The most original gift for a girl

Most men naively believe that it is possible to surprise a girl only with a valuable, expensive gift. In fact, the representatives of the weaker sex, due to their emotionality and sensitivity, tend to show weakness for original and unexpected presents. What an original gift for a girl can be depended on the event.

If we consider gifts, some are appropriate for short-term relationships, others are too personal and not always appropriate, others are universal and will suit any date and holiday. You will learn the rules for choosing what gift to surprise a girl with, as well as all existing categories and gift ideas from the article below.

How to make an original gift for a girl?

While girls are puzzling over how to give socks or shaving products for Valentine’s Day in an original way, men can’t decide on gift ideas and their categories at all. It is especially difficult when it comes to an important event that requires an unforgettable gift. A gift for a woman must first be original.

How to find out what gift a girl considers original?

To get started, decide what constitutes an original gift. First, this is an unexpected gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. You can also add that the original gift is a gift:

  • unbanal, that is, in the past you did not give such a present to a girl;
  • неповторимый, that is, before you no one gave her such presents;
  • exclusive, that is, such a gift is rarely given at all;
  • emotionally filled, that is, he must touch her feelings;
  • current, that is, appropriate in certain circumstances;
  • memorable, that is, it must carry a special semantic message;
  • romantic, since all girls love romantic presents;
  • appropriate for the event requiring a gift;
  • unexpected, that is, the girl should not guess about him;
  • creative, not just a purchased item, but something that you spent time and effort on.

There is one effective trick, how you can find out from a girl what will be an original gift for her. To achieve this, you need to say that you have prepared something original and cool for her as a gift. And the first options that she will name in an attempt to guess will be the best ideas.

Recommendations for choosing a gift

In order for the gift you have chosen for your girlfriend to be perceived by her as the best present in her life, when choosing ideas, it is important to be based on a number of factors:

  1. Event — a gift for the anniversary of a relationship or a present just like that, you see, these are different options in terms of severity and price. For a birthday, personal narrowly focused gifts are selected, for anniversaries something romantic is shared, in other cases universal options are acceptable.
  2. Age and character of the girl — young girls, due to their emotionality and romanticism, tend to enjoy one category of gifts. Older women with conservative views, wives, housewives may perceive these same gifts in an entirely different way.
  3. Life — the choice of a gift is closely related to the conditions in which the girl is most of the time. Gifts for active adventurous ladies are selected according to this, at the same time, the same gift will not be appreciated by a housewife or mother of three children.
  4. Hobbies and interests — an important criterion for choosing a gift, it would be foolish to give a book to an athlete or a knitting kit to a careerist and businesswoman. Give her something with which her interests, goals, hobbies are connected, demonstrating awareness and attentiveness to her life.
  5. Price — a luxurious gift can only be appropriate in a strong and long-term relationship in the presence of a significant event, an elite perfume only if a man knows exactly her tastes. Not always an original and enchanting gift is one that requires a lot of money.
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How to surprise a girl? Most Popular Ideas

First, original gifts are interesting and unbanal, you can verify this from the top list of the most popular ideas. It included:

  1. Portrait — any girl devotes a lot of time to her beauty and appearance, you can emphasize her dignity with a beautiful portrait on a large scale on the wall.
  2. Travel abroad — people get the strongest emotions when visiting new cities and countries, which means that a trip to a new place will definitely become unforgettable for her.
  3. Gift Certificate — knowing what exactly the girl needs (rest, cosmetology, cosmetics, clothes, shoes), give her a certificate to your favorite store or shopping center.
  4. DIY gift Surprise her with any handmade present. It can be a poem, a serenade, a craft, a photo album, a collage and much more.
  5. Firework — You can impress a girl with an enchanting show thanks to fireworks launched into the night sky. It will be unexpected and romantic, everything that girls love.

Reasons for a timely gift

In fact, there are so many holidays that every time men start to puzzle over whether to surprise their companion this time. In fact, you can narrow your search by comparing different categories of gifts and their value according to different holidays and events.


Birthday is a personal holiday for each person, which means that gifts should not be universal and generally accepted, but clearly selected for the birthday person. Ideal gifts from the following categories:

  • useful;
  • romantic;
  • memorable;
  • luxurious and expensive;
  • thematic;
  • adventure gift.

By date of acquaintance

The date of acquaintance is rather a holiday for two, as well as an event full of important memories. Therefore, the gift should touch the two of you, intertwine with the day you met, and exude love. The following categories of gifts are appropriate for an anniversary:

  • romantic;
  • cute and inexpensive gifts;
  • couple gifts;
  • memorable gifts;
  • surprises;
  • adventure gifts.


The best gift is the one that is presented to the girl unexpectedly. And even if this is some kind of holiday, and the girl knows that you will exchange presents, your idea can become a real sensation for her. What should be an unexpected present:

  • surprise gift;
  • romantic;
  • creative;
  • cool humorous;
  • thematic;
  • with your own hands;
  • adventure gift;
  • luxury expensive gift.
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Just like that

Gifts without a reason are in themselves a manifestation of originality, since they are not expected, and the man takes his own initiative. What idea can you choose for a gift without a reason:

  • inexpensive souvenir;
  • romantic;
  • useful;
  • surprise;
  • humorous;
  • handmade gift.


Round dates can refer to both birthdays and anniversaries of marriage between a man and a woman. A gift for such an important event is especially carefully looked for by a man. The main categories for such a gift are as follows:

  • exclusive;
  • expensive;
  • elite;
  • memorable;
  • handmade;
  • adventure gift;
  • surprise.

Birth of a child

If a woman has given birth to a child, she deserves a special gift that will act as a thank you. A gift for such an event must meet the following criteria:

  • memorable;
  • expensive;
  • romantic;
  • practical.

What are the gifts for a girl?

Categories of gifts can be different — romantic or useful, luxurious or inexpensive, surprises or adventures, memorable or handmade. If you decide on a category, this will significantly narrow the circle of search and selection.

Romantic Gifts

Romance in a relatively short-term relationship is relevant, and in a long-term and stable relationship it is an extremely necessary topic. Therefore, the following popular romantic ideas will be win-win:

  • flowers — the most ideal option is red roses, you can also choose flowers that are not typical for the season or a flower in a pot;
  • erotic underwear — reinforce or awaken passion in a relationship;
  • cinema hall rental — arrange a date just for the two of you;
  • photo puzzle — make a puzzle out of a joint commemorative photograph and assemble it together in the evenings over a cup of tea;
  • dinner at the restaurant — arrange a date in a luxurious establishment, take care of a romantic setting.

Original memorable gifts

The most amazing gift is the one that is associated with important events and memories. In this format, you can choose the following gift ideas:

  • custom-made panels with her or your joint photo;
  • night light with photos dear to the heart;
  • bracelet with engraving, where there will be names, dates, events, words of recognition, etc.;
  • joint photo shoot in a certain style
  • master class according to your mutual interests or a girl’s hobby.

Gifts made by yourself

Non-standard original gifts are those that will be made by the hands of a man. In them, he will be able to show his creative potential, attentiveness and willingness to make efforts and time to please the girl. For example:

  • dinner, prepared with your own hands, as well as the corresponding surroundings;
  • video congratulations, made up of memorable photographs and videos;
  • poetry or serenade under the girl’s window;
  • photo collage in a frame linking important photos and events;
  • wood box and other materials for storing jewelry, cosmetics, etc.
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Surprises for a girl

An unusual gift can be in the format of a surprise if your girlfriend is an adventurer at heart and loves surprises. The surprise might be:

  • flash mob in a public place with a declaration of love;
  • fireworks launch in the evening;
  • radio congratulations;
  • joint launch of Chinese lanterns;
  • dinner on the rooftop.

Inexpensive but cute gifts

In the case of a limited budget, they resort to the help of creative thinking, which allows them to please and surprise the girl at no cost. Inexpensive but cute gifts include the following options:

  • romantic soft toy;
  • keychain in the original format, with inscriptions, engraving or photograph;
  • interesting composition of sweets;
  • photo frame personalized, electronic, backlit, etc.;
  • t-shirt with the image of a joint photo.

Gifts — Adventure

Gifts that can also be original and creative are adventurous, romantic or funny. For example:

  • concert tickets favorite group or artist;
  • riding lessons and horseback riding in nature;
  • travel to another country or city on a tour or resort;
  • limousine ride through the night city;
  • tickets to the water park, zoo, museum and other interesting places.

For outdoor activities

Another category that includes non-standard gifts is gifts for extreme and active pastime. The following ideas made it to the top list:

  • extreme driving — a lesson with an instructor to practice counter-emergency driving maneuvers for a girl, which often happens while driving a car;
  • a training flight on an airplane for the two of you with an instructor;
  • a long flight in a wind tunnel — the girl will take off the ground and fly in a special simulator;
  • quad bike ride for two;
  • passage of a thematic quest.

Important! When choosing an extreme gift, be careful with experiments so that the prepared surprise does not turn out to be an insurmountable obstacle for the girl because of fear. Consider its nature and real possibilities in advance at the stage of gift planning.

Useful gifts 

If your girlfriend is practical and economical in nature, do not spend fabulous money and effort on something that will not be useful for her. Better choose the following options:

  • household appliances or kitchen utensils;
  • manicure set;
  • devices and means for hair care;
  • cosmetics organizer;
  • a set of all the necessary decorative cosmetics for the year.

Stylish expensive gifts

If you’ve been in a relationship long enough and the event calls for a luxurious gift, spend your money on the following original ideas:

  • latest smartphone model;
  • jewelry;
  • fur product;
  • luxury perfume;
  • antiques.


The proposed top gifts and a breakdown of ideas into categories will help a man choose the most original, chic and unique gift for a girl. When choosing the right option, be sure to rely on a number of factors — the character of the girl, her hobbies and lifestyle, the event that requires a gift, as well as the stage of the relationship and the degree of trust between you.

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