What to give your wife on her wedding day: tips and tricks

A wedding is a special holiday dedicated to the creation of a new unit of society. It is customary to celebrate this day every year, and round dates are considered anniversaries. The question of what to give to the wife on her wedding anniversary is extremely relevant, especially when many gifts have already been given due to the years lived together.

Each wedding anniversary has its own original name and symbolism, which can be a hint for choosing a gift. Therefore, a man needs to study all the names of wedding anniversaries, and after that consider possible categories of gifts to narrow down the search. The article will address all these issues, as well as offer advice on choosing a presentation.

Complete list of wedding anniversaries with original titles

What can be presented on the wedding day is a serious issue that directly depends on what kind of anniversary it is. Some prefer to celebrate only round dates, looking for gifts for 10 years, 20-30-50 years, etc., others approach each new date with trepidation.

A list of anniversaries and their names can be found in the list below:

  • 1 year — cotton wedding;
  • 2 years — paper;
  • 3 years — leather;
  • 4 years — linen;
  • 5 years — wooden;
  • 6 years — cast iron;
  • 7 years — copper;
  • 8 years — tin;
  • 9 years — faience;
  • 10 years — tin;
  • 11 years — steel;
  • 12 years — nickel;
  • 13 years old — lace;
  • 14 years old — agate;
  • 15 years — glass;
  • 16 years — not noted, no name;
  • 17 years — not noted, no name;
  • 18 years old — turquoise;
  • 19 years — krypton;
  • 20 years — porcelain;
  • 21 years old — opal;
  • 22 years old — bronze;
  • 23 years — beryl;
  • 24 years old — satin;
  • 25 years — silver;
  • 26 years old — jade;
  • 27 years — mahogany wedding;
  • 28 years — not noted, no name;
  • 29 years old — velvet;
  • 30 years — pearl;
  • 31 years old — swarthy;
  • 32 years — not noted, no name;
  • 33 years — not noted, no name;
  • 34 years old — amber;
  • 35 years old — coral;
  • 36 years — not noted, no name;
  • 37 years old — muslin;
  • 38 years — mercury;
  • 39 years old — crêpe;
  • 40 years — ruby;
  • 41 years — not celebrated, no name;
  • 42 years — not noted, no name;
  • 43 years — not noted, no name;
  • 44 years old — topaz;
  • 45 years — sapphire;
  • 46 years old — lavender;
  • 47 years old — cashmere;
  • 48 years old — amethyst;
  • 49 years old — cedar;
  • 50 years — gold;
  • 51 years — not celebrated, no name;
  • 52 years — not noted, no name;
  • 53 years — not noted, no name;
  • 54 years — not noted, no name;
  • 55 years old — emerald;
  • 56 years — not noted, no name;
  • 57 years — not noted, no name;
  • 58 years — not noted, no name;
  • 59 years — not noted, no name;
  • 60 years — diamond;
  • 61 years — not celebrated, no name;
  • 62 years — not noted, no name;
  • 63 years — not noted, no name;
  • 64 years — not noted, no name;
  • 65 years — iron wedding;
  • 66 years — not noted, no name;
  • 67 years old — stone;
  • 70 years — fertile;
  • 75 years — crown;
  • 80 years — oak.
  • 90 years old — granite;
  • 100 years — platinum wedding.

As you can see, after 50 years, wedding anniversaries are no longer celebrated annually, but much less often and rather on round dates.

Which anniversaries and anniversaries of the wedding have a special symbolic meaning

As practice shows, most people after marriage celebrate the first years of their life together, and then round dates and anniversaries. Therefore, it makes no sense to describe all 100 possible anniversaries, it is enough to consider those that are relevant. Namely:

  • Print wedding — the name suggests that the marriage is still thin, not strong enough and is undergoing a grinding stage. For a print wedding, a gift should be closely related to the marriage, for example, a bottle of champagne that was tied on the day of the engagement, as well as items made from such fabric (shawl, bedding, other things).
  • Paper — the paper is strong, if you fold it in several layers, which means that marriage is strong only in union. On a paper anniversary, paper items, notebooks, paintings, photos, etc. are given.

  • Leather — Gifts are always given for a leather wedding, for example, clothes, shoes, accessories, interior items, etc. This is the first serious anniversary, which indicates that the relationship has strengthened.
  • Linen — strong ropes were twisted from flax, therefore, on the day of the 4th anniversary, spouses were wrapped around with ropes from this matter. You can donate bedding, curtains, tablecloths and linen, as well as clothes and underwear.
  • Wooden — the first anniversary, which means that for 5 years and for the wooden anniversary they give a solid and symbolic present. The best idea is furniture in the family nest, interior items, kitchen utensils, etc.
  • Cast iron — durable metal, but when dropped, it can be damaged, and in relationships. For the cast-iron anniversary and for 6 years of marriage, they give frames for metal mirrors, dishes, and various interior items.
  • Copper — copper was also durable, but not so much an expensive metal, which means that marriage had to be valued and protected. A symbolic gift will be a copper figurine, various jewelry for the wife, dishes and interior items.
  • Tin — metal, like marriage, has the properties of strength and warmth, and on a tin anniversary they usually give jewelry, dishes and interior items.
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  • Faience — a crisis period in many families, so this is exactly faience, an expensive but fragile material. On this day, you can give dishes, figurines, home decor, jewelry.
  • Pewter — the tin anniversary is celebrated for 10 years, and marriage is compared with strong and flexible metal. You can give interior items, figurines and home decorations, dishes and figurines for a tin anniversary.
  • Glass — 15th anniversary and a round date, which is significant for many families. You can give any gifts made of glass — dishes, mirrors, figurines and sets.
  • Porcelain — on the 20th anniversary of marriage, it is customary to arrange a big feast and give spouses porcelain dishes or figurines for the home from this material.
  • Silver — for a silver wedding and the 25th anniversary of marriage, they give jewelry, dishes or icons made from this precious metal.
  • Pearl — on the 30th anniversary of marriage, on the pearl anniversary, they give pearl jewelry, as well as all kinds of souvenirs with it.

  • Coral – The 35th anniversary is celebrated with special pride, and as gifts for a coral wedding, jewelry from the eternal material of coral for the body or home is chosen.
  • Ruby — on the 40th anniversary and on the ruby ​​anniversary, they give pieces of furniture, expensive elite wine, as well as all kinds of jewelry with the addition of this stone.
  • Sapphire — on the 45th anniversary, a man can present his wife with exclusive sapphire jewelry.
  • Gold — for 50 years of marriage and for a golden wedding, they give any jewelry made of the corresponding metal.
  • Emerald — The 55th anniversary of the family is celebrated on a grand scale, and they give any items of dark green color and jewelry with such a stone.
  • Diamond — The 60th anniversary is a serious milestone, you can give any jewelry on this day.
  • Iron — on the iron 65th anniversary of marriage, mainly those gifts and objects that are made of metal are given.
  • Fertile — The 70th anniversary is celebrated extremely rarely, and they give home comfort items.
  • Crown — You can give any items on the 75th anniversary that emphasize the status of the family, for example, memorabilia, furniture, jewelry, etc.
  • Oak wood — for 80 years of married life, they give all kinds of memorable gifts and oak furniture.
  • Granite — it is almost impossible to meet a couple who celebrates 90 years of marriage today, and if possible, spouses are advised to choose items made of durable materials as gifts.
  • Platinum — families that have lived for 100 years are recorded in history, so all kinds of red and platinum-colored things are supposed to be gifts.

It is believed that each specific anniversary provides a name and features for a reason. A symbolic and well-chosen gift can bring harmony, harmony and grace to a family nest in a relationship.

Wedding anniversary gift tips

In general, what is given for a wedding anniversary is determined by several factors, namely:

  • as an anniversary on the account, what name and symbolism does it provide;
  • what is the degree of trust between spouses;
  • What character does the wife have?
  • What he is fond of, what activities he is interested in, what activities he is engaged in;
  • what she needs;
  • What is the man’s budget?

For reference! Wise women always hint to men in advance what they would like to receive as a gift. It is enough to be attentive to her wishes and needs, as well as to her lifestyle and surrounding circumstances.

In general, gifts can be classified into several categories:

  • romantic
  • original;
  • useful;
  • luxurious;
  • budget;
  • Adventure;
  • handmade gifts;
  • universal options.

Romantic Gifts

Romance is always the most sought after category of gifts for couples. When young families have romance through the roof and everything is built in this vein, stable long-term relationships are sorely lacking. Therefore, give your wife something from the top list of ideas for the next holiday:

  • flowers in a pot — a great opportunity to decorate the window in your SPA with a flowering plant;
  • bouquet — surprise your spouse, order a bouquet of 101 roses, complete it with a postcard or a note with pleasant words;
  • Balloons — create a festive atmosphere by decorating your family nest with balloons, bring notes of spontaneity and childhood into everyday life;
  • sweets in original packaging — buy your wife’s favorite sweets, but stick different joint photos from the past on top of the package, resurrecting pleasant memories;
  • photo puzzle — take the best photo from the family archive, make a puzzle out of it and present it to your wife as an offer to spend the evenings collecting it together (a good option for a paper anniversary);
  • paired towels with your photos — order such towels, select photos and sketches in advance (for a calico, linen wedding);
  • erotic underwear — an ideal gift for stable married couples whose passion in a relationship fades over the years they have lived together;
  • rent of the whole cinema hall — choose your favorite cinema, rent it for the evening, organize a romantic movie, create a romantic entourage in the room;
  • dinner at the restaurant — book a table somewhere in a good restaurant or on the rooftop (weather permitting), order flowers;
  • portrait — you can take a joint photo by ordering a painting from the master in oil, paint or pencil, after which it will hang in your SPA room.
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Original memorable gifts

Commemorative gifts are usually given for an anniversary and major dates of life together. If the spouse has a non-standard and creative thinking, pick up something original for her and something that no one has given her before. For example:

  • a certificate to the SPA-salon is an ideal gift if your wife is a workologist and rarely can afford to relax;
  • traveling abroad — the best idea would be a trip to a romantic capital, for example, to Paris, Venice, Rome;
  • thematic photo shoot — for couples, the photographer can choose a style of photo that will match the anniversary;
  • master class — if your wife gravitates towards any occupation, hobby or does something, give her a ticket to strengthen her knowledge and a master class, for example, dancing, cooking, makeup courses;
  • sculpture — find a craftsman who makes different figurines to order, ask him to make a cast of you and your wife from a photo.

Useful gifts

Practical gifts can be in the format of such a holiday, as we are talking about family life and everyday life. For a gift to your wife for the next anniversary, you can choose the following

  • household appliances — such gifts are given for anniversaries and major dates of cohabitation;
  • handmade vase — such a gift is perfect for a faience, glass and porcelain wedding anniversary;
  • kitchen utensils — this can be dishes, appliances for cooking and washing dishes, interior items for the kitchen;
  • warm clothes, for example, mittens, a scarf, a stole — such a gift can be given for a chintz, leather, linen, satin and cashmere wedding;
  • hair care devices — if your wife has luxurious hair, you can facilitate her care with special devices;
  • cosmetics storage organizer is a good gift for any woman who uses cosmetics;
  • diary — if the spouse keeps paperwork for study or work, this will be a very relevant present;
  • accessories — a good choice for a gift for a leather or various metal anniversary, for example, a belt, a bag, a bracelet, etc.;
  • a modern gadget model — regardless of the anniversary, this will be a useful gift, as gadgets are regularly updated with new products and innovations;
  • fur product — what woman does not dream of such a gift, except perhaps the one who already has everything like that.

Stylish expensive gifts

An anniversary is a special date that should not only be celebrated with a feast, but also accompanied by luxurious gifts. If a man’s budget allows him to make an expensive gift for his wife, you can choose an idea from the following options:

  • books of collector’s editions — if the wife gravitates towards literature, and there is a library in the house, this will be an expensive and useful gift;
  • jewelry and various jewelry — these can be figurines, author’s works, as well as rings, earrings, pendants, chains and bracelets;
  • the latest smartphone model — modern girls follow the latest phones, so you can present her with a branded gadget of the latest model;
  • elite perfume is a good and necessary gift if you know the preferences of your wife;

  • branded accessories — an author’s purse or belt, stole or hat from a well-known brand;
  • a trip to a resort or shopping — give your wife a sea of ​​unforgettable emotions by going to the fashion capital for shopping or to a resort;
  • a fur coat made of natural fur — such a gift will be relevant at any time of the year;
  • antiques — it can be both furniture and interior items;
  • technology — something that is so lacking for a comfortable life for both of you, then give it, whether it be a new TV, musical devices, household appliances for the kitchen, etc.;
  • a car is a rare, but always relevant gift that can be presented to a wife on a round date of life together, if she knows how to drive or strives for it.
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Inexpensive but cute gifts with humor

With a limited budget, you can safely make different gifts for your wife for the next anniversary. For example:

  • paired T-shirts with joint photos and inscriptions;
  • a mug with a thermal effect, when the pattern appears only when hot water is poured;
  • a family-themed photo frame to hang on the wall in the room;
  • keychain in the shape of a heart, engraved or in the form of a wife’s zodiac sign;
  • handmade soap for comfortable and pleasant water procedures;
  • a scrapbooking kit if the wife has creative inclinations and time to practice;
  • a blanket if it is a cool season and there is a desire to take care;
  • a set of tin cans for storing various small things;
  • personalized flash drive with a large amount of memory;
  • business card holder, such an organizer for various cards and documents.

Important! You should not resort to inexpensive gift options when it comes to a round date and anniversary of family life together.

DIY gifts

Any woman can be pleasantly surprised if you give a present that was made manually. Here is a list of the best ideas:

  • clay dishes of different colors will be an excellent piece of furniture in the kitchen;
  • a stand for a kettle and hot dishes made of wood;
  • crafts from coffee in the shape of a heart, when coffee beans are laid out on glue, framing the work with a frame;
  • a bouquet of flowers made of paper in the style of origami;
  • a photo gallery on the wall, for which a man needs to make several frames and place joint photos there;
  • romantic dinner prepared by oneself;
  • drawing a portrait of his wife by the hands of a man, if there are the makings of drawing;
  • love story in a photo album, where a man will post joint photos and write memories of this day;
  • serenade under the window;
  • photographs cut out in a circle and pasted onto vinyl records for a wall composition.

Adventure Gifts

To make the day memorable, a man can organize not just a gift, but a whole exciting adventure for two. For example:

  • riding lessons and horseback riding;
  • pair dance master class;
  • flying in a hot air balloon;
  • a limousine ride through the night city;
  • tickets to a concert of your favorite band or artist;
  • a trip to another city;
  • hiking in the mountains, in the forest, to the river;
  • the launch of Chinese lanterns in the evening;
  • flash mob organized in advance;
  • couple’s photo session in a family theme.

Universal gifts

If a woman is not whimsical about gifts, does not gravitate towards surprises, has conservative views, you can choose a standard option as a gift. The top list of universal gifts for a wife on her wedding anniversary includes:

  • crockery, sets and kitchen utensils;
  • kitchen appliances, for example, multicooker, microwave, dishwasher, etc.;
  • mobile gadgets or computer;
  • jewelry, rings, earrings, chains, various sets;
  • dinner in an expensive restaurant;
  • bed linen in the original design;
  • brand accessories;
  • flowers and sweets;
  • underwear made of quality fabrics;
  • perfumery and cosmetics for personal care.

What cannot be given for an anniversary?

There is also a list of gifts unsuitable for a wedding anniversary. It includes 10 ideas:

  1. Stinging and sharp objects are a source of negative energy, leading to quarrels.
  2. Clock — a gift will start counting down the time until the break in family relationships.
  3. Books — it is believed that a book can cause betrayal and deceit.
  4. Empty dishes — it is believed that empty objects entail lack of money.
  5. Wallet — can cause the loss of monetary luck.
  6. Handkerchief — leads to sorrows and unpleasant worries.
  7. Pearls — a symbol of widow’s tears, can lead to illness and loss.
  8. Medical devices — can cause illness.
  9. Money — a gift can deprive well-being.
  10. A mirror is a mystical object that can cause strange phenomena.

A gift should always be chosen to consider the characteristics of the spouse’s character, her lifestyle, interests and needs. Who, no matter how the husband knows for sure, what can make his woman happy?


The best anniversary gift, whether it’s a 10th or 1st anniversary, linen, leather, platinum or steel wedding, is a gift from the heart and soul. When choosing, a man can start from the name of the anniversary to make a symbolic present, or maybe from the character and lifestyle of his wife, to pleasantly surprise and please her. The article offers different categories and the best ideas to date.

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