Boxing haircut — simple, neat, convenient

Many representatives of the stronger sex are not accustomed to take care of themselves, including to monitor the condition of their hair. But, a well-done haircut can complement and improve any male image. If a man is busy with work, and he does not have free time to take care of himself, you can always find a way out by choosing the optimal haircut. Such a haircut should perform several tasks at the same time: be modern, fashionable and unassuming in care. The boxing haircut is the epitome of all these qualities. She gives a man a special appeal and charisma.

What it looks like: execution options

There are four types of boxing haircuts.


cropped boxing haircut

This is the hairstyle that athletes wear. When it is performed, the temporal-occipital region is trimmed under 1 cm of length, or generally «under zero». The upper part of the head is cut to a length of no more than 2 cm.

With a medium top haircut

haircut boxing medium length

This is the most popular option. This is how serious business men (businessmen, politicians) cut their hair. When performed, the hair length of the upper part of the head ranges from 3 to 5 cm, and the temples and nape of the head — 2,5 cm.

With extension at the top

haircut boxing with lengthening at the top

It is a «box» with an elongated upper part. Such haircuts are preferred by young, active and creative guys. When it is performed, the length of the hair on the upper part of the head can reach 10 cm, and the temples and the back of the head — only 1 or 2 cm.


combination haircut boxing

It is a mix of three main options: a cropped top, shaved temples and a nape trimmed under 0,5 cm, or, conversely, a shaved nape and temples, but an elongated top of the head. The presence of bangs or its absence is allowed.

The history of haircuts called boxing began in the 20th century. At first, it was worn exclusively by amateurs and professionals of the sport of the same name — boxing. Their commitment to this haircut is easy to understand: hair, no more than 3-4 cm long, does not go into the eyes and does not distract from the fight in the ring.

Over the years, the convenience of such a hairstyle was appreciated not only by boxers — it fell in love with millions of men in all countries of the world. «Box» does not lose its popularity today. The hairstyle is harmoniously combined with a variety of clothing styles, from a business suit to casual. Nowadays movie stars, singers, politicians, artists, scientists and many others are getting their hair cut this way.

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Who are these hairstyles for?

Men's haircut BoxingA hairstyle for a fashionable boxing to the face of most men. But, hairdressers and stylists argue that such a hairstyle looks most beneficial on the stronger sex with certain features of appearance:

  1. Face type — oval, round or square.
  2. Age category — from boy to adult man.
  3. Hair type — straight, thick and oily.
  4. The physique is strong and athletic.
  5. Hair color — any (but this men’s short haircut looks most advantageous on blondes and brown-haired women).
  6. Style — sporty, business and street.

    Good to know! Despite its versatility, it should not be done by men with a triangular face shape and very curly hair.

This hairstyle is also contraindicated for men with a bumpy skull and scars on the head: short hair will not be able to hide such imperfections.

Boxing haircut: advantages and disadvantages


  • Gives a man brutality and masculinity.
  • Allows you to maximize your face.haircut boxing
  • Doesn’t require complicated styling and expensive maintenance.
  • Doesn’t need additional modeling and frequent combing.
  • Suitable for the stronger sex of any age, from children to adults.


  • Not suitable for men with wavy (curly) hair.
  • Does not mask imperfections in the scalp (scars, irregularities, etc.).
  • Not suitable for men with round faces and problem ears.
  • Not suitable for thin and effeminate men: such a haircut will unprofitably emphasize the existing shortcomings.

Boxing and semi-boxing: differences on the face

Men’s haircut for «boxing» is often confused with «half-box», which was very popular in the 90s. An excellent illustration of this is the hairstyle of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite the significant similarities, these men’s hairstyles have different techniques of execution.

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Let’s figure out what are the main differences between boxing and semi-boxing haircuts:

  • Time of appearance — «boxing» appeared earlier than «half-box», therefore it can be considered its basis.
  • In the length of the hair — it can range from 5 (the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head) to 8 cm (the area of ​​the crown).
  • «Half box» looks very youthful, but, at the same time, suits men over 45 years old.
  • «Boxing» is short hair all over the head, and «half-box» is the presence of longer strands in the region of the crown and just above the back of the head.
  • «Boxing» does not require styling: neither rain nor wind will spoil it. And the «semi-box» has room for imagination: it can be combed up, combed back, bangs made, etc.
  • The dividing piping at the «box» runs high above the back of the head. And in the «semi-box» — either on the back of the head, or slightly lower.

Self-haircut technology

Men’s fashionable haircuts for «boxing» are considered the simplest and easiest to do. Therefore, you can cope with such a hairstyle yourself, at home. It is necessary to cut on dry hair. To perform «boxing» you should acquire:

  • hairdressing scissors;
  • thinning scissors;
  • a hair clipper;
  • a sharp razor;
  • comb.

The scheme for performing a haircut called «boxing»:

boxing scheme

  1. First, with the help of straight scissors, you need to outline the line of transition from long hair to short (dividing edging). All hair, up to the edging line, should be clipped with a clipper without a nozzle. When determining the dividing line, the following nuances must be taken into account: if a man has sunken temples, then the edging line should be placed slightly lower, and if a man has convex temples, then the edging line should be raised.
  2. Then, on the fingers, you require cutting the hair on the parietal zone. This should be done on a strand-by-strand basis.
  3. After that, you should take a hair clipper and, with its help, trim the temples.
  4. At the end, the hair shading of the edging line is done. To do this, you should take a razor or thinning scissors. At the end of the haircut, the issue with the bangs is resolved: it is either milled or completely removed.
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When the work is completely done, it is recommended to do the final touch — the correction of loose hairs. Then the result will be perfect.

Styling and care options

boxing option«Boxing» has its own characteristics and distinctive features, such as: short hair in the crown area (from 3 to 5 cm), as well as shortened temporal and occipital areas (up to 1 cm). It is important that the transition from one length to another is as pronounced as possible: this gives the haircut more brutality and aggressiveness.

Sports box hairstyle does not need special styling. In the case when a man has curly hair or if he wears a semi-box, then you can make a simple styling.
To style the upper strands of hair, you should use gel or wax: for this, the hair must be tousled, or combed in the desired direction.

To achieve a stylish and trendy «wet effect», you should use hair gel.

Men’s boxing haircut is one of the most popular in the world. She has neatly styled short hair. Having originated in a sports environment, today it has won the recognition of business and creative representatives of the stronger sex. This hairstyle is able to give its owner status and external confidence.

Such a hairstyle is rightly considered not only spectacular in appearance, but simple in execution and unassuming to care for. It is perfect for most men, regardless of their dressing style and lifestyle. And, it’s easy to see this if you look at the photos of numerous celebrities who have chosen this type of haircut for themselves.

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