb

Comb for men’s hair with a fine structure and therefore often tangled with each other. The medium spacing between the teeth of this synthetic comb allows you to comfortably comb the strands without damaging them.

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