Canadian — popular men’s haircut from the classics

The image of modern men shows how much they take care of themselves, whether they know how to work with their own style, whether they have taste. The men’s hairstyle deserves attention. It must be original and at the same time universal, so that its owner can go to a business meeting or to an enchanting event without hesitation and restrictions. The Canadian haircut is popular. What it is, what advantages it has, how it looks will be discussed in the article.

Who will look good on

Canadian — men’s haircut, which has the following description:

  • in the area of ​​the forehead and crown, the hair is long and lush;
  • they are absent on the temporal and occipital parts;
  • the transition between these areas is smooth (not abrupt).

The Canadian hairstyle is popular not only among men, but also among boys, children, and the elderly. She makes young people serious and high-status, and elderly people energetic and vigorous. Since the hair left on the top of the head never gets in the way, this haircut can be used for everyday activities and attending public events.

The advantage of Canadian men’s haircuts is their versatility. They are suitable for all ages and face types. However, before you go to the stylist, you need to take into account the nuances that will help make the image successful and inimitable.

  1. Rectangular shape… In this case, a Canadian haircut involves carefully cutting the hair at the crown and back of the head so that they are short. This will remove the excessive massiveness of the face and provide smoothing of the features. In this case, straight bangs can be added to the Canadian men’s haircut. The challenge is to smooth out irregularities.
  2. Circle or square… The aim of the hairstyle is to draw out the oval, providing volume at the crown. In order for the effect of the Canadian men’s haircuts to be effective, possession of thick hair is necessary, since one cannot do without it here.
  3. Non-standard form… If the face is long, you need to achieve the length of the bangs so that during it’s laying on one side, it is visually shorter.
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If a man takes these recommendations into account, the Canadian men’s haircut will give him maximum pleasure and make his appearance attractive.

Classic Canadian step by step

The technology for performing hairstyles deserves attention. Men are wondering how to cut their hair in order to get the effect. In fact, there are no difficulties in this matter. If you have experience, you can organize an image for yourself at home. The haircut technique looks like this step by step:

  • thoroughly rinsing and drying the strands (drying should be done using a pulling comb);
  • attention should be paid to partings: first, they are done horizontally (in the direction from one ear to the other), then two vertical partings are performed on each side, suggesting divisions in the temporal region;
  • a small part of hair with a diameter of up to 0.5 cm is taken from the forehead line and cut off until a length of 3 cm is obtained;
  • further work is carried out with strands in the parietal zone according to a similar scheme;
  • in the temporal part, a strand is also separated, cut to the required length, and then all the hair in this area is equated to it;
  • the transition between parts in Canadian men’s haircuts should be smooth;
  • in the occipital zone, it is most advisable to make a parallel parting, which should be even, and from above — cut off the strand obliquely and repeat the same procedure with all the other strands;
  • after that, from the middle of the back of the head, the hair should be made shorter (to the minimum length), in this case it is most advisable to use a machine.

All irregularities in the Canadian man’s hairstyle are subsequently equalized and milled so that the effect of natural lightness is obtained.

Features of a haircut for heavily curly hair

There are several Canadian haircut schemes, but the principle of their use is identical. Trimming curls that curl is a daunting task. After all, even if they get wet, giving them the same length will be difficult. Therefore, thick naughty hair is cut using scissors. To do this, you need to divide the entire volume into thin strands.

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The minimum permissible hair length in the crown area is 3-4 cm. This will allow you to correct irregularities in the future. Edging is not recommended, because on wavy hair, it does not look very neat. In this case, the Canadian haircut machine also does not accept, although with rare exceptions it can be used in order to ensure smooth transitions. Some men resort to creating haircuts in various layers, but it is the Canadian who looks the most advantageous.


CanadianThe classic men’s haircut is the most versatile, that is, it suits any face shape and type of appearance. It involves maintaining 4 cm of hair at the crown and crown of the head. Towards the temples and the back of the head, the hair is gradually shortened. The ability to handle simple scissors allows the master to achieve a smooth transition to the occipital zone. As a result, the classic Canadian can be combed to one side, back. In this case, the parting should be oblique.


CanadianThe cutting technology in this case is practically no different from the classic version. The sports Canadian differs only in that it implies a very short hair cut in the temporal and occipital parts, while there is a gradual decrease in length to a level of 1 mm. The longest part should not exceed 4 cm (but in practice it is shorter). Thanks to the smooth transition, such a short hairstyle looks very daring and extraordinary.

Styling rules

The main secret of this popular hairstyle is that, along with a short Mohawk, it is versatile, which is achieved by the variety of styling methods. This approach will allow you to look different every time. As for the classic Canadian haircut, it can do without styling at all.

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Some representatives of the stronger sex use only a small amount of hairspray to create their look. And someone, on the contrary, prefers to spend a certain time in front of the mirror in order to impress the public. There are several options for how to style a hairstyle — with and without bangs:

  • disheveled strands (you need to apply a small amount of gel to the comb and pull the strands up from the parietal region), while ensuring that the hairstyle is natural;
  • an elegant look involves carefully styling the hair back using a small amount of gel (licking is prohibited!), it is important that the curls do not look too luxuriant;
  • maximum naturalness (for this you need to dry the curls with a hairdryer, after applying styling foam to them), it is permissible to use parting on the side;
  • retro (in this case, you need to make volume by combing and further folding the bangs back);
  • for curly hair (you need to dry the curls with a hairdryer, and then beat them with your palms, after applying a medium hold gel on them).

styling options

As a result, every man can become the owner of a model Canadian haircut.

Modern options

Nowadays, the once familiar image of the legendary haircut has changed a bit. The maximum variety appeared in the bangs:

  • among young people, as well as for children’s haircuts, an asymmetrical strand in the parietal region is popular;
  • processing of the temples can also be carried out in various ways (there are both elongated and shortened temples);
  • modern youths prefer to wear a Canadian, in which elongated hair is left on one side, and short hair on the other;
  • owners of curly hair are increasingly using hairstyles in several layers.

Thus, there are various options for how to cut and style a Canadian hairstyle. The article provides various effective recommendations for novice fashionistas and seasoned fans of this hairstyle. Using them, you can achieve an excellent effect, providing yourself with a bright appearance, self-confidence and comfort in everyday life!

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