All is not lost — how to prevent hair loss in men

Hair loss in men is one of the most common cosmetic problems. In certain cases, it begins at a fairly young age: from 29 to 35 years old. It is necessary to learn all about how you can prevent hair loss in men, why it happens and how to take proper care of yourself.

Possible Causes of Hair Loss

Genetics plays the main role in the problem of baldness. If the father, older brother and other close relatives have lost hair, the likelihood of these increases significantly. The first signs begin to appear around the age of 30.

Other prerequisites for male pattern baldness:

  1. Poor nutrition and bad habits. This is due to the fact that men usually do not think about nutrients or vitamins in their diet. While smoking or drinking alcohol will only aggravate the general condition.
  2. Infections, chronic pathologies. Fungal and viral lesions, diseases of the epidermis, diseases of the endocrine gland and gastrointestinal tract — all this can be the cause of hair loss in men.
  3. Hormonal disruptions can lead to baldness. This is strongly influenced by sharp surges in the hormone testosterone.

The reason for the loss may be the chemotherapy cycle during the treatment of oncology in men.

The development of the condition is possible due to mechanical damage to the scalp. The phenomenon is called traction alopecia and is identified if a man pulls strands into a ponytail strongly or often.

Baldness can also be provoked by destabilization of the fat or water balance of the scalp. This leads to an aggravation of growth and, as a consequence, to a thinning and a change in the structure. Only trichologists can prevent and cope with this.

Predisposing factors

Auto-mine pathologies and weakening of the immune system can accelerate hair loss in men. The latter occurs with a radical change of place of residence or serious long-term illnesses, vitamin deficiency.

The list of predisposing factors for baldness can be supplemented:factors contributing to baldness

  • nervous disorders, constant stress or depression, psychological stress;
  • poor ecology, negative influence of environmental factors;
  • incorrect or insufficient care, including with low-quality hair loss remedies.
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The use of certain medications can also lead to this. Usually these are hormones, steroids, or drugs developed for the treatment of diabetes mellitus and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

How to care for hair to prevent hair loss

It is necessary to take into account a number of rules that will help keep men’s curls in good condition.

Trichologists recommend abandoning the use of a hair dryer — together with drying the hair, it thinns their structure. Preventing this is simple: for men, it is desirable that the curls dry on their own.

The correct comb will help to avoid rapid baldness. It shouldn’t be a sharp-toothed comb that damages not only the scalp, but the curls themselves. It is best to use combs with natural bristles — wood, boar or pig.

It will also help to preserve hair:a doctor will help solve the problem of baldness

  • exclusion of severe hypothermia, systematic wearing of a headdress, especially in frosty weather;
  • the use of a contrast shower, namely the alternating inclusion of warm and cold water;
  • the use of special masks and other means to strengthen the structure;
  • regular scalp massage with essential oils.

Adequate nutrition and the use of vitamin complexes is another component of hair loss prevention. Vitamin B is especially valuable. The inclusion of walnuts, seaweed, fresh fish and seafood in the diet will improve the condition and accelerate the growth of curls. It is recommended to refuse smoked or canned products, fried and spicy foods. This will prevent not only problems with baldness, but will also be the prevention of other pathologies.

How to stop hair loss in men

The use of special tools is effective. It is permissible to apply external formulations (creams and ointments) that affect the bulbs. Means for oral administration are also effective.

Lotions for external use

how to prevent hair loss in men with lotion

Trichologists advise using a special Minoxidil lotion designed for external use. It stimulates hair growth in men. To prevent the issue, the remedy is used every day — applied to the root part in those places where baldness may begin.

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The lotion is quickly absorbed into the epidermis and does not have an unpleasant or specific odor. It can be used in the treatment of hormonal alopecia. It is also able to prevent the development of the problem in the future. Minoxidil has minimal toxicity.

To achieve a stable result, long-term use is required (6-12 months).

Minoxidil for hair loss is included in special shampoos and other cosmetics. All of them are recommended for the care of problem curls in men.

Internal preparations

how to prevent hair loss in men with medication

Propecia or Finasteride is another remedy that can prevent hair loss. It is designed for indoor use. The most effective composition is in the form of tablets at the primary stage of androgenic alopecia in men. Application excludes the process of hair loss, and also makes it impossible to thin them. The first positive results are noted already three months after the start of treatment with regular use, one tablet per day. However, after the completion of the course, repeated loss is possible, therefore trichologists recommend that men use the remedy for at least 12 months.

Among the disadvantages of the drug are its high cost and the likelihood of adverse reactions. Therefore, men with problems in the functioning of the liver or prostate gland should abandon attempts to prevent baldness in this way.


how to prevent hair loss in men with drugs

Another medication to prevent hair loss is by injecting steroids. Kenalog is used for a long time, not less than six months.

In shorter courses, Prednisolone is used, which is given in pill form. This will cure major alopecia in men.

Hormonal ointments

how to prevent hair loss in men with ointments

Hormonal ointments can also prevent hair loss and baldness. This is Advantan or Triderm — they are applied to bald areas for at least three months in a row.

Correct nutrition and moderate physical activity will speed up recovery for men.

Special treatments

solution to the problem of baldness mesotherapy

You can avoid baldness by resorting to laboratory activities. This can be prevented by resorting to mesotherapy.

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It is based on the introduction of medicinal cocktails under the scalp. They are based on trace elements, amino acids and vitamins. The procedure provides the bulbs with all the necessary nutrients. Mesotherapy also strengthens the hair structure, stimulating their growth.

baldness solution laser therapy

Justified application of laser therapy, in which portable devices are used. These are special brushes and combs.

This procedure allows you to stop baldness by means of «cold» radiation, which stimulates the growth and renewal of the hair structure. But positive results are achieved only in the initial stages of alopecia in men.

Held autologous hair transplant. The procedure is a transplant of their own bulbs to those areas that have undergone baldness. It helps prevent future baldness.

hair loss solution hair transplant

Usually such curls, they are taken on the back of the head, take root well and retain their vitality. Despite the high cost of the procedure, its use in men is 100% justified and effective.

Another procedure — transplantation of artificial curls… As part of the intervention, microfiber is implanted into the scalp. One such procedure is usually sufficient to prevent the problem and replace the full volume of missing hair in men. Side effects are possible, for example, microfiber rejection and concomitant suppuration, scarring.

Additional measures

The list of treatment measures includes vitamin complexes which are intended to prevent the described problem. Fitoval and Pantovigar are used. They help balding men by strengthening the root of the hair. Also, the composition is able to prevent the problem, because it improves the condition of the curls due to the saturation with all the necessary mineral and vitamin components.

The use of the Tretinoin complex is acceptable. It is formulated with vitamin A, or retinoic acid. The product tones the hair follicles, improves the process of collagen processing.

Hair loss is a common problem. That is why you need to know everything about how you can prevent hair loss in men.

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