What to give a girl on a first date so that she remembers it?

The task of a man on a first date is to show his best side. The guy still does not know his girlfriend well, even with a long conversation on the Internet, a live impression is the basis of a relationship.

A guy has questions: what to give a girl on a first date? How to surprise and not offend her at the same time? Is it possible to understand the girl’s intentions by the reaction to the gift? Consider the main gifts for a girl.

How to give gifts to a girl on a first date?

It is necessary to correctly present a gift, considering three points.

  1. Consider further actions so that the gift is easy to carry.
  2. Compliments accompanying the gift.
  3. The gift itself.

Recommendations for choosing a gift

Giving gifts on a first date is a real challenge. Communication can accurately tell about the qualities and preferences of a girl. The Internet is a help in such situations. An original gift should match the tastes of the girl, so at the first suitable occasion, ask on social networks about preferences in flowers and sweets. This question can be hidden under a lively and stormy communication that touches on various topics. There is no need to be afraid that the girl will reveal your intentions at the first meeting. A woman will only be pleased to know that you are interested in her.

For reference! Many guys do not consider it necessary to give gifts on a first date, completely unaware of the girl.

Such a gift is a kind of risk. Regardless of the price of the gift, care must be taken to present it correctly. Any gift reasonably can be a joy for a girl with the right words.

The gift should be based on the tastes of the girl. If it is not possible to find out something from the girl, then the guy has several ideas of what to give her. In order not to risk the first time, it is better to choose a basic gift — flowers, sweets. They can be presented in an original way.

You need to choose a gift for a first date, considering further relationships. However, already from the first acquaintance, it is worth approaching the choice more seriously, the gift should evoke emotions, make you understand your serious intentions or be very necessary.

How to surprise a girl — the most popular gift ideas when meeting

What matters is your own attitude towards the date. A girl can be surprised by the place and type of meeting. It can be a nice meeting (in winter in the forest on skis, in a café with a love theme, a walk in the park on roller skates, a walk through beautiful places in the city), a romantic atmosphere (at home with a delicious dinner, watching a movie, going to a restaurant, a planetarium), a meeting in unusual places — it’s better to ask the girl about her opinion in advance so as not to take a big risk with the place (it can be a quest room with a romantic theme, going out of town to nature, in summer the beach is not the best place for a first meeting, so give preference to a walk on embankment).

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Surprise with unexpected gifts. The girl does not expect you to use your knowledge about her as a gift. It is easy to be based on the girl’s profession, her interests. Maybe she has a favorite author of books, or she loves impressionism, or she is studying at the medical faculty. For example, a girl in the medical school can be given a box of chocolates in the shape of a heart. You can understand a lot about a girl from a page on social networks if there are enough photos and information about yourself is written. From this information, you can build on and surprise a woman. Maybe she is a fan of some singer, for whom tickets can be purchased without any problems.

The photo session is an interesting surprise. Many girls like to post photos and follow Instagram. A non-intrusive first date might consist of a short photo shoot followed by dinner.

Every girl is pleased to receive a gift in the form of flowers. There is no need to be afraid to give ordinary gifts, as every year guys are convinced that many girls would prefer flowers instead of an original gift. In addition to flowers, you can choose a strawberry bouquet with chocolate filling. The girl will be surprised by an unusual bouquet, consisting of her favorite sweets or food.

After a walk, you can surprise the girl with a secret and romantic. Take a backpack for a walk, putting the box there. The box can be filled with chocolates, decorative ornaments. The main gift is your thoughts about meeting a girl for the first time. At the end of the walk, say nice compliments to the girl and give her a box. You can make interesting boxes with different contents.

Subscriptions are a popular gift. A subscription to a cosmetics store, spa treatments, a clothing store is the best option. With him, the girl herself will choose the right things and will thank you for a useful gift.

What are some gifts for a girl on a first date?

Gifts at the first meeting are mostly standard, since a man does not yet fully know his soul mate, and experimenting on a first date is a risk.

If you don’t know much about a girl, don’t worry about being ordinary. A gift at the first meeting is already a bold step towards a further relationship.

If you have many creative ideas, don’t go overboard. A woman should respond to the gift and express sympathy for you. Gifts and surprises should be arranged in ascending order so that ideas do not run out. It is important that at the first date, the price of the gift is not the main attribute. The girl must understand your serious intentions for further relationships, your love and care for her. The right gift on the first date will make the girl feel your interest in her personality. By the smile and mutual contact, one can understand that the gift impressed the girl.

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Do not forget to accompany the gift with compliments. Gifts can be divided into several categories: a nice gift that will suit all girls (flowers, sweets), a meeting place (café). Try to choose a date place to spend time speaking with a girl, so cinema, theater are not suitable.

Creative ideas are welcome, but be careful with the boldness of the gift. Give gifts on the first date that will suit any girl. Therefore, consider the standard gifts.

TOP 7 standard gifts

There are gifts that are just right for giving on a first date.


Do not forget about the most important gift for a woman — flowers. It is advisable to find out preferences before the meeting, but if it is not possible, feel free to buy a bouquet with a variety of flowers, or consult a friend. Interestingly, the variety of bouquets is expanding. It has become fashionable to give bouquets with strawberries, chocolate, soft toys.

For reference! The service for ordering a bouquet must be taken in advance, a week before a date and appoint a day. Prepare for the date ahead of time.

Always think about your next steps. In winter, you can’t walk down the street with a bouquet of strawberries or flowers, so give a bouquet in a restaurant by ordering a taxi after dinner. In summer, it is also quite difficult to walk for a long time with a bouquet. There are several options: give a small bouquet to a girl, or ask a friend to quietly pass a bouquet at the end of a date.


This gift belongs to the category of cute gifts. The choice of toys should not be treated carelessly. It is important that the choice of a plush toy can say about your character. Do not take a toy that is too big, as it is inconvenient to walk with it. Take a kind animal and surprise the girl. Flowers are the main addition to the gift. Do not say before giving a gift that the toy looks like a girl. Any little thing can offend a woman, so when presenting a gift, you also need to be careful.

Box of candies

Sweets are a great gift. You can surprise a girl with such a gift. There are many people on the Internet who are engaged in the design and baking of sweets. Beautiful design is an important component in sweets. When a guy chooses an ordinary box of chocolates in a store and chooses his own design, it’s two different things. Don’t choose cake or large candies. Take a bag with you and think that they won’t melt.

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Walk in the park or at the exhibition

A walk in the park is a date place, don’t forget to decorate it. Go shopping with your girlfriend or buy flowers while walking. The very process of walking can help to find out the interests of the girl and give her favorite flowers in time. Maybe the girl likes to ride on the Ferris wheel. This option is great for intimate and romantic conversation.

The park is a place to have a great conversation with a girl, learn more about her. It is important that a walk in the park can be special. In summer, you can go rollerblading or cycling with a girl. Combine sports and romantic atmosphere. Do not forget to look after her during the walk and help with a bicycle or roller skates.


An interesting gift if the girl arrived in your city recently. The souvenir may be from some memorable place, but it should equally delight you and the girl.

A regular fridge magnet is the worst idea. Either the souvenir must be original because of the place of its receipt, or because of its appearance.

Postcard with poems

Poems are the perfect end to the evening. You must present the poems correctly, and that they are written in a good style on a romantic theme. It is better to hide a card with poems in flowers, a box of chocolates, and not just give it directly. The girl should come home and take the time to inspect the gift. The right poems can touch the heart of a girl, so the main attention should be paid to writing a poem.

Outdoor ice rink

In winter, you can combine romance and a nice atmosphere. Make a snowman, go to the outdoor skating rink. Ice skating is a romantic atmosphere. However, you must be good at skating. Remember! If you skate badly, the girl should not skate so well that you show gentlemanly beginnings, help the girl at a convenient moment. Do not leave the girl and try to feel the interaction. Take the girl by the hand and enjoy the winter and romantic atmosphere.


The article is written for a correct understanding of the importance of the first date. It shows a man from different angles, his qualities and preferences. A gift is a great reason to surprise a girl, when choosing, consider all aspects so that on a date, it is not a burden, but a pleasure. Pay attention to your own statements, the guy surprises not only with a gift, but also with his own preparation for a date, compliments. A thoughtful date will give the first impetus to a serious relationship.

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