Women’s underwear as a gift to a girlfriend, wife

Any lady in luxurious lace or satin lingerie will feel like a queen and a real seductress. But this is not all the functions of this part of the wardrobe, linen decorates, protects, and promotes hygiene, in addition, it can strengthen and tighten. Therefore, it is important to choose the right lingerie as a gift for a girl.

How to choose underwear, you can find out more in the article below. The main search criteria are size, style, color scheme and tailoring materials. Next, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main categories of possible gifts, the most common and standard ideas. Only because of all this information, you will not go wrong with the choice.

Is it convenient to give a girl underwear?

Is it okay to give a girl underwear? This is perhaps one of the most controversial points, especially when it comes to young people in love. Some believe in signs that such a gift can provoke betrayal on one or both sides. Others, on the contrary, consider a high-quality and erotic set to be an excellent way to bring passion and fire into a relationship.

Esotericists argue that such a present will not carry any negativity when it comes to spouses. Psychics emphasize that such things can only be accepted from a loved one, since in this way you can jinx and even damage. The girls themselves are happy and positive about this version of the present, if the size is chosen correctly.

Why men rarely lean towards such a present:

  • embarrassment and awkwardness if the relationship with the girl is not close enough;
  • inability to choose the right size, especially for a bra;
  • not knowing what style and model the recipient will like;
  • the desire to present a certificate for the purchase of underwear, rather than making a choice on their own.

If you fall under at least one of the above criteria, why you should not buy underwear, it is better to purchase a gift certificate for the girl who allows you to make purchases for a fixed amount of money on your own.

For any woman, underwear as a surprise will be a pleasant surprise and an indicator of a close emotional connection. The main condition is quality and the right size.

Recommendations for choosing underwear as a gift for a girl

So, you have clearly decided on the decision to give your chosen one a set of bra and panties. The main selection criteria will be as follows:

  1. Size. The main informants of such information will be close girls, for example, her mother, sister or friend. Or you will secretly take her existing wardrobe items and go to the store with them. The size of the panties is the size of her hips, the bra is determined by two numbers on the tag.
  2. Color. If you find it difficult to make a choice in favor of a certain color, pay attention to the items in her wardrobe, which shades prevail. Also, the consultant will help you make a choice considering the color of the eyes, hair, skin. Definitely win-win options are the classic red, black and white colors.
  3. Style. On sale today, you can see many styles and bras, and panties. You need to decide not only on your own preferences, but also on what sets your lady wears in her usual life. If you want to diversify your sex life, feel free to choose thongs and various sexual accessories.
  4. Material. Since underwear adheres tightly to the skin, it is critical to choose the right fabrics. For everyday wear, cotton will be good, for festive events, you can consider sets of silk, synthetics.
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How to surprise a girl — the most popular ideas for original lingerie gifts

If you are not completely sure about your choice of underwear for a girl, we advise you to look at the most common and popular ideas, for example:

  • everyday set made of natural fabrics;
  • set with thong panties;
  • erotic option for sexual pleasures;
  • lace underwear;
  • satin set elegantly;
  • slimming underwear for body shaping;
  • set with a combination;
  • body;
  • underwear with a belt, garters for stockings;
  • linen set with a high degree of comfort.

Reasons for a timely gift

Each upcoming holiday has its own characteristics and specifics, which can also be considered when choosing and buying underwear. Consider the most basic events, such as a birthday, date of acquaintance, anniversary of a relationship, New Year. Also, many men make such pleasant gestures towards the ladies as a surprise or just like that for no reason.


The most significant holiday for any person is a birthday. On such an occasion, you can always present a set of underwear to the birthday girl, but only if you are close enough and can get as close as possible to her tastes and desires. Usually husbands and guys at the stage of strong stable relationships give underwear for their birthday. You need to hand over what is useful for the birthday girl and will be used to the maximum for its intended purpose.

By date of acquaintance

The date of acquaintance is a serious holiday for many couples in love, on the occasion of which this version of the present is also appropriate. Since there will certainly be passion and sensuality in the relationship, and the event itself concerns both partners, you can find a set that will please both her and you. As an option — sexy panties and a bra.

Wedding anniversary

Underwear as a present for a wife is the most common choice, since in a long life together, a man probably knows both the right size and her preferred style. He advises you to choose a branded and sexy set, thanks to which a woman will be able to awaken the seductress and fatal lady in herself, and you will again inflame with passion. For your beloved wife, you can spend money by looking for a branded kit.

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Women’s Day

March 8 is always associated with youth, beauty and femininity, so for such an event it is important to find a bright and elegant set. It can be satin or lace underwear, thongs, revealing bras, in which your lady will look stunning. Consider options in bright or delicate pastel shades that highlight the beauty of her body.

New Year

On New Year’s Eve, you can look at entirely different gift options, it can be a warm bodysuit for cool weather, a set for a comfortable sleep, everyday options made from natural fabrics. Erotic and all kinds of sexy styles will also be appropriate if you want to add zest to your intimate life.


As a surprise, you can consider the original sets, for example, those that involve a combination, suspenders, stockings, erotic thongs. To please a girl, and to a greater extent, a loved one, you can use a translucent set or lace models. Also, a great idea would be erotic lingerie for role-playing games.

Just like that

If there is no serious reason for presenting a present, you cannot deny yourself the desire to please the girl pleasantly. In a fairly long-term relationship, there is a place for different styles and ideas of underwear — erotic, seductive, casual, classic, sports. It is up to you to decide, starting from the semantic load of the gift, the tastes and preferences of the girl.

What are the gifts of underwear for a girl?

The very idea of ​​a gift for underwear is already the result, you just need the right choice and delivery. Despite this, both standard presentations and various popular options of recent years can still be considered. Each category implies lists with interesting offers.

TOP standard gifts

Standard models and styles of lingerie differ in that they are a universal gift option for all occasions. They can be presented by both a young man and a spouse, most importantly, knowledge of the correct style and size. Several ideas fall into this category:

  • bustier for sexual games and pleasures;
  • lace or cotton corset for body shaping;
  • bodysuit in a revealing or classic look for comfortable wear;
  • bra, panties, suspenders and garters, belt and stockings for role-playing games;
  • casual set of underwear according to the preferences of the woman;
  • seductive and erotic set with thong or bikini;
  • underwear with a combination for rest and sleep;
  • home kit, whether it’s a shirt, peignoir or pajamas;
  • slimming set made of elastic fabrics;
  • an elegant set of silk and lace for special occasions.
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Stylists recommend taking into consideration the following popular kits:

  1. Sports underwear — this is a breathable bra, women’s boxers, fabrics with the addition of polyester. In such clothes, the girl will be as comfortable as possible to train and just lead an active lifestyle. Brands that produce such models are Calvin Klein, Puma, Adidas.
  2. Provence’s style set — here there are ruffles, bows and lace, panties will be high-waisted, possible prints of polka dots, stripes and flowers. This gift will appeal to a romantic and subtle nature.
  3. Wedding lingerie — if you soon get engaged or wish it, you can make a similar present. You can consider romantic options in retro style, sexy with corsets and garters, push-up, delicate translucent models.
  4. Retro style — here there are corsets for correcting the waistline, bras with fastening from ribbons or sharp ends, comfortable panties. The main message of such underwear is not eroticism, but the beauty of the curves of the female body.
  5. Casual underwear is both sexy and functional lingerie with innovative tailoring materials, antiperspirant and high wrinkle resistance.

Important! If your chosen one has dark skin, choose juicy and bright colors (blue, orange, purple), purple, green and blue colors are suitable for white-skinned ladies. A neutral option for brown-haired women is pastel, nude colors.

What not to buy for a girl

If the girl herself did not ask you, never buy her corrective and slimming underwear as a gift. This may be a reason to doubt how slim and attractive she is in your eyes. Also, you should not pick up too bold and extravagant erotic models, it is unlikely that she will be able to relax and be liberated in it.

Pay attention to the sewing materials, perhaps your companion is allergic to certain fabrics. For allergy sufferers, options from synthetic fabrics will be inappropriate.

For reference! An erotic set with various additional elements will not always be correctly perceived if there is not yet a close enough relationship and degree of trust between you.


Before you go to the store to buy linen for your wife or girlfriend as a gift, take a closer look at her preferences in this element of the wardrobe. Decide in advance for yourself what size she wears, what fabrics she trusts, approximately what styles she wears. You can go shopping together, noting what attracts her attention the most. We offered not only practical advice on selection, but also great ideas for consideration for the upcoming holidays.

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